The Janick's Crusade

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The Janick's Crusade

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This is not st fanfiction, this is my own, i will understand iff the admins want me to remove it but i can't find any other site that i'd like to bother with. This is the first chapter and i'm working on the second now. Hope ye enjoy

Chapter 1

T.D.F Science officer: Sir he’s getting away! His freighter has been customized extensively, we won’t be able to keep up with him . . . sir, I’m reading nine additional fusion thrusters activating, were losing him, he’s out of weapon’s range!

T.D.F Captain: Launch every fighter we got, I don’t want this guy escaping again, God knows we’ve spent enough money hunting the ******* down!

The large forward port and starboard hatches opened up
revealing row after row of countless thousands of fighters, within three seconds nearly seven waves had been launched. Ten seconds later and over seventy thousand Screaming class Banshee fighters have just been launched, near ninety percent of the Heavy Carrier’s fighters, all after Matthew Frost’s ship, it looked like a stream of blacks and reds, reaching across space. Finally in an average time of twelve seconds all eighty wings, each comprised of one thousand fighters were launched. Unlike the cold gray design that looked like a flying monstrosity that is the carrier ship the fighters were small, fast, beautiful to look at and terrifyingly agile, each one armed with weapons that are either designated to them or, for the better skilled pilots self chosen. From the usual combinations of SG-32i Ion cannons, anti-matter cannons to the older and more reliable emp cannons and Mfacs, heavy blast cannons, blasters, heavy blasters, clas and disrupter cannons. These fighters far superior to older Banshees, these ‘Screaming’ versions had special self-rescue cockpits, when the ship’s computer registered the chance of the ship being destroyed it disengaged the cockpit from the ship and flies itself back to the carrier and unlike the older fighters these were capable carrying large components and weapons that a fighter of it’s size could not carry in an atmosphere but the fighters could be quickly modified with lighter components and weapons for atmospherical bombardments making it one of the best fighter designs in the Universe.

Matt’s ship, an ancient fourteen hundred year old Heavy Starmule class cargo freighter developed by some well forgotten company that disappeared into the boundless mists of yesterday’s news, Matt had got it for the price of taking it’s last owner to die on his homeworld. The trip wasn’t easy but against several dozen powerful galactic families of various races who wanted the ship for there own collection as an antique. With many rich families spending most of there time buying ancient ships, weapons and armors to show off there wealth, owning anything old and of value became quite dangerous. But he did it. The family who thought the previous owner of the ship was lost and dead, overjoyed at his return and even though he would die soon paid Matt more money than he could hoped to have seen in his hard and virtually unforgiving life. Matt tried to settle down on a nice planet in a nice city and kick back a bit but he couldn’t do it, he missed the thrill of outwitting backwater hicks that patrol the millions of shipping lanes, fighting your way through insurmountable odds before lunch and doing some virtually impossible battle after dinner.

Matt, if that was his name, he never knew, being found in an escape pod next to an known hulked starship, rescued and returned to a human Planet Protector, Matt had lived a hard life, being named by a computer was probably one of the things he hated most about his childhood, he was shifted around from foster home to foster home as his aggressive tendencies and warlike behaviors made it hard for but the most but militaristic families to bring him up, only in these families did he feel properly at home, but after a while even they put up with one more homemade five kiloton explosive charge detonated at a quite picnic in the countryside. After he was considered legally old enough to look after himself he joined one of the T.D.F Academies and made quite a name for himself as a shrewd, resourceful and often brutal trainee who excelled at everything except diplomacy. But it didn’t last, not being able to keep his mouth shut while speaking to the higher ranks ensured him an immediate dropping from the T.D.F Academy he enlisted in. After that he joined a smuggling crew and his skills surpassed that of his peers with his military training and knowledge of military procedures. Eventually he managed to save up enough money to go into business himself. A year later was when he met his client who gave him the Starmule. At first he considered selling it to the highest bidder but after receiving the reward from the family. He took a look at the Starmule. A basic old cargo hauler hull. To many it looked like something that should haven forgotten, it looked like a giant slug with three series of resource storage pods sticking out of it.

