Install problem

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Install problem

Postby sixwest » Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:35 pm

Hello all:

I'm getting an error message as soon as I install RD and run the exe. file:

"Can't copy file."

I've tried making the RD site "safe", also allowing cookies. I even copied a supposedly good file from my KA scripts folder but the message continues.

Any ideas out there?


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Postby Kt'Hyla » Fri Jun 25, 2004 2:38 pm

We've run into a problem where the installer won't overwrite files that are marked read-only or archived. Run a search through both your KA folder and the folder where the RD install files are and change the atributes to all of the files so they're no longer read-only/archive. Then run the install exectuable again, it should go through.

This problem has been fixed for the next installment of Romulan Dawn, so there'll be no need to do this with future releases.
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