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Sw Mp

Postby RacerX » Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:49 am

with the new SW movie i thought now would be a good time to start on a script that uses the ships built back in the day.

in the begining i had wanted to make a SW MP script. But as you may know there are very few ships from this series for KA. so i put it off and simply made the ships allowable in the simulator. but now after many hours of forethought i have devised away to make the limited number of ships enjoyable for MP. here's the jist of it.

IDEA #1 the SW consist of 2 scripts one for rogue squadrons and one for empire squadrons. basicly the script will allow only one team of ships (for example xwings and rogue team ships) vica versa for the empire). players can choose the ship they desire and are placed into the arena. THE ARENA a system which contains several AI forces which do not have to be added in the set-up screen( the script will auto-set the ai ships by chosing them randomly from an added source list ( such as sw ship list) this list will lets say add 10 or 12 tie type fighters (p.s. these ships can come in waves of more and more ships as the player kills them off wave one 2 ships wave 2, 3ships and so on) anyways the the players team up to fight the AI which will respawn, this way the players race to get the kill limit set by the host.) the Dethstar would be placed as a planet in order to allow ships to fly close to it. depending on which script you play you would be the rogue or the empire.

IDEA #2 back to basics ( the script only allows 2 teams team A is rogue ships while team B are empire ships) this script could be rather boring if there are not enough players but would be the simplest to make.

if you have an idea that could to add i'd like to here it or if you can help by providing some small code procedures to make one of the above ideas work i'd like to her them :) these ships are already in the mod i assembled , but the ships could be added with a small install pack to regular 102 games.

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Postby teeth_03 » Tue Jun 14, 2005 11:49 pm

I'd say make a script with all your 1.03 ships in it and be done with it.But I do like your first idea,maybe you could make that script and if you did make an "everything in it" script,then thats how regular battles could be made

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