Data's night before Christmas

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Data's night before Christmas

Postby RacerX » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:52 pm

twas StarDate 60445.6.the night before a historical earth holiday called christmas and all through the ship not a carbon based lifeform was stiring not even a tribble. with care the stockings were hung by holodeck program "Chimmeny06". in hopes a mythical holiday icon from the mid 20th century would gain intermolecular cohesion in our dimesion. The younger lifeformes were nestled in the designated sleeping quarters, possibly having mental visions of solitified sugar based edibles, moving rythmicly to audable harmonics.
with Spot in her bedding and myself wearing a traditional 19th century sleeping cap. I had began to run a long needed level 1 diagnostic.
then out in the corridor I detected an audible disturbance.
I rose to my feet to investigate further.
I reached the door in 0.03 seconds flat,
and performed an emergancy override and pulled back the hatch.
the rythmic pulsing of red lights in the corridor,
gave a menising glow to an ensign laying on the floor
and to my observation i seen what appeared,
to be a cargo pod and 8 Targs, 4 in the front and 4 in the rear.
and a Klingon Warrior agile and quick
before i could act his targs noticed me
then he whistled, shouted and called out their names.
"Kill Tar'K !!, Kill Ma'rth !!, Kill Gor'aK and Heth'Ar !!
Rip Or'Gon !!, Rip K'that !! Rip Q'nod and H'Thag !!
shred away !! Rip away and bring me his head !!"
in 0.7 seconds he and container were on the turbolift,
as the doors closed i heard him say " Holodeck 2"
and he was on his way.
I battled the Targ back to my room,
where I closed the door and transported to holodeck 2.
as I materialized the Klingon turned around.
he was dressed in leather and chainmail from head to foot
and his attire was caked with blood
and a bundle of weapons hung from his back.
he spoke not a word but went straight to his work,
downloading files inculing "chimmeny06" what a jerk.
he turned his head to me and in the wink of his eye,
he did let his dagger fly.
as I dodged his Targ minion arrived,
slobbering and growling with hatred in their eye.
the Warrior whistled and called to them,
then with his fist hit his chest and held his hand up high.
they began to fade as the transport began.
but as they left I heard him say.
"This time you were lucky,, but there is always next year."

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Postby saucer_section » Mon Dec 25, 2006 7:32 am

That's great! :D

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