EYE OF TERROR: Chapter Two

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EYE OF TERROR: Chapter Two

Postby Joshmaul » Tue Jun 24, 2003 2:29 am

NOTE: This is taken directly from the background page for Abaddon on EyeofTerror.com, with some modifications to make it more into the script form I have it in. The final bit - about my character looking down at Cadia - is not part of this.

The Planet Killer
Somewhere in the Cadian Gate

The Despoiler felt his pulse quicken as he stared at the gently spinning planet before him on the hololith. Many times had he seen this world, and each time, it remained defiantly beyond his taloned grasp. It was nothing remarkable to look upon, merely one inhabited world among millions in the galaxy. Its bleak, grey surface, arrayed with streaked weather patterns and slate grey oceans, looked like countless other worlds that had fallen before him. But where those other worlds had burned in the fires of the Planet Killer, this one had stood against everything the Eye of Terror had hurled against it. He formed the name of the world with thin, dead lips.


A ripple of fear passed through the bridge of the Planet Killer as those closest to Abaddon felt his rage build within him. Mewling Chaos Spawn jangled their chains as they sensed their master’s anger, and withered, hunchbacked tech creatures, fearful of the Despoiler’s unpredictable temper, slithered into the concealing shadows. The war was already underway. The ships of Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle, were spreading their contagions throughout the sectors surrounding Cadia, and Tarraq Darkblood’s Night Lords were killing and mutilating their way through Imperial space with murderous relish. Already reeling from these twin blows, the Cadian sector was poised to fall.

Hanging in glowing suspensor fields, a host of scrying stones surrounded the Despoiler, each displaying an array of torment and carnage. In one, rampaging warriors of the World Eaters butchered screaming Imperial soldiers, while in another, a diseased, corpse-choked wasteland burned with pyres of the dead. Scenes of slaughter and war, armies marching to battle, and conquered worlds filled his senses, and the sights and sounds of a galaxy burning were pleasing to him. He felt his satisfaction ebb as one of his genuflecting servant creatures approached.

Master, he is here.

Abaddon turned, his Terminator bodyguard closing around him as a ROBED FIGURE emerged into the diffuse light of the bridge. His cowled features remained swathed in shadow. Beneath the pale robes, the newcomer wore dark power armor, and two ornate pistol grips in cross-draw holsters were clearly visible. Seeing the weapons, one of the Terminators stepped forward, and lightning claws slid from their sheaths with a metallic rasp. Crackling arcs of blue energy snapped from the blades. Abaddon watched the newcomer’s reaction as the Terminator advanced upon him.

So fast that even Abaddon almost missed it, the figure drew and fired one of his pistols. A searing bolt of incandescent fire struck the Terminator, who sagged to his knees before crashing to the deck, a smoking hole punched through his molten breastplate. The other Terminators raised their weapons, but Abaddon halted them with a gesture as the figure spun the pistol and sheathed it in one smooth motion.

Is it done?

It is. The worlds of the Agripinaa sector are in revolt. On Piscina IV, I have given the Sons of the Lion yet another reason to hate me.

Another twist of the knife in the flesh of the Unforgiven?


And what is it you wish of me for this accomplishment?

Nothing. Save that, when the Tower of Angels comes to avenge this wrong, you leave them for me.

And that is all?

That is all.

Cypher turned to leave.

ABADDON (nodding to himself)
My spies tell me that the Imperium arises resurgent from the violence you have unleashed. The common herd’s faith in the False Emperor is now stronger than ever. Tell me why I should be thankful.

CYPHER (turning to face Abaddon)
Cadia is yours for the taking, Despoiler. Everything else in this war of yours is but a sideshow. So why concern yourself with my agenda?

ABADDON (enraged)
Because nothing must prevent final victory here! This war is what I was created to do, and everything before this moment has been but a prologue. The Imperium is weak, stretched too thin and assailed from without and within. It is a rotting corpse, with maggots writhing in its belly, and it must fall.

Nothing I intend to do will prevent that.

Your soul is forfeit otherwise. This I swear by all the Daemons of Chaos.

The robed warrior nodded, accepting the Despoiler’s threat and slipped from the darkness of the command bridge.

Abaddon returned his gaze to the gently revolving image of Cadia on the hololith and cupped the image of the planet in the Talon of Horus.

Cadia is mine.

Battle Barge Fist of Reydovan
Somewhere nearby

Watching Cadia in the viewport of his Chapter's flagship, Grand Master Joshua Underwood knew that the war for the Cadian Gate had begun...

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