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Quick lil tid bits

Postby cHad (A-4-L) » Sat Feb 28, 2004 7:28 am

Well, I'm again back in the game so hopefully we can get the site updated with some info for you guys.

Ofcourse as you probably know we have about 3 new packs in the works. Each will have a mission release to go along with the packs.

Non-canon 2 will get a full campaign treatment, as I will be converting "The House of Krios" series over from AQ1 to "NGA2".

I've also started work on a long term project for NGA, that probably won't be seen for quite awhile, but its coming.....

So stay tuned and will get some eye candy on the site for everybody, maybe even some teaser/trailers.

Thanks for Reading

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