But he liked it and began to see it as something to be proud of. It had a thickly armored primary hull that even by today’s standards could stand up to some of the most powerful of weapons, this was later reduced to the very bones of it’s super structure and refitted with the most advanced nanoarmors enabling it to take a lot of hits from some of today’s most powerful weapons. On the dorsal, lower port and starboard sections was a row of twenty, four hundred ton cargo pods which could be stripped down to the frame and modified in a countless variety of ways. The lower starboard and port side pods jutted out at a forty five degree downward angle. Each pod was about the same size of a Caslou, Sofon class Ion frigate. With his newly found and seemingly innumerable wealth he bought forty eight Sofon class Ion frigates and paid four full teams of engineers to retrofit the equal amount of cargo pods with the six mini-Ion cannons, power reactors, computers for independent pod targeting control and armor from the frigates, what was left was stripped down of anything valuable and the rest was sold of the scrap merchants. The remaining twelve pods were armed with a single set of three Quad Heavy Ion Beam Cannon Turrets. It’s fire power was now just short of fifty percent of the firepower of a T.D.F Heavy Carrier not including the fighters. With the fighters it barely equaled four percent. Matt still had a significant portion of his money left but it was no where near as large as it once was. His ship which he named the Shadow, a name of a legendary sect of Dragons who more than a match for most other star faring races, he had read many stories as a child of them. Now his ship had only reached ten percent of a threat of what it would equal in barely a month after naming it. Even without the pods it still had a huge four hundred thousand cubic meters of storage space just behind the four main “Super” class ion drives for smuggling and carrying legit cargos. The bridge, living quarters and most of the main habitat systems were located in a small node below the front most section right below the dust collector. The dust collector was a huge sorting mesh and half kilometer length of dust refining machinery, the dust could be then condensed and refined into processed ores for selling, when these ships were still new, they would usually accompany resourcing fleets sucking up any particles that might be missed by the asteroid refining ships. This large six kilometer mesh and the refining machinery were removed and in it’s place was fitted the second largest Starshooter cannon ever created, the largest were on used on the gigantic Seth’Talion battlestations, it was from a Seth’Talion battle cruiser, which has two starshooters and is considered by many races as an extremely powerful warship and the Seth’Talion ship was capable of destroying the atmospheres or at least destroying the ecosystems of any planets that they fired at. Even though it was a very powerful weapon he enlarged it and added a second and third power reactor equal to the size of the original and with his enlarged Starshooter cannon it would charge at one hundred and fifty percent faster than the smaller ones used in the smaller Seth’Talion destroyers, a weapon about as half as powerful one of the Hyper-Matter cannons used on the well feared T.D.F. Emperor. Now with this weapon he could possibly take on a any T.D.F. capitol ship and hope to cripple it or if lucky destroy it. Later he had several dozen high powered plasma defense nodes installed to protect against boarding ships and any fighter that was stupid enough to come enough within a three hundred meters of it’s hull. The plasma nodes worked by locking onto the target ship with moderately powerful tractor beam and then venting white hot plasma vented though a single large plasma hatch. The plasma was confined by the tractor beam and it would continue to eat away at the boarding ship or fighter’s armor till it was destroyed. The plasma nodes were connected to the Starshooter and would draw the white hot plasma from the capacitors used to store the energy for creating the star projectiles, this has a drawback though, for around thirty seconds after the Starshooter has been fired the plasma nodes will go offline until there is a suitable reserve of plasma.

