Teething Troubles.

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Teething Troubles.

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From: Starfleet Command, Space Station K-17
To: Captain Kirk, USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Subject: Investigation of Metron Planet
Orders: Captain, proceed at maximum Warp to the sector you’ve just left. Federation diplomats are in peace talks with the Gorn Hegemony for development of Cestus-3. We would like you, however, to investigate the new planet you flippantly named “Arena” that the Metrons created. See if it can be settled by the Federation, or if it is in Gorn space. I don’t need to ask you to tread carefully with the newly encountered Gorn, but all indications so far are that they are impressed with how you handled the situation on this planet. Try to contact the Metrons if you can, to ask for the planet. We should offer to share it with the Gorn for development if we can both have it, as a gesture of good will.
- Admiral April, sector 17.

Communication from Tal Shiar to Commander T’annik,
Commander, the Federation has recently befriended a small star empire: the Gorn hegemony. You will tear this nascent alliance asunder by provoking the aggressive reptilian Gorn. your plasma attack has wiped out the transport with one salvo. Use your guile to make the Gorn think it is the Federation. we have engineered a Federation transmission that declares war on the Gorn. (secretly tell the gm when you want it transmitted.) Otherwise, you will have to destroy both ships and make it look like they destroyed each other. Cloak the D-7A in the asteroid field and the warbird on the far side of the new planet. The D7A will relay any arrivals to the warbird. Our ships cannot be captured.
Jo Lan Tru, Commander.[font]

[font=ocra extended]Commandant Noskene: Tholian Assembly.
Ruby Light Cruiser / Quartz Escort class star transports.
System: United Federation of Planets/Gorn Hegemony contested Planet: “Metron1”. 1. Capture: Gorn transport ships. Purpose: M-class worker capture. To promote amity, offer Federation aid in defeating their enemies.
2. Contact: Metrons. Purpose: obtain advanced technology.
3. Negotiate: Metrons. Purpose: Annex Metron1 else obtain mining rights to Metron1 with Gorn labor force.

Messsage to NESssT commander ssneem,
MD-8: Dimorphidon.
Commander ssneem, you will invessstigate the new Metron planet on which captain S'salk encountered the humann KirKK. If humanss arrive, you will act with friendship and co-operr-ation. Make allowancess for any lack of honor displayed by the humanss, but do not allow them to harm any gorn; you are a nessst commander in the sstrongesst Gorn sship. Do not mate with the mmammalien captain unless you deem it necessary - not desirable.
Fleet alpha male SShRON.

Scenario: Teething Troubles (3 to 4 players)
Setup: Desert looking planet (Arena Planet of the Metrons, very high in PURE dilithium!) close to one corner of the mapsheet, (try to get a larger one), allowing a little space behind for moving. You can put some asteroids on the opposite part if you like. Let Romulan player know his Gallant Wing is behind planet, beaming up men from the surface in sensor shadow – this info being relayed to the D-7A cloaked anywhere among the asteroids. Enterprise arrives halfway to Arena planet on other side. System scan finds wreckage of a transport, very near Enterprise arrival. Roll for check Sci officer determines Gorn bodies. Must scan wreckage in detail to determine, with another Sci off check: “They were destroyed by a weapon consistent with the Romulan plasma device.” MD-8 arrives turn 2 opposite planet on other corner; they have heard a distress call, and assume it was the Federation that destroyed the transport. IF the Feds give them information about the plasma device, the Gorn will scan the wreckage in detail, confirm it, then tell the Feds that some Gorn ships are similarly armed.
Arriving turn 3 opposite corner from planet: Gorn Transport: (use a deep space merchant ship) 15 SS; 15 engine power, 1 aft blaster 0-5, shield 2/3, 6 max.
If present in this game, Tholians arrive turn 4 opposite side of Enterprise. Let all players see the faked Romulan transmission by Jacques DeL'eau.
Metrons never speak, nor do they appear. Complete mystery as to where they are. Nearest star systems (rather far) do not show any sign of civilization.
Federation: Primary Goal: +2/-2 uncover Romulan plot. +1/-1 repulse Tholians vs Gorn +1 Fuck (yet another) Green Bitch. Unprovoked attack = -2 each.
Romulans: Are there to get Gorn to fight Enterprise +3/-2 and start war. IF Tholians present, try to arrange a temporary, or more long term pact +1.
Gorn: Protect transport from destruction/web capture +3/-3 pts. “Perhaps we can come to an agreement between the Gorn and the Federrration in order to develop the Arena planet.”
Tholians: IF present, their only concern is to capture the Gorn transport +3/-3. +1 If they can add the crew of the MD-8. They may enter a temporary alliance with the Roms in order to capture Gorn. If that falls short, they might try to capture Roms. This Scenario happens BEFORE the episode “The Tholian Web”. They don’t want humans. They cannot understand why humans might protect Gorn.

