The Janick's Crusade

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Chapter 19

Ship: I am reading an unusual tachyon anomaly.

Matt: Shit! Ship raise shields. NOW damn it now!

Tachyon particles travel far faster than light so if you were to use a powerful telescope after exiting a tachyon jump you could probably see yourself just starting the jump.

Tal’Kum looked puzzled, ‘What was going on?’ she thought quietly to herself.

The same principles occurs to tachyon based weaponry.

The ship shook furiously as multiple hits registered across the entire length of the Shadow.

Ship: Warning, heavy damage to external starboard armour, no internal damage registered, armour is regenerating. Shields powered up and functioning at one hundred percent. A TachCon Tachyon Cruiser has just been detected, it’s weapons are armed and it’s shields are raised.

An odd side effect of tachyon based weaponry is that the hits will registered before the weapon has even fired.

Matt: Hail the *******.

The more power being fed into the tachyon accelerator in the weapon turret means the longer it takes for the turret to fire after the shot has impacted on the target hull or shields.

Tal’Kum: You know this guy?

Although TachCon ships are considered average their main ability is to often inflict serious to crippling damage using their tachyon turrets before they’ve even arrived in the battlefield by dangerously overpowering their tachyon turrets is well renowned

Matt: Yes.

Tal’Kum: Who is he? And why aren’t you ordering Ship to return fire?

Matt: Ship, is he responding?

Ship: Affirmative. Projecting holographic transmission.

A moderate sized being appeared in holographic tube. He had an orange beard, large tree trunk sized arms and a torso that defied all logic. He could nearly be compared to an adult sized Dragon.

Matt: Don’t you age at all? Your beard is still orange, I thought it would be going black by now.

The holographic image let out a huge hearty laugh, he seemed like an oversized friendly giant, his easy going appearance hiding a vicious animal like lust for blood whenever he was in the middle of a fire fight.

Elos: I still see you still haven’t learned about the fine art of diplomacy, I could finish off your aging freighter in a second. So what makes you think you go around like ya humans do acting all superior to the rest of us eh?

Matt: Ok Elos, I’d like to introduce you to Ship, Ship say hello to the nice Coluk in a way he’ll understand.

Ship armed all of it’s weapons including it’s starshooter.

Elos: Hey! Hey! That’s a lot of firepower, how long do you think you’d last.

Matt smiled. Although Elos loved watching other creatures smile but this one gave him a shiver.

Matt: Ship, give our good friend here a demonstration, maybe that barren planet their, looks like it’s stuffed with ore.

Ship: Command acknowledged.

The Shadow aimed at the planet and started firing stars each in rapid succession at the planet, after five seconds from the first strike the large barren planet was reduced to stellar myth.

Elos Nall: Ok, I know when to shut up. It’s good to see ya Matt, come on over, I’m sure Shamus and Derrick would love to see how things are going with you, say who’s that next to you, get him closer to the holoprojector.

Matt looked at Tal’Kum off image, raised his hand motioned her to come closer with his index finger. She walked over briskly and when she arrived at Matt’s side she flinched as if she’d been just been placed their without her knowing it.

Tal’Kum: You’re getting a little two good at that.

Matt gave a false smile that looked realistic enough to Tal’Kum but it didn’t fool Elos for a second.

Elos put two and two together but got five instead.


Elos eyed Tal’Kum up and down for a few seconds.

Elos: Was that the best you could do? A skinny Kuuruot?

Tal’Kum: Hey!

Matt: No, were not married, I’m not as perverted as that…

Looking at Tal’Kum as she grimaced and spat a disapproving look at Matt.

Matt: …she’s my… apprentice.

Like most of Matt’s friends, well actually trustworthy friends Elos knew that something was very wrong for Matt to do something like that but tried to keep it out of his voice, poorly.

Elos: Ok, The boarding tube should be their now, come on over.

Both ships sat only metres away from each other. A single tube, well more like an overly heavily armoured hexagon linked the ship. When the outer ‘Shiner’ armour slid away Matt and Tal’Kum entered Elos’s ship, the Black Bounty. Shamus was their waiting, Shamus was of medium height, stout and powerful looking. Behind him Derrick was running in his characteristic long strides with his long legs, Derrick was nearly seven foot four and as thin as a stick insect.

Derrick: Ya damned ******* Paddy! I was supposed to let him in!

Shamus: Ah feck off ya ignorant eejit. First come fist served eh, how ya doin’ Matt, have ya used up that drink I gave ya?

Matt: You got to be kidding me! I used that stuff kill a Seth, it burned the stomach off him! What the hell proof was that any how? One million percent proof?

Shamus: Ah, you could never handle the light stuff could ya?

Tal’Kum just stood their slightly behind Matt to his left wondering what they were talking about.

Derrick: Bah, that stuff you call alcohol could eat through the armour of the Emperor. How’re you doing Matthew, it’s nice to see your keeping in shape and not turning into a fatso like this miniature git.

Shamus: Better that than a God damned twig!

Tal’Kum whispered to Matt.

Tal’Kum: Are they always like this?

Derrick and Shamus were now fighting, Derrick was trying to keep Shamus away using his legs with some kicks at Shamus while he used his bulkier upper half to knock Derrick to the floor bypassing Derrick’s kicks with a bit of effort.

Matt: Yeah, but whether they like to admit it or not there the tightest pair I’ve ever seen, I can remember one raid on a convoy which went bad when a whole crap load of reinforcements arrived and we had to get out of there, Derrick was shot in the leg and through Derrick’s screaming at Shamus, Shamus pulled him back to ship with one hand while shooting with the other. I can still remember it as clear as day…

Derrick: Let go ya ****ing Paddy, if I wanted to be saved by someone I’d rather be saved by a cannibal!

Shamus: Ha! If you think I’m gona let some one else have the pleasure of blowing your feckless head off then you’ve got another thing coming!

… Had the rest of the crew in stitches for days after.