After finishing it’s weapons he found that the aft three pods were actually larger than the other pods and had there own engines, since the pods were all linked by a thick brace bar that also connected the pods it was connected to the struts which in turn connected entering cargo sections to the main hull so they wouldn’t receive damage from high g maneuvers. The aft pods were fitted with one small ion driver each, these were removed and fitted with illegally modified ion drivers. The illegal ion drives were smaller and more powerful but ultimately more unstable and at risk to malfunctioning and destroying itself along with most of the surrounding ship’s hull. Along with these as another final insult to most of the laws that he evaded and regularly broke Matt, using the free room from the smaller ion drives set up small yet incredibly powerful fusion drives which most galactic powers were still testing and usually they don’t like independent cargo haulers, the politically correct name for smugglers used by bleeding heart liberals, to have any form of propulsion better than there military’s propulsion systems. After he had finished modifying his ship it had the equal fire power of the T.D.F. Heavy Carriers. With a huge array of powerful anti-fighter ion cannons, Quad Heavy Ion Beam Cannon Turrets for fighting large frigates, destroyers and softening up larger capitol and super capitol ships and a single huge cannon that could cripple or most likely wipe most race’s largest ships or carrier fleets in a single blow. But one thing he himself managed do that the Seth’Talion have tried to duplicate through extensive scans of his ship was to discover how he was able to cause the miniature star projectiles to go super nova instead of darting off into the distance and burning out. After he had finished overhauling the ship he soon realized that such a large and complex ship was going to require a sizable crew to maintain all the weapons, engines and equipment. Matthew Frost was also a well known loner and if he hated any one thing, he hated having to work with people. So instead of hiring a costly crew he bought three hundred maintenance robots and fifty Heavy Defender Bots. Now he was virtually penniless. This lead to him having to return to smuggling, killing and other generally nasty jobs to bring in the big bucks as the old timers who he listened at ever space pit he waited for clients in over seven galaxies told him about the old times when it was their militaries were trustworthy and how it was a time of honor and how much they’d give for a good space battle nowadays. His last job had been a particular ***** . But he needed the money. Missiles and ballistic weapons, still one of the best anti-armor weapons around and they cost more money than he cared to pay for. He needed the money for a munitions factory which he would need a new assignments of robots to maintain and operate. His last job was to steal a newly developed phase cloaking device developed by an alien race, he had been paid unofficially by the T.D.F Weapons and Technology Research Agency. They already had the technology themselves and in the interest of diplomacy they wanted to ensure that the technology was never developed by an alien race. The phase cloaking device standard on all T.D.F capitol and super capitol ships which could render the ship virtually invisible to the naked eye and virtually undetectable all known sensors by using powerful spatial phasing arrays to bend the fabric of space around the ship. This also made the ship practically indestructible. The reason why the W&T Research Agency wanted it was because the alien scientists had apparently solved the problem of the power consumption which was immense, especially for the gigantic starships used by the T.D.F. Instead of turning over the technology he kept the prototype for himself as well as half of the payment. Which had already been agreed on. Outraged the W&T Research Agency demanded that the military dispatch a Heavy Carrier at least, to capture his ship and retrieve the device. The same Heavy Carrier had been chasing Matt for the last four years as he did many ‘jobs’ for high fees. But lately the captain had been getting real good and this was the unlucky time that they caught him off guard.

The thousands of fighters were continuing to swarm all over Matt’s ship, Matt’s ship was now unidentifiable in the mass black and red blurs that swarmed his ship. Hundreds of small red ion beams lanced out from multiple hard points covering the pods. This was something that Bruce was counting on. Although many other captains would have surrendered at the prospect of being torn apart by tens of thousands of small midgets Bruce had been waiting for the opportunity. He came about to face T.D.F Heavy Carrier that had been dogging his every step for the last four years inside the cloud of fighters. His ship raced out of the swarm well within his starshooter’s range and two close for the Heavy Carrier to react, now with unknown numbers of fighters crushed against the forwards shields and he fired his starshooter. The forward heavy ion cannons began their lightning quick assault on the Carrier’s shielding in an attempt to ensure a strong chance of the miniature star penetrating the shields and impacting a critical if not fatal blow. A brilliant yellow glowing star grew rapidly in the bowels of the ship and in what seemed like five seconds of infinity, a small six mile diameter yellow star was blasted at mach 6 in the Heavy Carrier’s direction, the helmsman on nothing more than split second reflexes turned the ship hard to port cutting all starboard thrusters and pumping more power into the main port thruster and port turning thrusters. But it was no good, it had just turned only thirty degrees when the miniature star projectile hit it’s portside section.

