KA2: The General War

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KA2: The General War

Postby SquireJames » Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:38 am

Hello there good people

A few may remember me. I produced a KA mod for Star Trek Armada some years back. Well, here I am again, a little older, a lot wiser, and much happier. On a personal note, I was a complete singleton, having never been in a relationship, and I am now married. I was a very rash boy, and now I am a rather bruised but wiser young man. I did live in Britain, I have now moved to the states.

It seemed only fitting to go back and make a new attempt at what was a very promising idea, rather unsuccessfully carried out. "Klingon Academy II: The General War" is that attempt.

I have attempted the rather gargantuan task of sucessfully marrying the disparate universes of two major Star Trek periods. The first is KA and Star Trek VI, which blend perfectly together as KA shows. Storyline, technology, everything, gorgeous. The second is harder. The second is Starfleet Battles/Starfleet Command.

From KA I take 5 out of 6 of the playable sides in the mod.

The United Federation of Planets
The Klingon Empire
The Romulan Star Empire
The Gorn Confederacy
The Tholian Assembly

I also take some minor vessels such as the Star Class Passenger Warpliner, , a minor race (namely the Sha'Kurian Duchies, which will feature in the campaign hopefully, and as map units) the general interface styling, and a large chunk of the storyline.

From SFC II, I take the final race.

The Interstellar Concordium

I also take some of the minor details, (Orion Pirate vessels, a few minor race vessels like the Lyrans, Hydrans and Mirak) and another chunk of storyline.

I have also added my own little things here and there, to fill in the gaps where neither games really help, Stations, noncombat vessels, that sort of thing. To explain the name of the mod, (KA2 The General War), the General War is the war that this mod focuses on, not strictly the same as the one in SFB/SFC chronology but still works, and the reason I call it KA2 when it isn't a sequel to KA is simple. The previous mod I made based on this premise was called KATC (Klingon Academy Total Conversion) and calling this new mod "Klingon Academy Total Conversion II: The General War" is a bit of a mouthfull. Also, to be fair, its a storyline I would LOVE to see a genuine KA sequel use. :)

The best way I found to explain the pretty complex backstory is a chronology of events.

Timeline of Story Events:-
2266: The Organians force a non-aggression treaty on the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.
(OOC Note: This is sometime in TOS, as seen in "Let this be your final battlefield". Between this time and 2285 are the events of TOS and the first 5 Star Trek films)

2285: The Organians mysteriously disappear, sparking a war known as the Organian Conflict.
(OOC Note: This is depicted in Starfleet Command)

2289: The Organian Conflict gradually dies down. The Organians return, with the ISC in tow, in an attempt to bring order and peace back to the galaxy. The War of Pacification begins.
(OOC Note: This is depicted in Starfleet Command II)

2290: The ISC offensive is halted and pushed back from Klingon space. The Klingon Empire is engulfed in a civil war as Kalgor, and later his half-brother Melkor, try to ascend to chancellor after the death of the elderly Chancellor Lorak. With the aid of General Chang, Gorkon the former chief of staff under Chancellor Lorak, ascends as chancellor.
(OOC Note: This is depicted in Starfleet Command II, and the backstory of KA)

2291: The ISC are beaten back to the fringes of the galaxy. The Klingon Empire strikes at the weakened Federation, starting another conflict between these powers, and marking the beginning of the General War. The Gorn intervene, strengthening relations between them and the Federation.
(OOC Note: The strike by the Klingons is set after KA, when Chancellor Gorkon is temporarily userped by a resurfaced Melkor, not as dead as KA would have us believe. The strike is the result of the increased tensions with the Federation, seen in KAs last few missions. The fighting on the galactic fringe forms the basis of KA2s Federation Campaign)

2292: The Romulans are found to have supported the Klingon offensive of 2291, and are struck a retaliatory blow by the Gorn Royal Navy. Melkor, the rogue Klingon who took over the high council, is cornered by the Gorn Royal Navy and killed defending his base of operations from their assault. Chancellor Gorkon is reaffirmed and a non aggression treaty is signed, cooling the conflict back to a cold war. The USS Yamato and a part of her fleet, believed lost in the galactic fringe in the anti-ISC offensive of 2291 return, with ISC Commander Nortene and his fleet, with warnings of a huge Neo-Tholian invasion. Banding together, the ISC and the Federation together travel to the Tholian home galaxy through the Tholian rift linking the two, and close the rift from the inside.
(OOC Note: It only makes sense after seeing Romulan ships supporting Melkor in KA that the same link be true in KA2. The Gorn also HATE Romulans, so any excuse to attack them is valid. The events here are seen as part of the Gorn and ISC campaigns in KA2.)