Derrick and Shamus’s brawl continued unwatched as Matt and Tal’Kum slipped quietly away, they’d probably end up in the infirmary promising each other a rematch and warning about how they were going to kick each other’s asses, Matt and Tal’Kum walked a few metres towards a hatch with ‘Shuttle Car’ written in blue letters. Unlike the T.D.F. ships where there is a shuttle car route running along side every corridor which can be accessed by simply pressing your palm against the wall, the nanites covering the wall scan your fingerprint and if you pass the nanites will temporarily dissolve the wall and the shuttle car will be there waiting for you, the same luxury is not incorporated to small ships. They took the shuttle car from deck seven to deck eighty before going up another twenty decks reaching Engineering in a second shuttle car in the centre of the ship, the second pair of rides took them from Engineering to the mess hail and finally to the bridge. All taking less than five minutes. As Matt walked along the final hallway he watched the hemispherical turrets sitting idle on the ceiling, a small indicator was just a black spot, the turrets were offline, probably because of Tal’Kum he thought. Matt touched his left shoulder, his infiltrator suit was still attached to him but concealed underneath his normal clothing. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with a pair of blue jeans a very old light brown leather jacket that was more than ripped in a lot of places.

It was one of the few presents he had received from his foster parents that he actually kept, most of the junk he had got from them were turned into actually usable weaponry, the first one he did was using a set of magnets from a remote control plane launcher and the Technologies Site in the Datumplane he built a small pistol sized rail gun. When his foster parent’s arrived home coming home earlier from work they were shocked to find their simple un-combat-worthy house robots impaled against a wall with Matt in his room adding more bits onto his rail gun making it into a bazooka sized rail cannon. Another five minutes and he would have attached a homemade sniper scope with half a pair of electronic binoculars with night vision capable lenses. Damn parents had to come home early didn’t they, ruined an hour and a half of good work. Although most of his childhood he hated remembering there were some things that he just loved to think over.

Elos sauntered over towards them both offering both his hands to Matt and Tal’Kum. Matt had braced himself for the shake but Tal’Kum hadn’t, Elos nearly tore her hand off as he laughed at her light weight.

Elos: A bit scrawny eh? You humans always liked things small don’t ya?

Matt looked truly at home here for the first time to Tal’Kum.

Matt: We’re not an item. How’s Darwin? Haven’t seen him ages.

As if knowing he was after been called a chimpanzee walked over with his hands high up, he shook Matt’s hand and spoke.

Darwin: Nice to see you in one piece Matt, we’ve been hearing a lot of stories about you, although Elos was a little hard to bare on hearing them, couldn’t believe that surpassed him.

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Darwin, like many apes and even infants, was genetically experimented on by corpers to pilot their hercs and ships as inexpensive labour. To the Shiners Darwin was a mistake, his genetic enhancements were increased higher than they should have been, and therefore was fully able to understand what had been done to him and what was happening to hundreds of others but he was powerless to stop it. As he was being brought to a Shiner cruiser called the Outcast he was liberated when a Coluk of medium build for his race captured the ship single handily. From then on Darwin became the First Officer on the Black Bounty. Darwin is highly protective of Elos and sees him as a father figure, probably not the best idle for a young being like Darwin but Elos would be considered better than most.

Tal’Kum: Isn’t that a monkey?

Darwin: Actually madam, I’m a chimpanzee, I was genetically altered to do slave labour for the Shiners, but a computer error made me aware of what was happening, Elos here saved me and liberated this ship single handily.

Elos stood back putting his nose up looking smug.

Tal’Kum: I thought all forms of slavery and discrimination were punishable by death in you Empire?

Darwin: If you wish to talk about me then do so to me not Matthew, and yes, they are illegal but we get paid half a credit an hour that we agree to unconditionally, that’s slave labour taken care of, since we’re engineered to be experts in what we do and conditioned to follow corper orders we do what they say, like not having permission to complain about anything. Saves the corpers millions on cheap expert labour rather than expensive expert labour. My, defect, as they called it was apparent when I wanted more for my talents but when I asked such a preposterous request they gagged me, locked me up and stored me in the hold for transport back to a Genetic Manipulation Facility.

Tal’Kum: Sorry.

Tal’Kum looked at both Matt and Elos, they speaking by looks and obviously they didn’t like what they were hearing. Although they had heard it before and many other stories like it the fact that it happened to someone they both trusted and counted as a good friend left a vile aftertaste in their mouths.

Elos gave Darwin a subtle nod and a slight flicker in his wide smile.

Darwin: Sorry, miss, what was it again?

Tal’Kum: Tal’Kum.

Darwin: Ok, sorry about my outburst, that…subject, just brings back some troubled…memories for me.

Tal’Kum: No, it’s ok, I must apologise.

Darwin: Fine then, now Miss Tal’Kum…

Tal’Kum: Please just Tal’Kum.

Darwin: Ah, I see Matt has had a bit of influence on you, he hates being called anything other than Matt. Well what I was about to say was: I’ve never met a Kuuruot and I hobby of mine is learn about different cultures and races about their social studies, rituals and beliefs and things like that, would you mind telling me about yourself and your race.

Tal’Kum: Sure, after bringing those memories to the surface it’s the least I could I do.

As Darwin lead Tal’Kum away to a pair of seats on the other side of the bridge Elos turned Matt around and walked him in the other direction.

Elos: What’s wrong Matt?

Matt: What do you mean?

Elos: Matt, you may have been able to fool her but I taught you, what was the first thing I ever made you learn?

Matt: If you can trust someone without a doubt then don’t hesitate.

Elos: Word for word, don’t you trust me enough to tell me?

Matt: Now you know I trust you more than anyone else alive alright, this is what happened.

Matt put his hand to the side of Elos’s head and concentrated, he filled Elos’s mind with his memories of Ro’jakel and his daughter and his ‘conversation’ with Supt’Grah. Although a little shocked by this completely new ability by Matt Elos was skilled enough not to let it show. Elos spoke sombrely.

Elos: I see you’ve learned a few things since you left. I understand Matt. We were just around here doing a job for W&T Research Agency, getting some scans on a race called the Janik, we managed to disable a few of their frigates with a hard Alpha Strike and salvage some interesting trinkets of information about them, you’d do well to keep out of their hair, craziest bunch of zealots I ever meet in my time. We’ve sent a copy of the information to them through a Tachyon Probe, we’re not doing anything right now, would you like us to look for her?