The explosive shockwave screamed past the Shadow, it’s shields giving moderate protection to the hull as the many thousands of fighters were swept away like insects in front of a large and powerful fan. Some of the more heavily damaged fighters disintegrated under the sudden stress caused from the shockwave. After a second of the shockwave’s short life had been registered by the T.D.F computer, the portside section had been ejected from the main hull instantly, since it was still receiving power for it’s large ion thrusters it moved faster and faster into the huge ball of expanding plasma and fueling it further. In a matter of three seconds the portside section was consumed into the small super nova leaving the main hull extensively damaged, and temporarily crippled while the computer rerouted power relays and adjusted systems to function with the loss of the portside section, most of the crew had been knocked around badly, and were still on the ground as Matt used his gravity drive to run to another system, it would be another minute before his starshooter cannon would be fully charged and he didn’t want to press his luck, he decided wisely, it took eighteen seconds for most of the crew of the Heavy Carrier to regain there stature and regain control of the ship. The captain of the T.D.F Heavy Carrier Cornwall, James Ulrich staggered to his feet, dazed. It took a second for the nanites in his blood stream to restore his vision. He was the first one to see the Shadow Stretch out to some microscopic point in the black void and disappear, his next sight was a monitor displaying a picture of his ship. There was something wrong with the monitor as he could swear that the portside section of his ship was missing, his head turned to the larger monitor on the port wall of the command bridge, five of the six views all showed the same thing. The ship’s missing it’s portside pod. The message didn’t seem to register yet, it repeated it’s self twice, it then screamed through his mind like a heavy blast cannon shell exploding right next to his ear “THE SHIP’S MISSING IT’S ****ING PORTSIDE SECTION!!!” He looked at another of the many monitors that made up the front wall of his command level, he could see his bridge officers returning to there seats, some with head wounds, one or two were missing, he couldn’t tell yet, his vision was still trying to spin out of control but with great effort he kept it in check so counting wasn’t a top priority. The third monitor he looked into was the one he was looking for, most of his fighter wings had been decimated by the Shadow and the explosion of his portside section. Three thousand, four hundred and fifty two fighters still functioning, forty escape cockpits returning to the ship, twenty escape pods were damaged and unable to move, four thousand pods half charred away with a vague black charred humanoid shape seemingly welded to the seat. James’s vision had now stopped trying to spin out of control and resigned to his control over it, now a different force was attempting to take control of his eyes, he didn’t have the strength to stop this and his world grayed out into unconsciousness.

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Chapter 2

Matt: **** , **** , **** !!! WE TOOK OUT THE MOTHER-****ING PORTSIDE SECTION OF THAT HEAVY CARRIER!!! Jesus Mother-****ing H. Christ! Phew, Ship, status report on all systems and all repair estimates.

In about three seconds the ear to ear grin spread across his face diminished to it’s usually menacing ‘sad’ appearance. The ship’s the response was in a female voice, serene and deeply pleasing to listen to. The ship also contains a powerful AI program allowing it think ahead of Matt’s decisions.

Ship: Minor feedback damage to shields and engines. One standard solar hour for worker droids to repair the damage.. Maintenance Robots have already been assigned to repair the damaged systems. We have lost our pursuers, shall I continue jumping away from our pursuer’s last known position?

Matt: ****in’ yeah, there’s a Meta Jumpgate leading to the Reginould Galaxy, take us through it, I need a ****ing break from the God damn Imperial lice, ****in’ good job Ship, remind me to give ya an overhaul next time we dock.

The Shadow jumped using it’s powerful gravity drive to pull the target section of space towards itself, the Ship jumped near half way across the galaxy to a Meta Jumpgate. The long bright blue duel end spike like shape enveloped the Shadow taking it to the Reginould Galaxy in a matter of several seconds. The Reginould Galaxy, although it has many hundreds of human and many other colonies it is a virtually lifeless Galaxy with only twenty sentient species that evolved there. Half of which have yet to discover space faring technologies. With such a small number of races present there are many hundreds of thousands of star systems with resources and habitual planets ready for colonizing, many rich families have taken up residency there.

One of the original indigenous species are known as the Janik, the Janik are around six to eight foot in height and until a Catholic missionary starship landed on there planet they were a peaceful race who many would have described as pure. Until the missionary ship they never knew about any form of religion or about lying, killing and evil. They were peaceful, tolerant. They are also a race of learners, they possess photographic memories and incredible mental capacities. When the missionary ship landed the bishops, priests and nuns spread religion across the entire planet. They also, distributed countless millions of bibles and built hundreds of thousands of churches, and in exchange for building the churches and becoming devout Catholics the missionaries gave them technical books, star charts, race descriptions and all sorts of information necessary to the many thousands of species that had been enfolded into the Catholic church and those that were not, the unbelievers. The Janik were also unnaturally thorough in whatever they did, this also applied to there newfound religion, one of things they wanted most of all was proof. They read the bible hundreds of times and there newly appointed leaders, something they didn’t have until the missionary, they had a meeting with the cardinal. They wanted proof of the existence of god and told the cardinal that they would like a sign, a miracle. The cardinal was at first confused and tried to the explain that everything around was proof that god exists. They replied that god had given miracles for far less reasons in the bible.

They crucified the entire missionary and waited for three days for them to be resurrected as there miracle. Needless to say on the third day nothing happened, they then studied, took apart the missionary ship, put it back together perfectly with several dozen improvements that would shock even some of the most powerful races around. From little over a year they had turned form a pure race to a race on a crusade looking for proof of god ready to crucify any being to see if they would be reborn. When they had taken apart the missionary ship an emergency locater beacon activated and the T.D.F Heavy Cruiser that had escorted the missionary ship responded to the beacon.

