Capture The Flag

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Capture The Flag

Postby teeth_03 » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:54 am

I found that old script on moddersplanet,and tested it with someone online.The script is buggy,it spawns too many AIs.But I like the idea of capture the flag in KA.So heres my idea for a new one if anyone cares to read this and consider making it

The old one(I think) was ment to have 2 teams,but only 1 with a base,which i cant really figure out.I figure a new one would have 2 bases,each with a flag.

Now the flag itself I can think of 2 options-

Have it be a shuttle like in the old one

Or have just an indicator for the ship,like adding [FLAG] to the person's ship name.Therefore u have to kill that person before he returns back to his base.This way,u can warp in system and have the bases spread farther apart.Or even add in warp out to have bases in different systems.

My idea for actually getting the flag is,is have the ship pass through a Klingon Disc of talent.So heres the scenerio for the second flag option-

2 bases,no AI.The odd number slot ppl start at one base,the evens start at the other.You warp to the enemy base. Fly through the Disc with is positioned right beside it(oh,and the base is an Asteroid Base).The enemy knows you have the flag because the tag [FLAG] is after your ahip name.Maybe having the flag means you cant fire weapons or cloak.You have to warp back to your friendly base and fly through the disc to put the flag in your base,while the enemy chase you and try to kill you to get their flag back.

I think theres 2 options for if u kill the enemy flag holder-The flag goes back to the base,or the person who killed the flag holder gets the flag and has to fly back to his base and put it back.

I figure coding the disc in could be tricky,maybe not even use the disc,just give a very low distance for getting the flag from the Asteroid Base.Or if u use the Disc,just give a distance of 0,therefore it would be just as easy to fly through it.

Also,might have to make the Disc bigger so ships can fly through it,but I have no clue how big it is compared to ships.

I think this would be fun to play.Maybe retextured bases/rings could be used so theres red and blue bases(I could do that myself if anyone is actually interested in this).

Using a shuttle as the flag would probably be easier,but u cant warp cuz u gotta tractor it.Altho warping might make it harder,but the bases could be placed farther apart.

Well,thats my idea,input anyone?

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Re: Capture The Flag

Postby LeDaniel » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:46 pm

I read this threat and i like idea "capture the flag" :) .
Have you make any progress with that mod ?

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Re: Capture The Flag

Postby el_flesh » Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:13 am

It would be great on our Friday night meetups!

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