Favorite log entry from star trek

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Favorite log entry from star trek

Postby RacerX » Mon Jul 31, 2006 4:29 am

of all the logs entered this has to be the one that hits home the most. plus I think it pretty funny.

Diary of Col. Steven Richey from TNG's "the Royale"

I write this in the hope that
it will someday be read by human
eyes... I can only surmise at this
point, but apparently our
exploratory shuttle was
contaminated by an alien life-form
which infected and killed all
personnel except myself. I
awakened to find myself here in
The Royale Hotel... and for the
last thirty-eight years I have
survived here.
I have come to understand that
this place was created for me
out of some sense of guilt,
presuming that the novel we had
on board was in fact a guide to
our preferred lifestyle and social
habits. Obviously, they thought
this was the world from which I
came. I hold no malice toward
my benefactors... they could not
possibly know the hell they have
put me through, for it was such
a badly written book, filled with
endless cliche and shallow
characters. I shall welcome death
when it comes...

honestly the only good thing about the whole episode.

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