Tears of Creation Chapter 18!!!!

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Tears of Creation Chapter 18!!!!

Postby White Tiger » Sun Feb 15, 2004 12:53 pm

Chapter 18

Onboard the Shadow vessel
Jumping outside of Vulcan home-world

Almost four thousand Federation, and Klingon starships were gathered in the Vulcan system when the Shadow vessel jumped.
Epsilon Eridani. The same system where Babylon 5 resided. Yet in the alternate dimensions the systems formed differently. However the ancient travelers recognized the coordinates and marveled at the similarities between their realities.
“One of the vessels is signaling for you Colonel Kira.” The one of the dark beings informed. “It calls itself Admiral Shanti.”
The center of the chamber formed into a giant image of the Fleet Commander. “Colonel with have diverted as many vessels as we could in such a short time. I hope this is not a fatal choice.”
“This maybe the only time your species had such a well informed source!” Q interrupted altering his form into a famous protagonist spy of the 20th century. “I say Mrs. Goodhead, this is indeed a pickle.”

She was not impressed
“You have caused chaos before Q, just to be entertained. The Colonels opinion is what swayed us to commit to this. Not your ‘good word’.”
Q was about to protest when the Colonel stepped back in “Admiral I know he has been an annoyance before, but I believe he will be an asset now. He has just as much to lose as any of us.”
She had filled in the gaps of the events at Altair 6 and how they affected subspace to the point where Q was powerless. The Third-space Capital ships were the source of the nullification field and were the priority targets.
Suddenly a whine began to grow in the room; it grew in pitch until it was a piercing screech, forcing all that heard it to whither and fold. It began to break-up into a chaotic jumble clearing second by second until the sounds became recognizable. It was English.
“…Fleet, this…Captain Picard …the U.S.S Enterprise. We have been displaced into an alternate universe. Both our realities as well as many others are being assailed by a powerful adversary that maybe encroaching into Federation space even now. This signal carries instructions to create a device in order to respond to us. We will be repeating this message every five minutes.”
“We have analyzed the signal and have found the information. We will be capable of responding in a few moments.” Boasted one of the Shadows
“Showoffs…” mumbled Q
“Ask Captain Picard for a full report as well as any information concerning these invaders.” Asked Shanti
“There is more…” the ancient hesitated
“They have included a detailed summarization of their current allies as well as their circumstances. Their allies have faced this enemy before and have sent detailed reports of these skirmishes. This maybe the information you are seeking.”
“Finally, some good news…” sighed Ezri

“Enjoy while you can…” Q interrupted with earnest “The enemy is here…Now!”
All they witnessed next was space light up into blazing lethal madness.

Onboard the Star Destroyer Liberty
In orbit around Luna

“We are still trying to determine what exactly is taking place. All we know is that we are under attack from a merciless enemy that seems intent on wiping out all life regardless of species or threat-level and their invasion is tearing apart the boundaries of multiple realities. That’s how you may have arrived here.” Explained Admiral Paris

“So this is happening in our dimension as well?” Asked Luke
“That may be the case. We cannot confirm anything at this time. We have a hypothesis that vessels traveling faster-than-light seem to be ricocheted into an alternate dimension when they pass a weak point in the fabric of space. But truthfully we cannot know anything for certain…this is beyond us in scale.”
Luke now understood the chaotic visions that he had been experiencing. He was in touch with the Force from multiple sources, ebbing and flowing into each other. All life created the force, no matter what universe it is from. This would allow him to interact with them.

He calmed his mind, breathing slowly slowing his heart and expanding his consciousness, allowing the Force from this universe to envelope him, penetrate him, soak deeply into his being. It was indeed alien. He felt quite nauseas at first, but he held back the sickness with his will. He needed to connect with this place. He began to adapt to the foreign energy gradually until he could manipulate it as he would in his world. Images flashed quickly at first giving him no specific detail, soon however he cold hold the images for longer periods until he could see the terrible enemy. In multitudes they came, swarming over the fleets and worlds of this galaxy. He could see reality hemorrhage and pull in on itself until there was nothing but a void. His mind tried too rejected the vision. The concept of utter emptiness was too great to comprehend. He could hear a voice screaming from the void, growing louder until it was a shrill. Who was screaming he wondered. It sounded familiar.
Yes…It was his voice.

Luke awoke slumped on the floor. Leia, Han and the Federation Admiral were hovering over him worry etched their faces.
“Luke…your ok now…just relax…take deep breaths…” Leia soothed
“I’m ok…I think…” he said sitting up
“What happened buddy?” asked Han

“I was trying to use the Force, to see if I can view the future. It worked…but I was overwhelmed by the vision. If we don’t stop these creatures now existence will be destroyed. All realities! Everything we know will cease to exist!”
“The Force? What is that?” asked Admiral Paris
“It will take some time to explain Admiral.” Luke answered “However by opening myself to your universe I have discovered the main entry point for the invaders…I need a star map of your galaxy.”
Admiral Paris called his ship and transported a PADD with the pertinent information. Luke looked over the information intently until he found what he was looking for.
“Here! This is where the brunt of the invasion will take place!”
The system he pointed to was Vulcan, Epsilon Eridani.
“Amazing…we already have assembled the majority of our forces there. Colonel Kira of Deep Space Nine had asked Starfleet to send everything we have to Vulcan. It seems the good Colonel was right.”
“Then that is where we also must make our stand.” Said G’kar
“The Republic officially offers its assistance in anyway to your government Admiral Paris.” Leia announced
“The Federation of planets accepts your offer. Let us be off with all due haste and provide a proper welcome to our visitors.”
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Postby White Tiger » Sun Feb 15, 2004 12:54 pm