When they arrived they found the missionary ship in orbit. Using tractor beams they hauled the missionary ship into the starboard hanger. When the Janik made a peaceful greetings and seeming like very good natured creatures who feared god and seemed like every day good Catholics no hostile action was taken. When there leader was being led up to the captain the science officer reported that nearly seven hundred humans appeared to be staked to large wooden crosses across the planet, the Captain, an atheist, knew exactly what was going on but before he could say anything warning signals started up all across the ship, they were all wearing the special “Guest” armbands so the internal security turrets wouldn’t fire unless they were controlled manually, the captain looked to his left, many sensors were going blank and security personnel life signs were disappearing all over the ship.

Barely fifteen minutes from the from the retrieved of the missionary ship the Heavy Cruiser, which incorporated the best aspects of both the Heavy Carrier and a Heavy Dreadnought, the Cruiser was captured. When the leader arrived at the bridge with a large assortment of guards the captain’s last sarcastic words were “Religious stupidity strikes again.” At this he was shot several dozen times, being a unbeliever of god had now been elevated as an extremely blasphemous act punishable only with an unholy death damming the person’s soul to hell for all eternity. The crew was transported to the Janik’s planet and they two were crucified.

Using the munitions and fighter factories aboard the Cruiser they created a huge scaffold like structure, fully armed with the new technologies that was abundant on the Cruiser. They took apart and re-assembled the Cruiser four times, each time it worked perfectly. Using the libraries for technical information and a lot of ingenuity they created ships smaller than the Cruiser but far more powerful with figure hugging shield grids, something only seen on Cybrid ships, and since T.D.F ships used stretched bubble shapes as being the best protective shape possible they never were able to develop figure hugging shields which would require less power to project as the bubble shield which had to be projected far away form the ship to ensure maximum coverage. Essentially the figure hugging shields required less power to project a similar strength shield than a bubble shield. And with figure hugging shield technology and hugely overpowered shield generators used by the T.D.F this meant that the shields would be nearly five hundred percent more powerful. The only technologies they couldn’t upgrade as they were virtually perfect themselves were the Master weapons which were dug up from the inner crust of Mars. The Mfac, still the most powerful weapon next to the weapons of the Emperor, manages to utilize a powerful magnetic bubble to contain a twenty five thousand kilometre fusion explosion into an insignificant twenty meter bubble which concentrates the entire explosion through a five meter break in the bubble when it has hit something.

The one technology that they developed from the missionary ship that allowed them to capture the Cruiser was the DNA re-sequencer which re-sequenced the leader’s hand with the DNA of the T.D.F captain, normally the computer can tell the difference between a clone of something and the original but the Janik had infected it with a ‘Conversion Virus’ making the ship’s computer as religiously fanatic as they were. And although they believed they had god on there side as they prayed to him or her, they hadn’t decided that yet, they still knew that at present the current T.D.F could wipe them out easily, after all the T.D.F held nearly eighty percent of ninety four galaxies, each galaxy housing at least several thousand Heavy Carriers, four thousand Heavy Cruisers and around two to three hundred Heavy Dreadnoughts.

Now one of the Dreadnoughts from the Vacaras Galaxy was after receiving the distress signal sent by the captured Cruiser’s emergency locater beacon, it had only been able to give a rough estimate of it’s location but it was somewhere in the Reginould Galaxy. It didn’t have T.S.C drive so it could only move at best sub-light speed. But that was still fast enough, it would arrive at the Meta Jump Gate within the hour which was only a system and a half away.

Meanwhile in the Terrance system, the system with the Meta Jump Gate Matt was preparing to use his gravity drive to move off to some back water hole in the middle of nowhere and let things cool down for a while. He wished.