Matt: But what about business?

Elos: Matt you’ve saved most of this crew ten times over, most of whom never had the opportunity to pay you back, I’m sure they’d jump at the chance to help you out.

Matt: I wouldn’t doubt that, you know I meet my heroes, the Shadow Sect of the Dragons. Their leader, a huge Dragon named Alexander said he’d look for Natalie.

Elos: Well two groups would do better than one. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no because were gona look for her anyhow. Always knew how you hated asking for help.

Matt: Thanks Elos. I owe you.

Elos: Matt, you owe me nothing, a friend who does something for a friend does with it the knowledge that the other friend expects nothing in return.

Matt smiled genuinely with Elos, he missed being a pirate on the Black Bounty.

Elos: Come on! Enough of this woman’s banter lets go find Shamus and get him to knock together some of that, oh what does he call it, oh yeah, potien. Good stuff.

Matt: Yeah, if you like drinking acid.

Elos let out a huge bellow of a laugh as they both left the Bridge, Darwin feigning interest in Tal’Kum’s race thought that this better be worth it. After speaking to the rest of the crew and having a few heavily watered down glasses of potien Matt was dragged back to his own ship, more than just legless and with his liver fit to burst by Tal’Kum and Elos, Elos also handed Tal’Kum a small information cube about what they learned from the Janik vessels and some shield and weapon modulation codes and the location of a nearby Janik Concentration Planet called New Jaker and testing out the data might do some good. As Tal’Kum dropped Matt onto a waiting a maintenance robot Elos looked at her with a false smile and spoke as if he just found out he had just become a father

Elos: Matt asked for a favour and we’re gona go do it for him, it’d have a mutiny on my hands if we didn’t. Take good care of him you hear?

Tal’Kum: Of course, I’ll take extra good care of him, he’s my mentor.

A gut feeling from the first time he meet her physically told Elos didn’t like her.

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Well, i just finished the last episode and it will be posted in a week or two. I will definitly want to know what everyone thinks of the ending. Until then.

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One of the Janik’s Super Cruisers the Archangel tore past a planet doing twice the speed of a T.D.F. Heavy Carrier, it’s prey, a smaller Janik Evangelist class Destroyer, the Purgatory, barely maintaining it’s speed, it’s feeble aft weaponry pathetically causing the shields on the Archangel to just appear. Using the moon from a large grey planet it catapulted itself even faster. Donna McFadden was in the captain’s chair, it’s captain, impaled with several dozen bullet holes lay to the left. The holographic viewer showing the Archangel as it once again began to close in, you could fit twenty Evangelist class Destroyers into only one of twelve fusion drive ports on the back of the Archangel. She was nearing the end of starsystem so no more planets to slingshot past and the Archangel was gaining even faster now. Some people who had managed to escape with her trying to crack the computer codes to activated the wormhole generator, if they could get that working they’d be safe but Janik codes were tripled encrypted with anagrams of the bible. In a few minutes it would enter the range of it’s oversized starbeam cannons, a lightening quick second of a glancing blow completely destroyed her engines, it was over, they’d either be destroyed, sent back to work or more likely brainwashed, she watched amazed as space began to ripple for a second just before space unclenched an invisible fist. A phase cloak, what’s more a ship, a quick readout stated that for an old cargo freighter it was heavily armoured and armed, it’s shields were up and it’s forward starshooter started belting out star after star in a rate that would shock the Seth’Talion. What’s more the stars and now a multitude of ion weaponry began to dig straight into the armour completely bypassing the Archangel’s shields, although the armour for the Janik Super Cruiser was immense the surprise attack inflicted vicious damage to it’s starbeam cannons de-arming it of it’s heavier weaponry, it’s smaller weaponry started flaring up as the unknown freighter began to strafe the Archangel at unimaginable speeds so close to the hull of the Archangel that it couldn’t get a viable weapon’s lock, another salvo of stars as the ship turned while banking every two or three seconds to fire it’s starshooter, the huge creators which were rapidly covering the Archangel very quickly began to glow as the ship’s limit to receive damage passed and chunks began exploding, the unknown freighter turned up it’s speeds to it’s maximum which appeared far from safe, as it reached it’s top speed it allowed it’s inertia to keep it moving while it turned and continued to fire it’s starshooter until the Archangel was out of range. The portside section of the Archangel seemed to be pushed downwards by some unknown force as the starboard was pushed up, the centre section suffering intense tension from the two opposing forces, as it ripped in two the ship was engulfed in a viciously blinding white ball of expanding energy. The Purgatory sat silently in space, slowing down as the inertia started to fade, Donna brushed the sweat away from her forehead with her left arm and slumped back into the seat which was already buckling from the weight of her legs.

Donna: This Donna McFadden to unknown vessel. We thank you for your assistance, our engines were destroyed, please, you must take us back to T.D.F. space, you’ll be compensated...

Matt: I don’t believe it.

Donna: Frost!?!?! What the **** are you doing out here? Thought you got snuffed years ago! Must have been a dream.

Matt: Hey! Listen it wasn’t my fault! I told Natalie not to do it, I even gave her a direct order and she still did it, she would have taken on that full pirate assault force no matter what I said, even in that small combat corvette!

Donna: Well you could have gone in with her and kept them off her back but you waited till she was virtually crippled in space!

Matt: It wouldn’t have mattered! Natalie’s strength wasn’t in space fighting and you know it! She was a ground pounder like you, and if you care to remember the rest of that day I was the one who managed to fight off the pirates and recover her body! You just sat back crying! God damned T.D.F. patrols should have spotted that pirate force earlier. And it’s not my fault that my afterburners were shot to hell in that last skirmish with Class 20 I, hers were in perfect working order!

