Ring Trainee Evaluation Test

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Ring Trainee Evaluation Test

Postby Chaos Marine » Sat Mar 15, 2003 9:34 pm

Everything in this is done by me, except for the mention of T.D.F.

Trainee Ring Agent Evaluation.

Trainee Ring Agent: Murdock.

Mission: Response level 3: Low Priority. Trainee Mission.

Reason for Mission: Unprovoked attack upon civilian mining ship Dellsun of Jackson’s Mining Corporation.

1) In the Yathic system, in the Fotra Galaxy at 9:47 PM standard Earth time, the race known as Scike attacked the mining ship Dellsun without warning. All hands were lost, two thousand Terrans killed. No distress calls made or beacons activated. Scike threat rating: 5(threat rating of T.D.F.:100).
2) All information and histories of the Dellsun removed from all Datumplanes in standard Mission Set Up Protocols. Trainee Agent Murdock was dispatched to dispense justice for the loss of Terran life.
3) Agent Murdock established contact with Scike vessel, Traked: Dreadnought class vessel: All technologies determined as insignificant.
4) Contact initiated by Agent Murdock.

“This is Ring Agent Murdock to unknown vessel, you have ten seconds to grant me permission to board, or I will board your ship with force.”

5) Scike vessel then proceeded to attack Agent Murdock.

Agent Murdock received no damage from attacking vessel.

6) In Standard Demonstration Protocol 1A Agent Murdock used his Electrostatic Charge attack on two Scike populated planets, neither planet survived. Scike Vessel responded, identified themselves as Scike and the name of their ship.
7) Agent Murdock boarded the Traked to speak with the captain, Scike security detachment awaited Agent Murdock’s arrival, expected to capture Agent Murdock in ship form. Agent Murdock reverted to human form and proceeded with security detachment to bridge. Upon attaining information of Scike Homeworld, crew and ship were terminated. Scike colonists status: Destroyed, Scike Space Fleet status: Destroyed. Scike Homeworld: Destroyed. Scike Situation: Removed.
8) Recorded time length: 1: 13: 37(Hours: Minutes: Seconds).

Report by Ring Trainee Evaluation Agent Bennett.

Trainee potential: Average.

End Evaluation

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