2293: After a period of peace since the end of the General War, the Federation and the Klingon Empire come close to blows after Chancellor Gorkon is assassinated on his way to a peace conference on Earth. After being framed for his murder, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy escape with the aid of Captain Spock and the crew of the Enterprise-A, and expose a conspiracy within the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Admiral Cartwright, Colonel West, Ensign Valeris, General Chang and the Romulan Ambassador are all caught when they try to assassinate the Federation President at a second peace conference at Camp Khithomer. The new Chancellor Azebeur, daughter of Gorkon, signs a peace treaty with the Federation President, thus forming the Khithomer Accords. The Romulans, their attempt to bring the Klingon Empire and Federation to war once again failed, go into self imposed exile.
(OOC Note: This is depicted in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Post 2293: The Tholians, after the disaster of the failed neo-Tholian invasion, attempt to reach out diplomatically, ending 200 years of xenophobic isolation.The Gorn Confederacy, seeing an historic opportunity and a way to assure peace with the Federation and solidity against the Romulans, join the Federation. The ISC Commander Nortene, the last ISC Commander in the Milky Way, heads back to the ISC home galaxy and is never seen again.
(OOC Note: This section helps to blend SFC, KA and STVI into TNG)

Well, thats rather alot for now. I will post more later, but before I go I feel it nessessary to say that the mod is largely complete, just a few of the minor race and campaign ships are needed, along with the campaign itself. The races themselves, minus the ISC who need voices and AI programming, are virtually complete.

Oh, and some publicity screenshots, for the interested :)


and a raw screenshot, straight gameplay. I will take some more tomorrow, just this is the best I have for showing what some classic KA ships look like in KA2.

(Note: Backgrounds are now the ones you see in the above pics, not the one seen in this picture, tis a little out of date)

Also, some KA2 2d Art

Loading Screen


Enjoy, and I look forwards to hearing your opinions. I shall post more screenshots and information regarding ship and station lists and such tomorrow.

Till then

Squire James
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Klingon Academy 2 The General War
Go to http://www.armada2files.com for news updates, and http://mods.moddb.com/8071/klingon-academy-ii-the-general-war/ for further details details

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Postby RacerX » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:05 pm

It sounds very interesting .. and it looks good also.

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Postby teeth_03 » Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:50 pm

if your gonna use the ISC,I think you should also add in the Lyrans and Hydrans in there also...they were fun...

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Postby SquireJames » Fri Feb 23, 2007 5:47 am

Well, funny you mention that ;) I was going to post this yesterday but I was busy all day.

Final ship and station list. (I say finally but theres already a few things I might remove and atleast 1 ship I need to add, the hero ship for the ISC)

The United Federation of Planets

Mining Station
Orbital Processing Facility
Trading Station

Advanced Shipyard

Monitoring Station
Sensor Probe
Type FA Mine

Research Facility
Utopia Planitia Vessel Hull Research Centre
Vulcan Research Institute
Utopia Planitia Experimental Research Laboratory


Construction Tender - FACS - Liberty Class
Mining Freighter - FDF - Clydesdale Class
Cargo Freighter - FAK - Freelancer Class
Colony Vessel - FFB - Independance Class
Troop Transport - FAPA - Washington Class
Fleet Repair Tender - FAR - Unity Class

Escort - FEC - Oberth Class
Frigate - FFF - Okinawa Class

Scout - FFF - Okinawa (S) Class
Destroyer - FDD - Akula Class Refit
Light Cruiser - FCL - Miranda Class
Cruiser - FCA - Constitution Class Refit
Torpedo Cruiser - FTCA - Salazar Class
Command Cruiser - FCC - Lexington Class
Battlecruiser - FBC - Excelsior Class
Dreadnought - FDN - Ulysses Class
Battleship - FBB - Missouri Class
Expermental Battleship - FBBX - Yamato Class