Matt remembered that day well. The class were assigned to use some small fast combat corvettes to go from planet to planet securing small space stations against a rival class. After Natalie was killed Matt started to resent higher ranked T.D.F. personnel, openly arguing with them or drawing them into fights to better them. No need to point out that it didn’t take long for him to push the wrong person and get expelled. A year after he joined Elos Nall’s pirate crew he found the remainder of what managed to escape from his raging temper when Natalie was killed, it was still burning in him, not a raging inferno like it had been but just a simple flame, upon seeing the same markings it went beyond the state of an inferno, Matt took control of the Black Bounty easily defeating half the crew in a fistfight, nothing but blind fury keeping him from feeling seven nonfatal shots and numerous blows to every part of his body, the other half of the crew just stood back as he yelled unrelenting obscenities at the ships he targeted and destroyed, one of the fighters from the pirate force managed to escape but Matt chased it for the better part of a week never getting out of the helm, the Black Bounty’s engine reserves outlasting the fighter’s own reserves, once the fighter’s power reactor melted down after going passed it’s safety limits for far too long Matt didn’t just blast it apart with weapons fire he manoeuvred the Black Bounty for the pirate pilot to see the Black Bounty charging straight towards it, a mirror of rapidly approaching death allowing the pilot to see himself off the reflective outer armour in his final seconds of life. The crash barely sent a shiver through the Black Bounty but for Matt he could finally let the rage he felt for the death of Natalie die out knowing that he had avenged her death. Shortly after killing the final pirate he stood up from the helm and passed out from exhaustion. A few days later when he regained consciousness he found Elos looking down at him, neither happy or angry. He asked Matt a simple question.

Elos: Why?

Matt: For the vengeance of a loved one.

Elos patted Matt on the shoulder and told him to get some rest, the mind may control the body but the heart controls the mind.

Matt: Ship, get a boarding tube over to that ship, get some maintenance robots to fix up some of the spare crew quarters, Tal’Kum you take control, I want be by myself for a while.

Tears were already trailing down Matt’s face before he even left the seat. Matt treaded wearily down to his quarters, it wasn’t much of a room, more of a dump that would resemble a bomb blast in a clothes shop. He picked up a picture of himself and Natalie on one of her birthdays, Matt was smiling and in an uncharacteristically good mood. Natalie was hugging with her right hand a soft toy creature that vaguely resembled a rabbit and a grasshopper with bright and colourful shades of blue, green and yellow. She was smiling and with her other arm she was hugging Matt’s neck while she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Matt gave a weak smile, tears still streaming down his face. Suddenly the door opened and Matt held the picture protectively to his stomach like he would hold a child, his other on instinct pointing his gun at the door.

Tal’Kum: Matt, are you alright?

Matt stared viciously at Tal’Kum, he couldn’t stop the flurry of hundreds of thoughts which assaulted his mind, thoughts of how he could kill Tal’Kum with her suffering as much as possible. Tal’Kum knew instantly what he was holding and what he was thinking.

Matt: Get out before I’ll do something I’ll regret, for Natalie’s sake.

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Tal’Kum walked out the door backwards holding her hands up to Matt trying not to set him off, there was nothing she even hope to do if he lost control and attacked her. Tal’Kum walked back towards the bridge passing Donna who had been directed to Matt’s quarters by a maintenance robot. As she neared the door the place began to become extremely hot, the wall and door to Matt’s quarters were already turning red, the door was heating up a lot faster than the wall which was now white hot, then it started to cool down, the door was melted to the wall, not even a plascannon could that to such a solidly built four foot thick reinforced durac door, this had been done by something else entirely and she knew of no other weapon or object that could that that in such a quick few seconds. Donna walked into the room opposite’s Matt and wedged the door open with a chair. She sat watching the door until an hour later a maintenance robot arrived, using a fusion cutter it took off the door, a second one came from behind the first and set up another door, the other was hauled off to be repaired.

Donna walked out of the room and into Matt’s, objects near the door weren’t even the slightest bit burned or melted.

Donna: Ok tough guy, you and me are going to have it out! You let my sister get killed and now I’m going to…

Donna stopped there as she noticed something, a noise she had never heard in her life before now, Matt was still crying, he was holding a picture in his hands and staring at it, the look of hurt and longing took Donna completely by surprise. For the first time since Donna took up to the secret obsession of saying what she would say and do to Matt if she ever found him again vanished from her mind completely.

Donna: Who are you looking at?

Matt turned the picture around for her to see, she had never seen Matt with that look on his face unless he was with Natalie, for all the times that she hated him and wished she would be the one to kill him she hated the fact that Matt loved Natalie as much as she did, probably even more so.

Donna: Who is she?

Matt turned the picture back towards himself and spoke telepathically to Donna telling her everything about Ro’jakel, Natalie and what Supt’Grah and his daughter were forcing him to do.

Donna: New trick, was that thing with the door your handiwork two?

Matt nodded, unable to say a word.

Donna: What are you planning on doing?

Matt tore his eyes away from the picture and looked into Donna’s eyes standing up.

Matt: I’m gona wipe out the Janik, then I’m going to hunt down Supt’Grah, I’m going to get Natalie back and make sure that himself and his ******* daughter suffer a slow and agonizing pain for as long as possible before they die. I’m sure I’ve got enough spare parts to rebuild the engines on that ship you stole, your welcome to as much as you want.

Donna: No way, those Janik slaughtered most of my crew and friends, if you think you’re going to be the only one who gets some revenge for a loved one then your stupidly wrong.

Matt smiled mischievously.

Matt: Nearly like old times.

Donna: Yeah. This time were not going to let anybody do anything alone.

Matt nodded.

Matt: I suppose this old bucket of bolts would fair better than that that Destroyer out their, seems like ye didn’t use the a lot of firepower on that thing.

Donna: You ever tried to hack through triple encrypted anagrams from the bible.

Matt: Wait a sec, ok.

Donna: What?

Matt: Just telling Ship to cut up the Destroyer and bring it into the main cargo bay, should get some good salvage off it. Ship, tell Tal’Kum to suit up, were going Janik hunting, modulate the phase cloak to the opposite frequencies that they use for their scanners.

Donna: How’d you get them?

