QB2 Missions for Multiplayer

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QB2 Missions for Multiplayer

Postby teeth_03 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:47 pm

now this would be awesome,to create QB2 like scenarios that would work in multiplayer,I'm going to call it MQB2 for short. Essentially,I think individual MQB2 missions would be setup the same way as QB2 ones, the only exception,would be to add in an option to assign escorts to players to specific player slots,so not all one player controls every AI ship on their team.

The actual script could be setup with a configurable text file that would have you input what script you want to load up,since having an in-game menu would probably be difficult.

As far as the other players,they could work 2 ways

1. Having the MQB2 script have specific ships for each player slot,which overrides what ship they pick manually. This would work best for recreating scenerios that happened in the shows/movies,especially co-op battles.

2. Or give everyone an option to still pick their own ship,and have their selected team dictate what team they are on regards to AI ships. For example, team A would be the friendly team,team B the enemy team and maybe have team C the neutral team (which would make it kind of confusing). This would allow different players to play different sides of the conflict if they choose.

Perhaps the MQB2 missions could have the option to either use specific or player selected ships.

This is basically just taking the QB2 framework and making it for multiplayer,to create missions we could do,instead of just frag fests.

I of course do not have the skills to do this, just posting an idea.

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Re: QB2 Missions for Multiplayer

Postby LeDaniel » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:32 pm

And when we can betatest it :) ? Needs other players any mod/mods or addition files ?
Make/build some QB2 script/mission (for example some star trek movies/series battle), choose team and play it :eek: :rolleyes: . I will be in heaven :cool: .

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