First writing attempt, "The forging of a bent blade."

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First writing attempt, "The forging of a bent blade."

Postby Zoom » Fri Feb 13, 2004 6:21 am

Chapter one:
The forging of a bent blade.

He stared intently at the view screen. The federation base was well concealed inside the planetoid. To the outside observer only a small orbiting science station and a few mining concessions were all the signs of Federation existence in this star system.

In the days of his great great grandfather this area would have been easy pickings for the war ship he now commanded.

“Send the signal.” It was barely a command.

“Magnify screen on the following coordinates.” He tapped out the sequence of numbers with his fingers.

The view screen shimmered into focus on a section of the planetoid.

“Captain, we are receiving instructions….” Lt Klaun’s voice suddenly halted. A frown replaced his usually observant look. Klaun’s pause began to become audible in the captain’s ears.

“Klaun speak.” This time the captain’s voice burst throughout the room.

“They are saying….”, Klaun started and paused again in confusion.

“KLAUN!” The Captain’s voice was now a warning as he swiveled his chair towards communications.

“Yes Captain. They want us to go through the coordinates into …into the asteroid.”, said Klaun.

“Signal the others to do so Klaun.”, the captain commanded.

“Yes captain.”, Klaun responded.

The captain’s eyes watched Lt Klaun step to his duties. His chair swivels back to the view screen as his eyes arc over half of the bridge crew. His crew was a reminder of how much of an outsider he was. Most were not Klingon. His crew was an amalgam of races conquered by the Klingon’s. A crew made up of lesser houses including his own, thrown in with mercenaries, outcasts, and half-breeds. The last thought brought out a spat of irritation and self-loathing. After all he was a half-breed himself. He blinked his blue green eyes.

His memory began to travel back in time to a familiar place. Gawron’s feasting hall was well lit with torches and a great fire. Gawron was toasting a salute to the young graduates of the Academy present there. The captain was there as was Kyells, Rayzak, Durka, Morcha, and Tarnrina. He remembered the pride of graduating the academy and raising his goblet in toast with the others. Gowron had sponsored each of them. Dayrak was there too, his friend, his blood brother. Dayrak’s house was an old one and his own family had insured his acceptance to the academy. What battles they were to fight, what honours they would gain, and what glory they would achieve. All but him he thought, all but him.

Instead he had been recruited in secrete by the Shadow Swords. The Shadow Swords dispite there mystic theatrics were a dangerous and powerful clique of Klingons who operated several clandestine intelligence cells. He had tried in vain to gain a berth on numerous Imperial warships but none would take him. The Shadow Swords and his own half-breed appearance destroyed any hope of that. Instead he finally bowed to what he saw as fate and became a Shadow Sword. They assigned him to numerous missions and trained him well. His near human appearance allowed him to come and go in Federation space easily. The Federation was an ally but even an ally needs to be watched. He even infiltrated star fleet academy for a number of years as a cadet and then was assigned to Star Fleet’s ship designs bureau at Utopia Planitia.

The death of the Klingon Chancellor by poison caused his extraction from that assignment. He returned home for a time only to see his old mentor leading one side of a new Klingon Civil War. He pledged his aid to Gawron in secrete. Many of the Shadow Swords were quickly taking sides. He was able to trick a number of them and compromise many loyal to the Duras. For that he became Gowron’s Ghost Knife. In secrete he served as Gowron’s new intelligence advisor and turned what was left of the Shadow Swords into a more effective intelligence service for Gowron. Those days were glorious. He commanded his own bird of prey and his few military victories were precious to his pride as a warrior. When Gowron became Chancellor he was promoted to Colonel but still he kept to the background. He was for a while one of Gowron’s trusted advisors. Everything fell apart when they invaded Cardassian space in a hunt for the changelings. He had not been told of Gowron’s decision; he was out of the loop as the humans say. Things went down hill from there. Gowron began to listen to him less and less. At last Gowron sent him away to oversee field intelligence. The eventual peace with the Federation and the new alliance against the Dominion did not change things for him. The loss of ships and personnel to the Dominion had begun to strain the Empire. Then out of the blue Gowron gave him his new mission and his old rank back.

“Captain all vessels have gone through the coordinates.” Lt Klaun spoke.

And now here he was, he mused. Colonel Shadukk, captain of the IKV Blood Blade, a bent blade of a warrior sent on a mission to save a desperate Empire.... Hah, he rebuked himself, oh how the mighty have fallen he thought.

“Captain your orders?”, Lt Klaun spoke.

“Helm proceed as directed by our Federation allies. Commander Shaahan you have the bridge, I will be making preparations in my quarters.”, he commanded. He eyed his half Andorian Klingon commander who nodded with none of her regular melodramatics. He was tired he realized, at least he would see his sister at the Federation base. His sister Zarukka was an acclaimed scientist and engineer in the Empire, and also his twin. Her presence at the base was to help design new weapons, ships, and technologies to help defeat the Dominion. His briefings mentioned that the planetoid’s center was hollow and consisted of a large Federation research and development base with full shipyard capabilities. He had not known of the base. Gowron was probably laughing at that fact. He reached his quarters and entered. Unlike other Klingons warriors he liked a comfy living quarters, and afforded all of his crew the choice. Surprisingly most accepted his way of thinking. As he moved towards his bed he began to peel off his armor, weapons, and vestments.

“Computer secure quarters and institute Shadukk rest period condition. Continue monitoring ship wide operations for key words and phrases.” Colonel Shadukk spoke wearily. Unlike other Klingon captains and commanders Colonel Shadukk kept a special watch on all of his officers and crew for signs of trouble. Having been intelligence operative can lead to a suspicious nature.

“Rest period duration Colonel Shadukk?”, the computer queried.

“Thirty earth minutes.” He replied and let sleep take him away for a little while.

To be continued?

That’s all for now not sure if or where this will go. Positive suggestions welcome. As I have mentioned in a previous post I am no writer. But this was fun to explore for me.

A few notes:

Colonel Shadukk is a slighted man torn by his mixed heritage, and his perceptions that he has not gained honor in his life in Klingon society. He has by our standards done very well for him self all things considered. He has been reassigned to oversee Klingon science and engineering teams operating with Federation teams on ways to defeat the Dominion. The story centers around the creation of various combined Federation Klingon star vessel designs and weaponry.

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Postby White Tiger » Fri Feb 13, 2004 3:05 pm

Good start.
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Postby Darth Raven » Fri Feb 13, 2004 10:26 pm

Sounds interesting m8, looking foreward to the rest of it :)
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