EYE OF TERROR: Chapter One

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EYE OF TERROR: Chapter One

Postby Joshmaul » Sat May 31, 2003 4:21 am

Medrenngard - Daemon World of the Iron Warriors Legion
Sometime in the year 40,998

The remaining seven Daemon Primarchs of the Chaos Legions are assembled on the most technologically-powerful Daemon world in the Eye of Terror. Two Primarchs - Konrad Curze of the Night Lords and, of course, Warmaster Horus - have been killed by the Imperium.

PETURABO (Primarch of the Iron Warriors, the Techno Geniuses)
Warmaster, news of your upcoming invasion has spread throughout the entire Imperium. Even the False Emperor himself trembles.

ABADDON THE DESPOILER (Warmaster of Chaos)
Well done.

MAGNUS THE RED (Primarch of the Thousand Sons, Tzeentch's Legion)
The Imperial citizens cower in fear. They know that the tide of Chaos is inevitable. The Changer of the Ways has told us this.

FULGRIM (Primarch of the Emperor's Children, Slaanesh's Legion)
Be that as it may, Magnus, there are still ways we can be beaten back. It has happened before, but maybe, just maybe, the Emperor won't be so lucky.

ALPHARIUS (Primarch of the Alpha Legion, the Chaos Cultists)
*nervous* The False Emperor's legions await us. This will not be an easy task...

ANGRON (Primarch of the World Eaters, Khorne's Legion)
*scoffs* The Imperium cannot last against our power, brother Primarch. Brother Space Marines or not, they're still weak and feeble.

LORGAR (Primarch of the Word Bearers, the Dark Apostles Legion)
Indeed, my bloodthirsty brother. Nurgle's plagues, Tzeentch's sorcery, Khorne's incessant war, or Slaanesh's luxury - it doesn't matter what power is dominant. The Imperium will fall before us.

MORTARION (Primarch of the Death Guard, Nurgle's Legion)
And it is about time. The Imperium has denied us our right to power for ten millennia. It is time we deny THEIRS.

The Primarchs all acknowledge this. Once again, Abaddon speaks.

It is time for the final battle. This war has gone on too long - it is time to let the False Emperor know who will rule this universe.

Death to the False Emperor!

The Rock - Mobile Fortress-Monastery of the Dark Angels
Shortly afterwards

The Inner Circles of the Unforgiven Chapters - succession chapters of the Dark Angels Legion - are assembled in the enormous meeting hall of the Rock.

KIERAN (Grand Master of the Angels of Fury and Champion of the Emperor)
Brothers, word has passed through the Empyrean of a conclave of the Traitor Legions. The increase of Chaos activity afterwards means only one thing: Abaddon has returned, and he is preparing a new Black Crusade - one predicted to bring the end of the Imperium.

The assembled masses are silent, though horrified.

JOSHUA UNDERWOOD (Lord Reydovan and Grand Master of the Angels of Wrath, the Unforgiven Daemonhunters)
Consider this, my Deathwing brothers. Our war is no longer against the Fallen. Our war is with the Nine Legions themselves - for Abaddon has given his support to the Arch-Heretic Cypher.

Underwood presses a control on the holo-slate in the center of the room.

This vid-log, taken by a Steel Legionnaire under the command of General Britanov during the Fallen raids of Montagne Noire, spotted Abaddon, Cypher and Cypher's new lieutenant, a Chaos sorcerer called Artimus, among a rank of daemonically-corrupted horseback riders. This means that we now have Daemons to worry about - and all of us cannot handle them without specific training.

Therefore, Grand Master Underwood and I recommend that we, the Unforgiven, call upon the Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus - the Daemonhunters.

A collective outbreak of shouting begins, much of it negative.

AZRAEL (Lord Commander and Grand Master of the Dark Angels Chapter)
Grand Master Underwood, you know better than all of us that we cannot do such a thing! That would be like telling the High Lords themselves of our secret shame!

I see you do not think this is a good idea, Lord Azrael. Very well. I shall demonstrate my point. Brother Ector, Brother Galahad, come forward!

Two men wearing the Terminator armor of the Grey Knights, painted all black, step forward. They carry Nemesis halberds and sport gauntlet-mounted storm bolters with psychically impregnated bolts.

These are the Black Knights, my brothers - the ultimate combination of Grey Knight purity and faith, and all the atributes of the Deathwing. Rest assured, they did not leak any information to the Inquisition. Is this correct, Brother Galahad?

Yes, Lord Reydovan!

Good. You see, my brothers, the Grey Knights did not ask, and even if they did we would not tell them. They understand that better than any.

I....see your point. Grand Masters, you may continue.

*bows* Thank you, Lord Azrael. Kieran, Brother Terminators, come with me.

The Emperor's Champion and the three Terminators stride out of the room.

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Postby Chaos Marine » Mon Jun 23, 2003 9:29 pm

Cool. When'll the next bit be posted?

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