"Star Trek: New Worlds" (Fic Anthology)

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"Star Trek: New Worlds" (Fic Anthology)

Postby JHauck » Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:31 pm


This is the internet's best collection of recovered, relocated and freshly-published trek fics from every era of trek from ENT to DS9/VOY & even the time period depicted in "Star Trek: Online". Stories that range from G-Rated/Vanilla to NC17-rated Slash. My submission rules are posted on-site.

The mission objective of this site is to get stories published that might otherwise be considered "unpalatable" by mainstream (paperback/hardcover) media. This site's purpose is to collect all the remaining active sites in one useful place to keep users from spending weeks of free time hitting 404 errors via dead links, google-searching for authors / pen-names / nicknames or google-searching for stories by title.

Plus this site offers users information on e-book/self-publishing via "epub", ".mobi" and ".pdf" formatting for kindle/tablet and standard desktop/laptop computers. Plus we accept ideas about starship designs & will be happy to display your starship's schematics.

Jason K.S. Hauck

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