All of a sudden, ships began to appear out of nowhere, ordinary photon cloaking arrays, holographic projectors hiding small fighter squadrons and larger frigates, one of the ships present, a Sofon ‘Assault Moon’ class dreadnought’s own holo field, a small moon disappeared to give way to the forty kilometre diameter heavily armoured and armed sphere. The main Planetary assault ion cannon was fully charged and already firing. The huge five kilometre thick red beam impacted brutally on the Shadow’s shields, normally a weapon designed to taking out planetary shield grids and super capitol ships it still wasn’t powerful to completely destroy the Shadow, several dozen thousand fighters rushed in and began to deliver payloads of disrupter missiles and disrupter bolts, the long winged Seth’Talion fighters held up to eight disrupter missiles each, a weapon developed from the disrupter cannons used by T.D.F fighters and capitol ships. The Assault Moon was already fully charged and ready to fire again. Multiple Lasex Heavy Tugs rammed into the Shadow keeping it from moving or pulling any fancy tricks. A precision plan pulled off in terrifying speeds, obviously these guys had been planning for a bit. With the ships form three different races present it was obvious that they were bought, judging by the size of the ambush fleet it was pretty safe to assume that one hell of a rich family must be pulling this off.

Matt was right. A group of several Lasex Blink Frigates moved in from behind the assault moon, each one held fifteen blink guns, a weapon devised independently from the Cybrid blink gun, other than a slightly increased power output it was virtually the same, each frigate opened up there forward for batteries and fired, each blink bolt hit the armour causing insignificant damage, but the blink’s through power came from the huge level of internal systems damage like shipboard computers, sensory equipment, power reactors, internal coolant systems, internal defence turrets, and the security defence computer it’s self, without this the Defender bots would be automatically switched off in case one of them might malfunction and go on a rampage across the ship.

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Chapter 3

Matt quickly moved through the habitat section of the ship to his quarters to get into his infiltration suit. Something he found half a year ago. It was from secret T.D.F black ops group. The suit was a collection of miracles of modern science, photon cloaking field, low yield energy shielding, modulating phase transceiver, hard light limb projectors, shoulder mounted ion pulse cannon, a small fifty megawatt matter-antimatter power pack with two smaller twenty five megawatt fusion back up generators, strength and speed enhancers that use thousands of micro-oxygen pumps which respond to brainwaves recorded from the head piece. The head piece itself is revolutionary, advanced AI program, multiple imagery eye piece, bodily systems monitor. The suit itself is made out of a shine less black oil like material that hugs perfectly to the user’s physique. It’s capable of holding many devices in place for latter use like a weapon or a brace of grenades or more upgrades. It took less than a second of the suit to envelope most of his body, bar the nose, mouth, ears and the eyes, complex micro-machinery covered those, air filter pieces over the mouth and nose, the imagery eye piece, audio enhancers. He grabbed an old looking weapon from next to his bunk, a large bulky weapon that required both hands to hold and aim properly, on top were two metal rings near the end and front. There were eight barrels, but it wasn’t a multi-barrelled weapon of death, it’s cylinder, as the ammo clip was called, was tightly packed and could be removed easily. He clicked the ammo out of it’s place and gave it a quick glance acknowledging the fact that it was fully loaded. He was now sure that what ever family that had attacked him was not out to destroy him or his ship, they would have done it by now. He could now just hear the holo clank of the boarding tube slam open, no doubt unlocked by a few blink pistols.

He expected to hear heavy footsteps moving about, he was coming along to a wall and only fifty yards from the boarding hatch. Matt raised his left forearm and using his right index finger to a limited but well practised degree pressed a button in a set to activate the modulating phase transceiver and during mid flight into his leap at the wall, he slid straight through the wall as if it were it wasn’t there, he pressed the same button again just before he landed on the other side of the wall. He was still waiting to hear the sounds of the hostile boarding party, as he quickly scanned the hallway he saw an arm drop a small spherical metal ball onto the metal grill and the ‘shuck’ like sound of the airlock closing, he had just the time to register the word “**** !” before the ball burst open sending bright green lightning like energy surge along the corridor before being knocked unconscious.

Matt’s vision returned suddenly as he felt water splash across his face. A being spoke in front him but Matt’s vision was far too blurry to make out the race.

Alien: My good friend you have no idea how hard it has been tracking you down and keeping locater beacons on your ship. But as we hunted you down, as you can see, we have analysed your strategies and reaction branching.

The maintenance robots and external sensors on the Shadow had found numerous locator beacons, high grade stuff too, most were uncovered by luck and some maintenance bots working on external systems and armour repair. Matt had always assumed that they were from the T.D.F and that he was lucky enough to get rid of them before they tracked him down.

Alien: My name is Supt’Grah. Your ship is a most valuable ship, it would make a worthy addition to my collection even though it’s been customized extensively, and I’m also going to be real happy when my technicians discover the secret to your starshooter.

