Dynaverse Speculation

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Dynaverse Speculation

Postby teeth_03 » Thu Sep 21, 2006 1:35 am

this has been discussed before- wouldn't it be awesome if KA had a Dynaverse?

I just now,for the hell of it,loaded up SFC3 and went online to a dynaverse server for the first time ever

..and it took me 5 minutes to re-hate playing SFC3...

but I've thought about this in KA some more,and figured I'd post my tohughts incase one of you scripters might wanna take a nab at it

1. The Map

I think using the in-game helm screen is not the way to go. I think it could be web-based. The save files for the dynaverse could be on a server where the Script access it(or just on your machine if its SP),and the data from the save files are displayed as the map and other statistcs. The save files could save the information on players,their locaction,money,etc etc

I think,for the most part,this actually should be more single player missions,where as you fight AI to get points to upgrade stuff,I think if the single player was implemented,then add-in MP

I'm not sure how you would go about buying a new ship, and whatnot,but I'm thinking it might be done in the in-game lobby screen,whereas your point limit is actually the points you have,and you can add escorts..if you have the points.

When you load up the game,it would access the save file,to see how many points you have,so you can pick your ship(s),officers and stuff like that. You would hit launch,and the game would spawn you in the system that you are located in. I'm thinking you could be able to leave KA up and move around the map without closing the game,and the game would just reload off the save file.

2. The Scenerios

This web based map would also have predefined scenerios to run through,depending on your class of ship (therefore,like SFC,the bigger ship you have,the harder the scenerios get),which would be chosen randomly,and the Scenerio information would be built into the script,and the save file from the web-based map would save what mission your doing in that particular system,so when the game loads up,you have an objective to complete. You complete it,you get money,if you die,you start over (unless you have other ships in your fleet that has survived)

I dont have a clue if any of this could work, but its just an idea (I wish I could program,arg)

and this last section I just threw in there,not THAT important

3. Ship Upgrading

this,in itself,could be its own script,lol

Basically,for this idea,each ship would have this .txt file,with shp lines in it. These shp lines are different levels of ship systems,costing different points,that the game would replace in the shp file,therefore,'upgrading' the ship.These could be different levels of Tractor Beams,shields,weapons (like upgrading Photons to Quantums). I dont know if a script can even do this,or how you would interface with the script to tell it to upgrade. Like I said,just threw it in there. for online purposes,there would need to be some checksuming somewhere...

so,does this inspire any programmers? lol

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