Matt: An old friend hired by the W&T Research Agency to get some information on the Janik gave me a full copy of his findings, and a small transmitter that secretly intercepts Janik computer transmissions in their ships, with Ship here keeping a tap on all of their frequencies I can inflict high damage through their shields while my shields can absorb damage nearly three hundred percent above normal. They can remodulate their shields all they want, I got a means of striking them directly and I’m not going to let it go. Ship, divert all non essential systems to gravity drive, get us there now!

Meanwhile Jesus was reading the bible when he suddenly dropped it, he sitting at the edge of his bed bored out of his mind, what he wouldn’t give for a good rape or the taste of blood on his skin form fallen nobody. He walked out the door and headed towards the top of the base via energy transporters. A new invention, slightly odd but very quick, he had been told that if research continued they could probably find a means of transporting somebody or something somewhere without having to use transporter cables. When Jesus entered the bridge the Janik Pope jumped out of his seat at Jesus’ entrance.

Janik Pope: Jesus, what are you doing here if I might ask?

Jesus: My friend, my nemesis nears, he is the champion of evil, he is Satan’s son.

Janik Pope: Send out a warning to all ships…

Jesus: No, I want to meet him, if I could convert him then he could become a powerful alley, I also have a person in his presence watching him. They are to be escorted here, warn any believer that if they fire they shall go straight to hell. We cannot pass this chance, but if I fail I will have to destroy him.

The Janik Pope was slightly taken aback but he followed his orders to the letter.

The Shadow moved rapidly through Janik space phase cloaked, it was odd, Matt could tell that they knew where he was but they seemed to be openly ignoring him. As he reached the main Janik planet classed Starbase it was now at least four million kilometres in diameter with even more billions of hangers, orbital guns and billions up billions of ships and fighters.

A transmission was sent directly to the Shadow’s position.

Janik Officer: This is Apostle Luke, the Apostle of Communication technologies, we have you cleared to enter the main hanger. Our orbital weapons and ships are all targeting your ship with T.S.C. distortion weaponry. Please decloak immediately.

Matt checked the scanners and all of the ships and orbital guns were tracking him. He had no choice and decloaked. Donna met Matt as he and Tal’Kum were walking out of the bridge.

Donna: Where are you going?

Matt: To meet our gracious hosts, care to join us?

Donna: Just try and stop me.

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Chapter 21

The Shadow floated quietly to a set position and the Knights Dropship emerged from the larger upper cargo bay access hatch. It flew at full burn towards the main hanger. After landing they were taken to a teleportor pad which brought them to a room half a kilometre from the bridge. The Janik personnel were amazed at the resemblance between Matt and Jesus, nearly identical, except for the three day stubble Matt had and the well kept thin beard on Jesus’ face. They passed a few nine foot thick hatches as they passed various unmarked and marked rooms. The whole place was painted in a very bright, glossy, nearly reflective shade of white. Matt’s fingers were resting against his plaspistol and his fusion dagger. Tal’Kum was more busy being awed by the corridor’s colour. Donna was walking at the other side of Matt from Tal’Kum with a tribe made Storm Hammer, a plascannon, mortar cannon and her antique Crader-Dudek 62mm Grenade Launcher, she was wearing a shield back pack. Eventually they arrived at a door marked Bridge in Janik. The Janik Marines waited outside as the trio entered. After they entered Jesus ordered everyone outside bar the Janik Pope.

Jesus: Pope, I know you have doubts about me as the son of God.

Janik Pope: Never!

Jesus: It does not matter, I know you saw me kick that animal, you know the potential we have to rule the Universe at the side of the Masters, Sat’Han. Join us.

Like a password unlocking a secret file the memory surfaced immediately in the Janik Pope’s mind, the biting feeling that he tried daily to ignore but with every second of every day the feeling grew and grew.

Matt: Enough of this, give up or I’ll wipe the floor with you.

Jesus: Be silent retch! The Ge’oth can not even hope to realise the forces that they feebly guard this Universe from.

Matt: Oh yeah? Then why hasn’t your dickless little **** master invaded already?

Jesus smiled menacingly.

Jesus: What’s the fun of destroying your enemy if you do not destroy what he holds dear to him. To simply just destroy them would not be nearly as delectable as destroying what they hold dear, this pathetic Universe and it’s wasted creatures, creatures which should serve my Masters with pain and torment till the end of all time!

Matt through his pistol onto the ground and activated his fusion dagger. Jesus pulled out his own. Without warning Tal’Kum used her fusion and decapitated the Janik Pope and then deactivated her dagger. Jesus pulled out a second fusion dagger.

Matt: Tal’Kum give me your dagger.

Tal’Kum moved forward but instead of giving it to him she drove it a small way into the base of the back of Matt’s neck, Jesus pushed his hand, spreading his fingers while doing so in Donna’s direction pinning her to a wall. Matt was paralysed and was only being kept up by Tal’Kum’s arm which was wrapped around the front of his neck.

Tal’Kum: You suceking murder! Thanks to you my brother was reduced to just another statistic in the long line of deaths you have inflicted to so many families, no more will you be permitted to kill again! Me and my father sold our souls to the Satuna to get revenge on you, I thank your lord Sat’Han, Jesus, for keeping up your end of the bargain.

Matt: One…final…thing. There. Donna…the…Shadow…Is…yours…now…find...Natalie…plea..

Tal’Kum removed her arm from Matt’s neck and with a movement from her other arm she twisted the blade and decapitated Matt.


Jesus: Guards!

Instantly the room was packed with twenty Janik Marines.

Jesus: He killed our Pope, but this one here…

Indicating to Tal’Kum.

Jesus: …saw the light and saved me, I am in no mood to see more killing, take that one there and convert her, she has skills that could be useful to us. The Kuuruot is to be given safe passage out of Janik space. Absolutely no harm is to come to her.

Jesus thought to himself that that would come later.

Near a black hole a large ship appeared, it was quickly followed my numerous other ships, each was differently shaped but each one was coloured the same. The largest ship emerged from the black hole last, it was ugly, it looked like several mangled pieces of something coloured a dark crimson to dark orange, it was covered in jagged spikes, spires pointed outwards revealing black weaponry with golden strips running along some of the edges and green hexagonal sections, each one glowing brightly, barely resembling the Cache weaponry found on Mars and Pluto. One of these ships was instantly gripped by eight gravity funnels and ripped apart.