Matt smiled a menacing and a not too nice a grin, that gave Supt’Grah a worrying feeling.

Matt: Heh heh, if you’ve taken a scan of me, which if you are in any way a professional then you’ll have noticed the small transmitter located just in front of my cerebellum, this gives me instant communications access to my ship, if it is blocked the ship will target the nearest ship activate all weapons and shoot everything within range, if it finds that it is incapable of that it will self-destruct, I’m sure that you won’t find the three auxiliary self-destruct devices, they’re phased cloaked. You do know what happens if something was to explode while in a spatial phase field right?

The smile and look on Matt’s face told Supt’Grah that he was utterly serious, he also exactly what would happen if an explosion occurred in a spatial phase field, the explosion would cause a T.S.C pulse and instantly form a temporary black hole leading into dimensional limbo, the black hole would disappear in a minute or two but it would expand rapidly and most likely suck his entire fleet and this star system into oblivion. Supt’Grah looked at a monitor next to his seat, even the explosion from a small hand grenade would be enough to take out his fleet.

Supt’Grah: I guess I’m going to cancel that. Well then, it appears you have me and yourself at a disadvantage. Ok then, I don’t want to kill you or destroy your ship, all I want is for you is to do a simple job for me.

Matt, for the first time looked honestly perplexed, he had to follow some strange procedures to meet with his clients and conduct a meeting with them but why, he thought, would the client to need cripple his ship and have him strapped onto a ‘fun table’.

Matt: Ya know they’re easier ways to get my attention for a job than the amount of trouble you ******** set up! But right now I’m after blowing off the portside section of the Cornwall, a Heavy Carrier class T.D.F warship and as well as decimating a **** load of there fighter wings I ain’t taking any jobs for a while, I want to keep out of the Imp Lice’s hair and scopes for a while, you catch my drift?

Supt’Grah: Really?!?!?! Amazing, I’ve seen recordings of a single Heavy Cruiser reduce a large Tu’Hurek Armada of four hundred super capitol ships and the entire star system to stellar dust in a matter of hours.

Matt: Sounds like the T.D.F alright, poor ******** , the Tu’Hurek surrendered there twenty systems after that battle.

Supt’Grah: Quite so, well the job I. . .

Matt: look, maybe I didn’t quite make my self so clear. I just killed over forty thousand T.D.F personnel, something the T.D.F don’t look two kindly on and as a matter of self preservation I intend to keep a low profile in the uncharted Galaxies on the eastern most spiral of the Universe so if you wouldn’t mind?

Supt’Grah: Ahem, I don’t think you have quite fully received the picture yet, this job is mandatory, as in you cannot say no. . .

Supt’Grah suddenly stopped as he listened to a small earpiece, a smile spread across his face.

Supt’Grah: It seems we have found a small Nu’Hun child hidden in your ship.

Matt’s face suddenly took on an air of shock, fear and utter hate.

Matt: You touch her and I’ll wipe out your entire family, and if you know my reputation you would be wise to give yourself a quick death, I’d make it last as long as physically possible.

Supt’Grah: Well now she is in one of the many ships in my fleet, each ship bar this ship has now generated several dozen false biosigns of her and are currently dispersing and unless you wish her dead I suggest that you accept my offer, oh don’t worry, you’ll be paid handsomely. Enough for that munitions factory I’ve heard you’ve been on the lookout for.

Matt: Mother-****ing **** ! What the **** ’s the job?

Another wide grin that would send shivers down the spine of any ordinary man.

Supt’Grah: I want you to take my daughter with for a few Star cycles and train her, your known over the surrounding fifty Galaxies your name is well known and feared, you humans are feared because of the firepower possessed by your military, but you, you built your reputation on your skill as a warrior, smuggler and assassin, this is the sole reason why I choose you. Oh and one thing, if you defile my daughter I will spend every bit of my wealth tracking you down and killing you, and believe me if you know anything about my race then you’ll know there’s nothing more important to a Kuuruot than there family.

Matt: seems like I don’t have a choice.

Supt’Grah: No, you don’t.

Suddenly a man burst into the room, in a full blown panic.


Supt’Grah was already pressing the release button from the ‘Fun Bed’ but as he looked at it Matt was already long gone, the clasps opened releasing nothing. Matt was after using his modulating phase transceiver to slip through the bed and the deck plate. He was now running along a corridor at full pelt, cloaked not making a sound. He found a computer terminal, his eye piece translating the alien text in a second, he phased down through several floors to the docking bay. Using the infiltration suit Matt hotwired an ambassador corvette and burst through the hanger bay doors to his own ship. When he returned most of the systems were fully repaired courtesy of Supt’Grah.

