Do FASA STSTCS Scenarios count?

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Do FASA STSTCS Scenarios count?

Postby el_flesh » Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:01 am

I've used alot of SFA's scripts as sources. I post as battle reports; here's a short example; let me know if it belongs elsewhere, including "not on this website at all dammit":

From: Starfleet Command, Starbase 17
To: Captain Gin-Luck Palin, USS Lac Simon NCC-1989
Subject: Unknown Lifeform
Orders: Some Kind of…Creature, has been seen on long range sensors just over the neutral zone near Gorn and Tholian space. We have never encountered it before, so there are no other known specimens. Your orders are to investigate, and to study the creature in its natural environment if you can. If an intelligence in the creature is detected, you may make First Contact.
- Admiral Hanson, sector 17.

Commander Korene: Tholian Assembly. Quartz Escort class star transport
System: “Neutral Zone” between United Federation of Planets, Gorn Alliance and Tholian Assembly. Prepare for: Defense: Gorn response. Defend: newly discovered Si creature. Return to Tholian space if creature agrees. If not, contact Tholian Assembly for Ruby class star transport: web and transport creature to Tholian space.

Messsage to captain Slarr,
MA-12: Long Flame.
CAPTAIN slarr, the Gorn mining operation of asSSteroid neSst-8 hass been invaded and desStroyed by a Sspace going life form. the tholianss have Disspatched a sship. Determine if the attack of the creature waSs at their direction. You may deSstroy either of them at your own disScretion; thiSs SsySstem iSs in a neutral zone.
fleet alpha male SShRON.


[font=startrek film bt]Captain's Log, Stardate 0/1411.29

We arrived in system to find that the Gorn had sent a destroyer class ship, and the Tholians were present too, in a scout. The unique creature was close to an asteroid that was part of a field.


The Tholians demanded we leave the neutral space, and that if we interfered, we would be fired upon. The Gorn and Tholians, predictably, engaged each other. We had quickly established contact with the Gorn and agreed to drive the Tholians away from the creature, not knowing what nefarious purpose they might have. The creature fired upon the Gorn, probably due to a strong coded communications link from the Tholian. We fired two torpedos at it that both missed.


The Gorn were having a hard time fighting the Tholian. (I haven't seen a natural 100 in over 25 years...yes, haven't been playing much...)


We decided it was better to sever communications and fire on the Tholians to drive them out.
Tholian scout weapons, while damaging to the Gorn, did not damage us much.


When it was clear the Tholian was losing, the creature sent a signal to the asteroid with a weak methane atmosphere; and some other life stage of what appeared to be the same species young left it directly away from us. They moved slowly at sublight; 1hex/phase.


The creature left around the upper margin of the asteroid; and we decided to let it go. We submit that Starfleet should work out an agreement with the Gorn to patrol this system to ensure the creature's protection. The Gorn will halt all mining operations in this system.


Since the Tholians would not retreat, and continued to fire even when severely weakened, we left, allowing the Gorn to finish them.


Communique from: Admiral Hanson
To: Starfleet Command HQ
Stardate 0/1411.30

I gave Captain Palin a dressing down not only for allowing the Tholians to be destroyed, but also for actively AIDING in it. Recommend disciplinary action, keeping in mind this is the captain of a mere Baker class Destroyer. Nevertheless, tensions with the Tholians are going to skyrocket after this incident, and an ambassador will be needed. Giving them Palin's head on a platter by removing him from command and locking him into Lt.Commander rank for the rest of his career might be advisable.

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