Satuna: Ge’oth fools, you hero has failed! We have won, leave this Universe and uphold your end of the bargain! You agreed to the deal and you have lost. Forward, my fellow Satuna, to torture, to rape, to pillaging, and to death!

The first Satuna ship to move forward was rapidly torn apart by one hundred and twenty gravity funnels from fifteen different To’Lef cruisers.

Ge’oth: Wait! Your hero did not kill our’s, this competition is void! You have no right to enter here! Leave now or we shall destroy your entire race as you enter to this Universe.

Just to prove their point four huge Vu’Thel class Dreadnoughts appeared making the battle appear next to impossible to for the Satuna to even consider pressing forward another inch of space.

Satuna: You would break our agreement! What kind of treachery is this, from you, the honourable and principled Ge’oth, you wouldn’t dare! You hero is dead, stand down, or better yet, stay their and we shall annihilate you all!

Ge’oth: Huh, even one of our elders would vanquish half of your army in seconds!

Satuna: Those old cronies! They are two slow to keep up with us! We can engage and destroy them at will!

Ge’oth: With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom there comes power.

A single Vu’Thel moved forward, it’s super sized So’Nath turret swivelled towards a large planet and gripped it in a gravity funnel, the planet broke up, and was for the lack of a better word, devoured by the Vu’Thel.

Ge’oth: Even if they are slower than the younger ones of our race, what is their to stop our young from slowing down your race and letting our elders destroy them at their own leisurely pace?

For the first time the Ge’oth spoke with a frightening amount of vicious contempt to another race.

Ge’oth: This competition is void. Leave. Now.

Satuna: The agreement does not stat anything against a third party killing your hero! It is over, stand down!

The Ge’oth thought for a moment.

Ge’oth: You…

The nest two words the Ge’oth spoke with undeniable venom and anger.

Ge’oth: …are right.

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Chapter 22

Ge’oth: But, we reserve our right to resurrect our hero, you know that using both a hero and race that there are repercussions. There, it is done. Get back to your cesspits, the game isn’t over yet.

The Satuna remained still for a few seconds before backing into the black holes and disappearing.

Ge’oth: Oh how we all wish we could see the face of Sat’Han when his brainless minions report back to him. Now, where to resurrect our hero, his mind, the last thing he thought about was that Nu’Hun child that he takes care of. We shall resurrect him near to kidnapper of this child. Fully completed.

In a small white flash Matt appeared in the Sofon Assault Moon class battle station belonging to Supt’Grah, in fact right next to Supt’Grah. Supt’Grah was shocked at Matt’s arrival because he did not know of Matt’s earlier death.

Supt’Grah was holding a rifle like the dozens of others around him, they were fighting a boarding party of Dragons and Elos’s crew.

Supt’Grah: Frost! Get a gun and help me or your Nu’Hun child dies!

Matt ignored him and walked into the middle of the fire fight, bolts and beams of energy and streams of bullets passed all around him but never hitting him.

Matt: Enough!

Using his index fingers he motioned for both sides to come towards him, they both did with weapons raised or mouths open in the case of the Dragons.

Matt looked at Supt’Grah, raised his left hand and snapped his fingers. Natalie appeared in a white flash next to him. She looked around and was terrified until she saw Matt, Matt smiled as she ran up and jumped onto him, Matt held her in his arms and hugged her.

Matt: You, have no hold over me anymore.

Matt snapped his fingers again, Tal’Kum appeared.

Matt: Look at what you shall expect to suffer when you both die.

Matt did a wave of his hand and turned Natalie around so she wouldn’t see, An image appeared more accurate than any holoprojector could ever hope to generate, the image showed Jesus raping the woman and then the woman materialising back into the arms of Sat’Han and what his minion started to do to the woman.

Matt: For your useless trade you shall suffer this fate for the rest of eternity.

Matt reached out his free hand, clasped it into a fist and then spread his fingers as widely as they would go, the limbs of both Supt’Grah and Tal’Kum rocketed away from their respective bodies. A second later both lay on the floor screaming in pain before passing out and dieing from the unimaginable pain, their deaths barely even a fraction of the torture they will receive from the Satuna. Matt clicked his fingers a fourth time and he and Natalie disappeared.

Donna was screaming in a panic as some Janik Marines brought her to a chair with multiple spike like probing devices. They were four metres away from the chair when a large white flash signalled Matt’s arrival. With a clasping motion of his free hand he crushed the Janik Marine’s heads.

Donna: M-M-M-Matt? I s-s-saw y-y-you d-d-d-d-die?

Matt walked up to Donna and placed Natalie in between himself and Donna.

Matt: Donna, please, take care of Natalie for me, I must go and I do not know if I will be coming back.

Matt crouched as he took both of Natalie’s smaller hands in his own.

Matt: Natalie, please know that I, I always loved you just as much as your father loved you, please keep his and my memory alive, this nice lady here is Donna, she’s going to be looking after you from now on, trust her, she’ll do a better job that I could ever hope.

Natalie: No, I lost my father, please don’t you leave me too!

Matt remained crouched and seemed to be thinking.

Matt: Natalie, what I’m going away to do is to keep you safe for the time being, your remember my promise to keep you safe to your father right?

Natalie nodded yes and started crying.

Matt: Now I know this is hard but you wouldn’t want me to break that promise would you?

Natalie nodded, still crying.

Matt thought for another second.

Matt: Ah, here we go.

Matt snapped his fingers and the same stuffed toy that was in the picture appeared in Matt’s arms, he gave it to Natalie.

Matt: Please remember Natalie, that I will always love you, just like your father. Be happy, have the life that I could never provide for you. Please, just be happy, for me, ok?

Natalie nodded and her crying slowed down slightly.

Matt: That’s my good little girl.

Matt stood back up and looked at Donna.

Matt: Take care of her, please. Give her the love I could never give her.

Donna: It seems you already have, don’t worry, I’ll try my best.

Matt snapped his fingers and both Donna and Natalie disappeared to the Shadow.

Matt: Ship, I want to thank you for your protection and friendship on our short journey together, please take care of Donna and Natalie for me.