Epsilon Eridani Vulcan

Many Klingon and Federation ships were vaporized in the initial volley. The Invading ships seemed to appear from nowhere and achieved complete surprise. The Starfleet vessels did reform their lines quickly and responded with a blistering counter-attack. Hundreds of photon torpedoes and quantum torpedoes answered the Third-space ships challenge, slamming en masse into the hideous vessels. A dozen of the invading vessels imploded under the massive barrage and many times that were damaged, yet they flowed into the system like a swarm.
The main weapons of the Third-space alien’s capital ships were devastating. They cut a swath in the defenders ranks each time they fired, leaving blossoms of death in their wake. The Shadow’s ship fired rapidly at targets of opportunity as it weaved itself through the destruction.
“WE’RE TOO CLOSE!” wailed Q “We’ll hit them! They’ll hit US!!!”
Ezri couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed as loud as she could and vented all her fear, frustration and annoyance in one vocal eruption. Q shot a look at Ezri that spoke volumes. Confusion, irritation and amazement all the same time. It was quite the sight.

“Do you mind?! Our pilots are trying not to kill us! Can you not distract them?!” He shouted from his little crouch
Q screamed as the shadow ship shuddered from a glancing blow. The Third space creatures had altered the fabric of space time here again, but this time it was a vast expanse. How far, he did not know. Q had no interest in fighting these creatures. Not without his powers anyways. He would have just waved these creatures out of existence. Good times, good times.

The Shadows were marvelous. Even out-gunned the did considerable damage to the invading capital ships. They would Rake the giant ships, shooting past them before they could strike with their power anti-ship cannons. The ships blurred on the surrounding display as they hurtled past them. The smaller gun-ships pecked at the shadow cruiser, but it was all they could do. The black vessel was just too powerful for the smaller ships.

They sometimes would phase in and out of hyper-space, changing their position ever so slightly and appear behind the small pursuers. The beam ripped the small ships apart with little effort as it scoured across their organic hulls.
It wasn’t long before the shadows bretheren arrived. Almost four dozen Shadow vessels appeared, cutting a swath into the aggressors.
This allowed the Starfleet ships, Klingons and Romulans to form up strong lines and deal out vicious death upon the invaders. Even the giant capital ships were vaporized in the hundred fold volleys of phasers, disruptors and photon torpedoes. However the smaller Third space gun ships were cutting the allies ranks down quickly. They were too small and maneuverable for them to hit. Even the fighter squadrons struggled to bring the small menaces down. They had never fought an enemy with such powerful screens. It took almost two dozen photon torpedoes to collapse them.
The Allies did have far greater numbers however. With the help of he Shadows devious tactics they were able to hold the malevolent enemy at bay. Soon the subspace manipulation began to fade as more and more of the large ships were annihilated.
Q pulled himself up from the floor and stared at the display with an evil glint in his eye.
“So my dear fellows, you want to alter physics to fit your whim. Amateurs! Let me show you how it’s REALLY done!”
When Q snapped his fingers there was a signicant delay. Concern etched his face for a moment… but only a moment. There was enough distortion of immediate subspace to delay his actions, yet it was not powerful enough to negate it. The giant invading vessels began to cease attacking and soon began to drift. The hulls seemed to pull in upon themselves until they began to implode. In only a few seconds 1/3’s of the invaders were utterly destroyed. The allies took immediate advantage of this and began to bombard the ships that were not being affected by Q’s attack.
The surviving invaders fought viciously giving no quarter what-so-ever. They struck back with no intension of retreat. They believed with all their being they were superior to the meaningless beings. They were greater. They were the chosen. These small weak bags of flesh were nothing!
The day was against them nevertheless.
A large second fleet emerged along the flank of the surviving capital ships.
A large wedge shaped vessel took the lead and began to bombard the nightmarish ships. Behind it almost four-hundred federation starships unleashed a crippling attack. They invaders were being massacred. The Star destroyers powerful turbo-lasers collapsed shield after shield. The fighters from its hanger swarmed the small gun-ships drawing them away from the less maneuverable starships.
Q was now regaining his power quickly and began to inflict horrible damage to the enemy.
Every last vessel was destroyed either by Q or the allies. None would retreat. They fought to the last gunship. It wasn’t enough however. Vulcan was untouched.

Admiral Shanti hailed the shadow vessel when all the invaders were finally eliminated.
“On behalf of the Federation I thank you for your assistance. Today you have made a friend.”
The shadows nodded graciously but Q interrupted their response.
“What about me?” Demanded Q
“I pretty much finished them off!”
The fleet admiral did not hide her dislike for Q in her facial expression, she could not suppress the distrust she had for him, however he was a chief factor in the battle. She did have to give him that. “Thank you Q…You have been a …great asset to us.”
“Can I have a trophy?” He taunted
“Yes Q…you may have a trophy.” She sighed
“You should know…This is not over my dear admiral. This was only the reconnaissance wave. Before I banished them I read their thoughts. This was but a scouting party. They have an ally that even now threatens our survival. We must find Jean Luc. He will lead us to our enemy.”
Hatred ever kills, love never dies such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred.

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Man, just found this story, and its awesome! Nice job WT, your quite the writer. Your inspiring me to write something now!
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Tears of Creation Chapter 18

Postby Kamicevy » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:57 pm

Another update and it looks like this is going to be quite a long story arc all good hopefully I just going to update the first post as yeah its easier to read, well enjoy and more soon

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