SFC3 Conversion?

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SFC3 Conversion?

Postby teeth_03 » Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:40 am

I really dont have a whole lot of time to work on any projects,but I figured I'd throw this out here anyway

would anyone be interested in helping to convert the SFC3 missions into KA (prolly QB2 scripts)?

the SFC voice sounds are in mp3 and can easily be converted to play in KA,however,I think it would be better if there were 'player' voices (federation,romulan and klingon),would anyone wanna voice act,lol,looking for good Klingon Voices (if not,I'll just use text like in SFC3)

of course,the main problem with this is of course,the ships,which would prolly be from NGA2,the main one being Unity Starbase,which I got an idea on that one (seeing what happens if you load up Savage's TNG klingon starbase and any Federation starbase in the same scene),prolly wont be pretty,but it could work

the other problem is the rakelli,which might also be fixed by changing some ships around (one of the stock freighters looks kinda like the rakelli ships,just needs resized and rebalanced),basically anything that would make the story flow

then one or 2 missions has a Ferengi ship in it,and future releases of NGA2 might have one in it hopefully...

might have some issues with other starbases as well...

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