Matt with a quick thought made the Shadow’s AI system truly sentient so it would fully understand Matt’s words.

Ship: I will die to protect them. Good luck sir.

Matt smiled and disappeared himself, it was time Jesus Christ got what was coming to him.

Jesus was watching the Shadow on the large eight by twelve metre monitor at the front of the bridge. Suddenly its engines flared up, it’s weapons began to fire and star after star smashed brutally into a large group of orbital guns destroying many millions in the first seconds of the onslaught. Jesus could sense Donna and Natalie on the ship as well as the other escapees, the Shadow was now turning around and preparing to use it’s gravity drive when several white destabiliser beams connected with the Shadow, he knew Matt was somehow alive.

Matt was now walking along the corridor. Janik Marines instantly recognised him and started shooting. The shots were stopped a few inches form Matt’s body by some invisible field, the effect was like a torrent of perfectly identical water droplets hitting a small pool of water. Matt looked at one Marine, he burst into blue high-intensity plasma flames and disintegrated in a mass of char broiled dust and smoke. Another Marine’s head was ripped off and smashed through several other Janik Marines. Eight more Marines came up behind Matt and started shooting at him, Matt raised his right hand and looked at his palm, he clenched his fist and when he opened it again a black orb appeared, he tossed it over his shoulder like you would a piece of useless paper, the explosion disintegrated the Marines and the surrounding fifty metres. Matt walking on air he arrived at a thick door, the door began to turn white very quickly, Matt passed through it without even flinching. On the other side four dozen Marines started firing at Matt, Matt let his mind graze past their minds, each one gripped her helmets and in a final spasm of pain, their minds were destroyed by the touch of a fragment of the shear power of Matt’s own mind. Some of the Marines seeing their weapon’s uselessness turned their guns around and charged at Matt, the first two to arrive at Matt’s position and attempted to strike him with the butts of their guns but as their gun’s butts were moving forward to strike Matt they turned to liquid splashing onto the floor, a second later the two Marines suffered the same fate as their weapons. The remaining Marines in the section started shooting each other until the final one stuck his rifle into his mouth and fired. As Matt reached the end of the corridor he reached out his right hand and nearly like grabbing something, he clenched his hand, the wall in front was crushed and pushed towards the end of that corridor, the only signs of the Janik Marines in this segment of the corridor was the rapidly growing pool of reddish orange blood. The Janik Marines in the next section of the corridor all disappeared in white flashes materialising outside in random areas of space. Some were so close to a planet the gravity pulled them burning and screaming into the atmosphere. Matt stopped and raised himself to the tips of his toes as his chest protruded out and he surged with blinding white energy.

Matt: My time is nearly at hand.

The final corridor, using his right hand again Matt grabbed the Janik Marines and smashed them straight through the final door, each one crushed under the extreme pressure form Matt’s powerful mind and the door’s mass. Jesus was standing still, not seeming to worry. Matt passed under the lentil of the smashed door which instantly fell apart trapping the two together.

Jesus: Most impressive, you would make a great ally, why don’t you join us.

Matt: Never, you shall die this very day.

Jesus: Oh, are you sure about that? Look outside.

Hundreds of Janik Super Cruisers were converging on the Shadow, even with it’s shields modulated to counter Janik weapon modulations the ship wouldn’t survive.

Jesus: Join or they die this very second.

The Super Cruisers began to form a sphere around the Shadow, the ship seemed nearly insignificant to the larger Janik ships around it. Matt folded this arms. The ships fired at the Shadow. Matt didn’t flinch. As the starbeams converged on the Shadow they curved around and back at the firing ship, ten seconds later and they were still firing, their weapons would start to malfunction seriously if they didn’t stop soon. Jesus was straining to counter Matt but he couldn’t the Super Cruiser’s weapons overloaded and with the amount of damage being inflicted by their own weapons they exploded viciously, Matt keeping the explosive shockwaves away from the Shadow, the Shadow disappeared in a large white flash to the Sol system.

Matt: You and me, right now.

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Jesus got into a combat stance. Matt just stood there. Both leapt at each other and their limbs began to move at speeds that fooled the eye, to someone else the speeds wouldn’t just be a blur, they would look like a solid object. A lightning quick, sickening thud stopped the movements and Jesus flew from the apparent ‘solid mass’ smashing straight through four kilometres of the Janik starbase’s internal structure. Matt flew after him, a raging fire-bird like shape surrounding him making him appear like a phoenix rising form the ashes, in his wake intense flames broke out destroying everything and everyone. Jesus’ jaw was disjointed, it a small amount of effort he returned it to normal. Jesus began to concentrate for a second and levitated two feet above the glossy white floor. Matt did the same. At certain angles with the light shining in the right way a highly transparent nearly liquid like film could be seen, the shape appeared blocky with large fists at the ends of the arms. Both laid into each other in another vicious fight but no where near as fast as they fought before. With each thump a huge ripple along the arms made the liquid like film ripple and become easily visible. A sudden black orb from Matt’s left hand flew out and struck Jesus’ hip and exploded flinging Jesus through half a kilometre of bulkheads and solidly built walls.

Matt: You fool, you cannot even beat me, the Ge’oth, they have accelerated my evolution so I am near their stage, you, you are far behind. Say your prayers!

Matt raised both his hands above his head and clasped them both together, he unclenched his hands, as his hands came apart a large golden yellow ball of energy grew. Matt was now standing directly over Jesus who was bruised and very bloody. Before Matt unleashed an energy beam from the large energy orb above his head Jesus disappeared in a cloud of dark acrid smoke leaving a two or three second long blaze of flame. The beam shot forward only a foot or two in diameter, Matt lowered his hands to the side as the beam’s diameter continued to grow piercing out the other side of the station. Another energy surge passed through Matt’s body.

Matt: My time is now.