"Hero" Ships

USS Enterprise-A - Consitution Class Refit - Captain James Tiberius Kirk
USS Excelsior - Excelsior Class - Captain Hikaru Sulu
USS Yamato - Yamato Class - Captain Robert Burden

Reserve Fleet (Campaign Only) Starships

Frigate (Obsolete) - FOFF - Davids Class

Scout (Obsolete) - FOFF - Davids (S) Class
Destroyer (Obsolete) - FODD - Akula Class
Light Cruiser (Obsoiete) - FOCL - Surya Class
Cruiser (Obsolete) - FOCA - Constitution Class
Dreadnought (Obsolete) - FODN - Federation Class
Battleship (Obsolete) - FOBB - Langley Class

Note: The Langley Class was essentially an experimental vessel, upon which the current Missouri Class is based. Only a handful remain in service as flagships in the reserve fleet.

Other Campaign Only Starships

Carrier - FCVN - Ark Royal Class (Carries Wasp Class Attack Fighters)

The Klingon Empire

Dilithium Refinery
Orbital Processing Facility
Trading Station

Imperial Shipyard

Sensor Array
Type KA Mine

KDF Vessel Research Laboratory
Imperial Armory
Imperial Research Institute
Project pIH D'ktagh Station

Mobile Base
Mobile Repair Dock


Construction Tender - KACS - Maj'TargH (War Pig) Class
Mining Freighter - KDF - Tah'Pah (Bloodline) Class
Cargo Freighter - KAK - BehK'TaH (Lifeblood) Class
Colony Vessel - FFB - tuQ'jaCh (Brave Settler) Class
Assault Transport - KAPA - Chava'Kal (Poisoned Barb) Class
Fleet Repair Tender - KAR - pIH (Suspicious) Class

Escort - KEC - B'rel (Bird of Prey) Class
Battle Frigate - KFF - pIH (Suspicious) Class
Science Frigate - KFSS - pIH (Suspicious) Class
Cargo Frigate - KFCC - pIH (Suspicious) Class
Destroyer - KDD - QuD (Insurrection) Class
Light Cruiser - KCL - Qa'HoS (Relentless) Class
Heavy Cruiser - KCA - K'T'IngA (Great Powerful Conqueror) Class
Torpedo Cruiser - KTCA - met'LetH (Shortsword) Class
Command Cruiser - KCC - Suvwl' QeH (Warrior's Anger) Class
Heavy Battlecruiser - KBC - VoD'LeH (Emperor) Class
Dreadnought - KDN - puwml (Accuser) Class
Battleship - KBB - QeyLiS bet'LetH (Sword of Kahless) Class
Experimental Escort - KECC - Experimental B'rel (Bird of Prey) Class

Campaign Only Warships

Heavy Command Cruiser - KCCH - Qo'Nos Class
Mobile Base Tug - KATF - Sabrebear Class
Heavy Battlecruiser (Obsolete) - KOBC - Ber’taa (Bird of Blood) Class
Carrier - KCVN - Talh'vor (Mother of Death) Class (Carries D'ktagh 'Dagger' Class Heavy Fighters)

"Hero" Ships

IKS VoD'LeH - VoD'LeH Class - General Chang
IKS Qo'NoS 1 - Qo'NoS Class - Chancellor Gorkon
IKS guH'moH - Experimental B'rel Class - General Chang

The Romulan Star Empire

Dilithium Processor
Orbital Processing Facility
Trading Station

Praetorial Shipyard

Sensor Array
Type RA Mine

Research Centre
Praetorial Research Facility
Praetorial Research Institute


Construction Tender - RACS - Merlin Class
Mining Freighter - RDF - Osprey Class
Cargo Freighter - RAK - Patrician Class
Colony Vessel - RFB - Sparrow Class
Assault Transport - RAPA - Kestrel Class
Fleet Repair Tender - RAR - Falcon Class