“This is fleet commander Jacques DeL'eau. The Gorn are a disgusting and inferior species. Yes. The Federation declares WAR on them. They will not have the new dilithium planet nor Cestus-3. Those are claimed for the Empire of the Federation. We were there first! All Federation ships must attack any Gorn ship on sight. Pretend to be friendly, then strike when they get close, like Kirk did at Outpost 4. Be sneaky like Kirk, the hero of all the Federation, when he stole Romulan technology. The Federation must destroy all rival star empires for a safe and secure society. Either they join us…or die.”


2016: Image
We arrived in-system to the Metron’s Arena Planet. Preliminary scans showed wreckage of a Gorn ship, damage consistent with a Romulan Plasma weapon. Probes launched into sensor blind spots revealed nothing.
Supplemental – A Gorn Cruiser arrived in system and contacted us, asking what we were doing there. We explained our findings, and warned them about the Romulans. They proceeded towards the planet, beaming down a landing party. A Tholian ship arrived in system. They were peaceful, but we kept a close watch on them as they passed us by.
Communications were unfruitful – they were not hostile towards us in any way, but definitely wanted to attack the Gorn, whom they claim are honorless and duplicitous. At about this time, a transmission from Starfleet, declaring the Gorn to be our enemies and declaring war was received. The message seemed to be authentic, however the style of the content appears entirely off. Upon my authority as captain, and under my responsibility, we did not fire upon the Gorn.
I elected not to interfere between the Gorn and Tholians, since there are no treaties between the Federation, Gorn or Tholians. We would not, however, have allowed the destruction of either ship by the other. We tried to make peace between them, but both species seem to be implacable enemies.
They exchanged some fire, neither side penetrating the shields of the other. While no Romulan was detected in-system, we suspect they are there. The message from the Starfleet Fleet Commander’s carrier code checks out, but it doesn’t sound at all authentic. The Tholians cannot comprehend this possibility, and think we are being duplicitous, disobeying our own authority.
They have webbed the Gorn ship. We stand at red alert, weapons charged and aimed at both ships.
2018: "We proceeded towards the Tholian and the webbed Gorn ship. The Tholian tried to get us to act duplicitously, help them destroy the Gorn, and split the resources from the Arena planet. We hoped that the Gorn Alliance would join the Federation, while the Tholian Assembly had declined. So we protected the Gorn by firing a warning phaser blast between the Tholian and the webbed Gorn."

We engaged EM blocking at the Tholian, adding +3 to its rolls. It missed some close shots at the Gorn. But then, a Romulan D-7 uncloaked behind us, firing on our aft shields! We had no choice but to turn and face them!

Our superior speed allowed us to get behind the D7, weakening their shields with torpedoes and phasers. The web had run its course. Just as we hit their engine, a Gallant Wing decloaked at the Arena planet, firing at the Gorn and hitting its superstructure.

While we have been hitting the D7 quite hard, damaging it thoroughly, the Gorn is in dire straits with two enemy ships facing it...
2022: Well. Some YEARS later (thanx to the "UNKOWN VIRUS OF UNSPECIFIED ORIGIN") we picked up sorta where we left off.

We continued to approach the Gorn ship that was in trouble from two enemies, with the temporary Tholian web having dissolved. The Gorn took some hits from the Tholian. A Romulan Plasma bolt luckily missed it due to bad tracking. This earned the Romulan D7 in close range a phaser strike from us. Scans show that the Gorn had 3 fwd Torpedoes armed - but her maneuvering put her out of firing arc!


The Gorn side-slipped, as the Tholian slowly pivoted while the Romulan hit the Gorn with a disruptor. We launched a torpedo at the D-7 in retaliation. There were alot of inter-ship communications with the Romulans promising anything, and the Tholians promising to ally with whomever helped them to capture Gorn slaves. They shot the Gorn again, weakening their shields.


Within acceptable range, we phasered the WarBird. We contacted the Tholians and asked them to broker a business arrangement with the Gorn; they could HIRE them for mining their M class planets in return for equitable payment. The Tholians hadn't considered that and agreed to tentatively try it out "In order to foster inter-species amity." The Romulans, realizing they were outnumbered, decided to warp out. The Metron planet "Arena" will be jointly developed by Human and Gorn, with the Tholians paying us both in exotic goods in exchange for a portion of the minerals mined here.


Recommend heightened patrols due to Romulan vindictiveness. But we look forward to diplomacy with both, the Gorn Alliance and the Tholian Assembly; both of which are on the opposite side of the Klingons, with the Romulan Star Empire in between.


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