Matt disappeared in a white flash of energy and appeared outside in the cold blackness of space. His body continued to glow brighter and brighter till he shone brighter than the Janik star, blinding white particles began to converge on him, a large blinding white energy sphere grew slowly, it was far brighter than any energy sphere from an exploding ship or star for that matter. A terrific roar sounded throughout the Universe, it was heard by every living creature simultaneously. The white energy sphere disappeared like a cloud of particles being blown away by the wind. Matt was no longer there. Instead a ship was present, it was similar to a Ge’oth So’Nath fighter but it did not have a black hole or even a front turret, it was just a concaving funnel. You could see in through the front and out of the back. At sixty degrees from the others a stretched crystal like mark grew. A dull white, nearly grey sphere of energy expanded rapidly from this new ship. A huge mangled lump of a ship began visible. It was a Satuna Dreadnought. It overshadowed Matt nearly eighty times. It turned around and started to fire black beams, phase distorted weaponry, used in conjunction with of some kind of energy weapon they were roughly the same as the ones that happened accidentally when Matt first escaped the Janik when they just destroyed the T.D.F. Dreadnought. Most of them struck Matt, he was still trying to get used to his new body.

Matt called out for help and to his surprise he was instantly connected to the collective mind of the Ge’oth. The connection overwhelmed Matt’s mind with information about the Satuna’s and how to control his new self. The information of what they were using against him hit Matt like nothing he ever heard of before, phase cloaked quantum particle soaked Hyper-Matter cannons. Oh if the T.D.F. even knew what would happen if they were just to merge their Hyper-Matter cannons and their Qguns.

Matt: How do I attack?

Ge’oth: Concentrate, it’s a simple matter of thought projecting.

A large circle of glittering white rings made out of hundreds of blinding particles formed at the end of Matt’s heavily torn and scarred body. The ring of energy shot forward shrinking as it followed the shape of Matt’s body. This ring was followed by a second and a third. The first ring impacted on the Satuna Dreadnought’s shields causing several dozen explosions from inside the ship, ‘They must still use shield generators’ Matt thought, ‘there nowhere as advanced as the Ge’oth or even myself, just behind but not quite there.’ the second ring struck the shields again and another set of random explosions raked across the ship, the third ring struck the ship itself and caused a significant portion to explode. Jesus watched from inside screaming as one more final ring of pure white energy appeared.


The fourth ring completely obliterated the remaining chunk of the mangled ship, even with the large chunk missing it’s design, or rather lack of design made it seem undamaged, just a smaller model than the larger one.

A Ge’oth To’Lef Cruiser and two So’Nath fighters appeared in front of Matt.

Ge’oth: Welcome Matthew Frost, to the third stage of your evolutionary path, you are on the same evolutionary place as us, we welcome you if you wish to join us.

Matt: Thank you, but I cannot accept your offer yet, I feel I must watch over and protect Natalie, and her children, her children’s children and so on till they reach our place in the evolutionary path. A promise is a promise, regardless of evolution. Thank you once again. Farewell my friends.

And with that said Matt disappeared.

The End.


The Janik had seen it all, their saviour retreated and destroyed in his unsightly looking ship by the bright golden silver ship that they once knew as the son of Satan. The news spread rapidly, most of the Janik dropped to their knees and prayed for salvation. The game was over, the Ge’oth had beaten the Satuna once more. Finally a Ge’oth ship made it’s presence known to the entire Janik race, The information from the Ge’oth’s mind about their origins, the Satuna, the false religion. Over the time of a single hour the Ge’oth had crippled the spirit of the Janik. But a majority of the Janik couldn’t accept the fact that they had murdered billions because of some game between two Godlike races. Thousands, millions nearly committed suicide. Many simply returned to their faith but not in the zealot like fashion as before. A small group totally rejected all the ideas of the supernatural and divine. They resorted to cold logic in all matters of the supernatural but other than that they turned into a kind, tolerant group. Those who had been brainwashed were returned to normal and given the choice to return to their own space or remain with the Janik. No doubt many left. The smallest group to leave the rest of the Janik race left to some Galaxy as far away from the humans and the rest of the Janik as possible. Later they would become known as the insane demons to plague nearly half of the Universe in a war that could never be compared to that of another. Soon the Janik abandoned their ships and spacestations, returning to their home planet, all of their fantastic technologies were destroyed, the very memory of what they did was too much. The only technology they used was the giant shielding array from their largest spacestation to shield there planet form reprisals form the races they once attacked and subdued.

After Donna had finally reached the safety of T.D.F. space Matt travelled to a black hole and spoke to a Ge’oth So’Nath fighter.

Matt: Ge’oth, now that I have gotten a bit used to my new body there is one question that has been nagging me at the back of my mind.

Ge’oth: You wish to know why you do not have a black hole and we do?

Matt: Yeah. Why is that?

Ge’oth: These black holes lead into our Universe, for you see we need to feed off the space of our own Universe, since you are indigenous to this Universe you do not require one. We could exist here with a single particle of dust from our Universe for at best three decades.

Matt: Ok, tell me then, how did the Ge’oth that went into the Satuna’s Universe become evil?

Ge’oth: They severed the black hole and ensured that our brethren and sisters could not return. The madness that quickly followed you already know about. Is there anything else?

Matt: No, thank you for your time. Maybe some day, far from now I might enter your Universe.

Ge’oth: That would be welcome, farewell.

The T.D.F. eventually recovered from the massive losses they incurred by the Cybrids losing many trillions of people. Like the time after the Cybrid’s third attempted genocide of the humanity, the human race became as thin like a skeleton. The T.D.F. contracted many civilian and corporate shipyards to replace their loses. As well as that many mercenary and pirate vessels were contracted to patrol T.D.F space. For around two thousand years the large sheets that covered the mass cloning tanks used to regenerate a significant portion of the human race reactivated.

That small group of Janik that did not join the other’s on their homeworld. They would be the ones to start off another war. They changed their name, the name that would result in countless trillions upon trillions of death that would make the Janik’s Crusade appear like a small blip in the course of history, the name they will use, the Drenalti, demons of all time and space.

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Well, that's it, whoever has read all of this please tell me what you think and if you want me to e-mail you the ful story (I've gone over it a few times and tweaked a bit here and therer but it is basically thte same) give me your e-mail and i'll send it to you as as soon as possible.

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I have yet to read the last parts.


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