Escort - REC - Preax Class
Frigate - RFF - Gladius Class

Scout - RFF - Gladius (S) Class
Destroyer - RDD - War Bird Class
Light Cruiser - RCL - Legion Class
Cruiser - RCA - Centurion Class
Heavy Cruiser - RKCA - Stormbird Class
Torpedo Cruiser - RTCA - Peregrine Class
Command Cruiser - RCC - Senator Class
Battlecruiser - RBC - Imperium Class
Dreadnought - RDN - War Eagle Class
Battleship - RBB - Imperial Hawk Class

"Hero" Ships

RSE D'Meredene - Senator Class - Admiral Tomalok

Campaign Only/Map Ships

Command Cruiser - RKCC - Firehawk Class
Dreadnought - RKDN - Condor Class
Escort Carrier - RCVL - Tribune Class (Carries Blade Class Attack Fighters)

The Gorn Confederacy

Dilithium Emulsifier
Orbital Processing Facility
Trading Station

Royal Shipyard

Sensor Emplacement
Type GA Mine

GRN Research Laboratory
GRN Marine Base
Royal Naval Research Institute
Project Glormaskt Station


Construction Tender - GACS - Lizard Class
Mining Freighter - GDF - Adder Class
Cargo Freighter - GAK - Cobra Class
Colony Vessel - GFB - Python Class
Assault Transport - GAPA - Asp Class
Fleet Repair Tender - GAR - Gecko Class

Escort - GEC - None
Frigate - GFF - King Snake Class

Scout - GFF - King Snake (S) Class
Destroyer - GDD - Anaconda Class
Light Cruiser - GCL - Rattlesnake Class
Heavy Cruiser - GCA - Euromastyx Class
Torpedo Cruiser - GTCA - Reptillon Class
Command Cruiser - GCC - Beowuulf Class
Battlecruiser - GBC - None
Dreadnought - GDN - Grendel Class
Battleship - GBB - None
Experimental Vessel - GXX - Glormaskt Class

Campaign Only Ships

Battleship - GBB - King Grendel Class
Pseudo Fighter - GPF - Viper Class

"Hero" Ships

GFN King Grendel - King Grendel Class - General Thormasskk

The Tholian Assembly

Crystalene Converter

Crystal Former
Neo-Tholian Gate

Crystaline Resonator
Type TA Mine

Pre-Formed Crystalene Fabrication Facility (Crystal Fab)
Neo-Tholian Receptor/Transmission Resolver
Tholian Research Assembly
Tholian Rift Generator


Crystal Carver - TACS - Bismuth Class
Crystalene Extractor - TDF - Granite Class
Crystal Reconciller - TAR - Diamond Class
Defence Monitor - CM - Citrine Class

Escort - TEC - Feldspar Class
Scout - TEC - Feldspar (S) Class
Frigate - TFF - None
Destroyer - TDD - Quartz Class
Light Cruiser - TCL - Garnet Class
Heavy Cruiser - TCA - Ruby Class
Command Cruiser - TCC - None
Heavy Battlecruiser - TBC - Amethyst Class
Dreadnought - TDN - Sapphire Class
Battleship - TBB - None

Campaign Only Warships

Battleship - TBB - Emerald Class

Interstellar Concordium

Starbase (I)
Resource Station

Shipyard Type I
Shipyard Type II

Type IA Mine

Veltressai Research Facility
Rovillian Research Facility
Parliamental Institution

Subspace Slipway


Construction Tender - IACS - ACS-XIV Class
Mining Freighter - IDF - DF-XX Class
Troop Transport - IAPA - APA-VII Class
Fleet Repair Tender - IAR - AR-XII Class

Frigate - IFF - FF-IV Class
Frigate D - IFFd - FF-IVd Class
Scout - IFFsc - FF-IVsc Class
Destroyer - IDD- DD-III Class
Destroyer D - IDDd - DD-IIId Class
Light Cruiser - ICL - CL-V Class
Cruiser - ICA - CA-VIII Class
Torpedo Cruiser - ITCA - TCA-II Class
Star Cruiser - cSA - CSA-III Class
Dreadnought - IDN - DN-III Class
Carrier - ICV - CV-VI Class (Carries Type FI-VII Heavy Fighters)

Note: D denotes a heavy disruptor armed version of the standard ship. They were introduced after the repulsion of the ISC from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Miscellaneous Ships (Campaign, Map and NPC Units)

