EYE OF TERROR: Chapter Three

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EYE OF TERROR: Chapter Three

Postby Joshmaul » Sat Jul 19, 2003 8:58 am

Nemesis Tessera - Inquisition Fortress

Grand Master Joshua Underwood steps off his shuttle after it lands at the main prison-fortress of Nemesis Tessera. He is greeted by an elderly Interrogator.

Greetings, Lord Reydovan. My name is Ferdan Kieras, former pupil of Inquisitor Czevak.

The man being hunted by Ahriman in his search for the Black Library. I once knew the Inquisitor. Is he alright?

I'm afraid he might not be, m'Lord. Please follow me inside.

Underwood gestures for two of his Black Knights to follow him into the fortress as he follows the Interrogator into its dark depths. After ten minutes, both men reach an interrogation room. Underwood orders his Black Knights to wait by the door while he goes in. Lying on the interrogation table was a dead body with a horribly large wound in his back.

This was a servitor I had watching the Sorcerer of the Red Cyclops. He was brought to us just as is.

UNDERWOOD (examining the wound)
And you have come to the conclusion that the wound was caused by the power of the Black Staff of Ahriman.

Nothing else we found could indicate otherwise. I fear that Ahriman has found Inquisitor Czevak, and with him the Black Library. The Inquisition has sent a Space Marine Chapter and a regiment of Imperial Guard to investigate, but I fear we may be too late.

We must not lose hope, Interrogator. Our faith in the Emperor will prove greater than any Tzeentchian sorcery.

But no one has heard from Inquisitor Czevak in several years! How can we possibly --

Interrogator, calm yourself! NOW!

Kieras looked flushed for a moment, and then relaxes.

Please forgive me, m'Lord.

Just at that moment, Underwood's lieutenant, Grand Master Kieran, runs into the room.

Grand Master, I have just received word from the Fist of Reydovan. Nemesis Tessera is under attack.

Outside, on the barren rocky wasteland, thousands of genetically-corrupted troops march toward the fortress....troops bearing the Silver Hand of Artimus!


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