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Postby Joshmaul » Thu May 29, 2003 2:51 am

This is not exactly Star Trek fan fiction.....those of you who play Warhammer 40,000 might know what I am talking about. This is a storyline based both on the upcoming EYE OF TERROR campaign that will be exploding worldwide on July 7 as well as the campaigns my stepfather and I have made.

Cast of Characters:

The Good Guys (The Imperium)

Grand Master Joshua Underwood and his Black Knights: Commander of the Angels of Wrath Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, or Space Marines. The Angels of Wrath uses gene-seed from the Dark Angels and Grey Knights Chapters, because they are the Unforgiven's Daemonhunters. His elite guard is made up of Deathwing soldiers trained by the Grey Knights to become his own Black Knights.

Grand Master Kieran: Commander of the Angels of Fury Space Marine Chapter. A Champion of the Emperor, he was trained by the Black Templars Chapter and then by Underwood himself in the art of Daemonhunting. He joins Underwood on his quest.

Grand Master Azrael: Commander of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter. Azrael is at first hesitant to acknowledge the presence of the Inquisition, but he knows Underwood is a capable commander and would not call on them unless he had no choice.

Grand Master Ezekiel: Chief Librarian of the Dark Angels Chapter. Ezekiel is one of the most powerful psykers in the Unforgiven, the others being Underwood, Kieran and the Black Knights.

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz: A devoutly puritan Inquisitor Lord and High Protector of the Formosa Sector. His personal symbol is the hourglass he wears at his belt, for it is said that many heretics and traitors will confess their sins to him before the sands run out.

Inquisitor Kerioth: An Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, he leads a force of Armageddon Steel Legionnaires to Underwood's aid.

General Mikhail Britanov: A Valhallan Imperial Guard veteran, he commands Underwood's main I-Guard line.

Colonel Schaeffer and his Last Chancers: Imperial criminals forced to fight for the Emperor in order to regain their souls. The Colonel, like Underwood himself, seeks to end the daemonic corruption seeping across the Imperium.

Brother-Captain Stern: Captain Stern is a Grey Knight Terminator commander, who has given four centuries of service to the Emperor. So far, he has been haunted and hunted by the Tzeentchian Lord of Change, M'kachen, but he has managed to beat back the Greater Daemon each time.

Captain Tyrael: Commander of the Devastator squad defending Underwood's fortress of Montagne Noire.

The God-Emperor of Mankind: The eternal ruler of Humanity - or so the Inquisition forces the people to think. His rule may be ended by the incursion of Chaos from the Eye of Terror.

The Bad Guys (Chaos)

Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler: The Despoiler is the lord of all the Chaos Legions. He is amassing all nine legions for what may be the final assault of the Imperium, which may end in his victory and his ascension to the Emperor's Throne.

Warmaster Cypher the Fallen: The Fallen Dark Angel, a traitor who carries a hallowed artifact of the old Dark Angels Legion. He was elevated to the rank of Warmaster by Abaddon, who saw the corruptions in the Fallen One's ranks.

Lord Artimus the Defiler: Cypher's lieutenant and a sorcerer of Chaos Undivided. Artimus is a master of genetic tampering and has created monsters from parts of daemonic beings, captured prisoners - and even his own troops. His greatest achievment, something he calls the Red Ghost, is a combination of a captured Tyranid Red Terror and a superhuman Inquisitor.

The Sorcerer Ahriman: A demented Tzeentchian sorcerer obsessed with obtaining the power of the Black Library.

The Sorcerer Zaraphiston: Abaddon's personal sorcerer.

Daemon Prince Doomrider: A bike-mounted servant of the Dark Prince of Chaos, Slaanesh. He joins Cypher and Artimus in their battles.

The Knights of Artimus: Artimus' proudest creations. He took horse-mounted riders and corrupted their steeds, combining bodies of captured Space Marines, Necrons, Orks and other species to create this band of corrupted cavalry.

The Red Ghost: A combination of a Tyranid Red Terror and the stretched-out body of a superhuman Inquisitor, it is called the Red Ghost because it appears and disappears at will. (And brother, has it got a lot of will!)

M'kachen: A Tzeentchian Greater Daemon obsessed with destroying Brother-Captain Stern.

I'll write a chapter or two later on.


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