Orion Pirate Frigate - PFF - Cutlass Class
Orion Pirate Cruiser - PCA - Buckaneer Class
Orion Pirate Dreadnought - PDN - Blackjack Class
Orion Pirate Merchant Carrier - PCVM - Scabbard Class (Carries Flintlock Class Attack Fighters)

Mirak Dreadnought - MDN - Wolverine Class

Lyran Cruiser - LCA - Lynx Class

Sha'Kurian Supercarrier - SCVA - Alpha Class (Carries Sharptooth Class Fighter Bombers)
Sha'Kurian Carrier - SCVN - Long Fang Class (Carries Sharptooth Class Fighter Bombers)
Sha'Kurian Escort Carrier - SCVL - Hunter Class (Carries Claw Class Interceptors)

Hydran Frigate - HFF- Yeoman Class
Hydran Light Cruiser - HLC - Regent Class
Hydran Command Cruiser - HCC - Baron Class
Hydran Dreadnought - HDN - Monarch Class (Carries Fusileer Class Attack Fighters)
Hydran Carrier - HCVN - Sovereign Class (Carries Grenadier Class Heavy Fighters)

Orion Trader/Orion Pirate Smuggler - PAK - Privateer Class
Civilian Free Trader - CAK - Merchantman Class
Civilian Warpliner - CPX - Star Class
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Klingon Academy 2 The General War
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Postby SquireJames » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:39 am

I have updated the weapons to fire "KA-Style" that is one weapon at a time, as opposed to alpha strikes. Sound confusing? Let me explain

Originally, a QuD Class Destroyer (armed with 4 Disruptors, a Photon Torpedo Tube and a FMPA Cannon) would fire all disruptors at the same time, perhaps with a torpedo or FMPA shot in the middle. Now, the Disruptors fire one after the other, occasionally firing in unison (typically when firing for the first time, all weapons will fire simultaneously, but that is realistic and works to certain races advantage). The Photon Torpedoes and FMPA shots will continue as normal, but if for example on the Constitution Class Refit, a ship has multiple torpedo tubes, they will also fire one at a time, as will phasers. Even the bigger weapons, like dual FMPA Cannons or dual CFDICs fire in sequence not in a single volley. Starbase and Mine mounted weaponry however, still fire en mass, since their power reserves allow them to do so.

Makes the game more like KA, and more interesting I find.

Also to quickly explain the ECM and ECCM features. ECM is pretty much like the stock Sensor Scrambler, and ECCM is a modified Death Chant that only effects weapon accuracy. They work in such a way that if the enemy uses ECM, and you engage ECCM, they cancel each other out. They can however be used seperately, the ECM making you harder to hit and ECCM making your vessels more accurate.

Thats all for now folks!

Some screenshots (random ones, some older than others, the ISC one is the most recent)

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Klingon Academy 2 The General War
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Postby Klingon Fanatic » Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:44 pm

Hmm... I have been having trouble getting to your website.

Nice pics and work! Too bad the Tholian web can't work in SFC: OP.



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Postby SquireJames » Sun Aug 26, 2007 2:56 pm

Well my most recent efforts have been to make the physics models much more like KA. While its not finished yet, the basic idea is that if you can imagine commanding a battle on KA from a viewpoint above the ships rather than from inside the bridge of one of the ship, that is what KA2 will feel like.
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Klingon Academy 2 The General War
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Postby SquireJames » Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:29 am

Well I thought I would post to let you all know that KA2 is released and ready to download on Armada2files.com

There is a texture patch to fix some nasty errors caused by now-unused texture files (they are essential mipmaps and now i have changed the model and the original texture, they sort of throw a fit and cause random crashes. I had already deleted them in my version so i did not initially see the errors others were having) and much smaller patch to fix a number of miscellaneous typos and such. Nothing game crashing, just stopped you getting certain weapons and made things act strangely.

There is also a full manual out (158 pages I believe, A4). All are available at the afformentioned website. Just follow the link in my signature.


Squire James
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Klingon Academy 2 The General War
Go to http://www.armada2files.com for news updates, and http://mods.moddb.com/8071/klingon-academy-ii-the-general-war/ for further details details

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