Matt: Ship, propulsion system status!

Ship: All sub-light drives are functioning at optimal efficiency, gravity drive is however offline, dispatching maintenance robots to repair. It may be possible to evade the Heavy Dreadnought’s sensors by entering a geosynchronous orbit with the second planet from the sun in this star system as it is the closest to us.

Matt: Agreed, Ship, can you tell me which ship they that took Natalie?

Ship: Negative, external sensory systems were too damaged to tell the false signals apart.

Matt: **** , send Supt’Grah this message! I’m gona ****ing get you, you mother-****ing asswipe!

Ship: Message sent, Supt’Grah’s daughter has now finished unpacking her belongings and is enroot to the bridge.

Matt: ****in’ great! Ship, activate emergency containment procedures on doors and ventilation systems around her. Engage the phase cloak and get into the orbit.

Ship: Command two completed, command one failed, internal sensor Alpha J 5 is offline, switching to internal sensor Alpha J 5b. The Phase Cloak device has been disassembled for apparent study, I am not reading any form of scanner energy residue, it has not been scanned. Assigning maintenance robot to re-assemble the Phase Cloak device, it will take approximately twenty five minutes, repair work on the engines will take twenty minutes.

Matt: Great!

Ship: The Dreadnought has discovered our position and is on an intercept course, plotting escape vector to keep the planet between us and the Dreadnought. Path confirmed.

Matt followed the course while looking at a monitor showing the Dreadnought, that ship could pound down on his ship and destroy it in a second, literally. It didn’t need to hide itself with it’s ecm generators, That ship alone has the firepower to wipe out an entire galaxy within a year.

Ship: The Dreadnought is nearing the planet, it is not changing it’s course, it’s arming it’s forward weapons. The planet is it’s target.

Matt: Oh **** ! You don’t need to be a super smart asshole to figure out the hell there gona do.

The Dreadnought opened up it’s forward weapons array creating a one hundred and forty kilometre diameter tunnel through the planet that was roughly ninety eight thousand kilometres in diameter. The planet’s atmosphere was a barren rock surface with no vegetation, animal life or even microscopic life. Several Heavy Blast Cannon shells smashed into the planet’s surface reducing the outer crust to space dust as most of it flew past the Dreadnought. Mfacs began to create huge holes in the outer mantle, the cream coloured bolts were assisted by plascannons which fired several hundred metre long streams of super heated plasma comparable to the super hot plasma from the Sol system’s sun. Multiple other weapon systems were also helping smash through the planet, blasters, heavy blasters, Qguns, Sguns and even heavy lasers, lasers, clas, and standard blast cannons. The Dreadnought was now passing the core of the planet.

Matt stares at the image of the planet and watches as a large segment, looking nearly like a section of armour plating from a ship, is blasted from the surface spinning away into the dark void. The Dreadnought uses it’s ion boosters to propel it at it’s top speed, seventy five percent of lightspeed, it had now closed more than half of the gap between it’s self and the Shadow. The captain of the Dreadnought looked at one of monitors in font of him showing the Shadow and it’s criminal record, armaments, and other important statistics. The captain was an old black man with white hair invading the natural black colour of his hair’s more youthful days. A huge smiled covered his face. He was just about to signal his communications officer to offer the Shadow’s terms of surrender when he saw, from a forward window a Ge’oth To’Lef Heavy Cruiser rolling downwards right in front of his ship and disappear below the forward section of the ship, apparently taking the Shadow with it, automatically the helm officer begins to dive to follow the Ge’oth Heavy Cruiser, from the speed of the Ge’oth ship they should have been able to catch at least a glimpse of one of it’s gravity funnel globes. It disappeared, the captain orders a play back of the monitor, he was the Shadow getting slowly larger and then it just disappears.

What does everyone think? I'd like to know whether ppl are enjoy this or not.

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Chapter 4

Matt was preparing to come about and least go out fighting when turned his head to the left to look at the systems monitor and the weapons monitor, located just to the left of the systems monitor, when he looked back at the viewscreen he noticed two things, one, the Dreadnought was no longer registering on any sensors, two, the star field was different.

Matt: Ship, what happened? Where the **** are we?

Ship: We are currently in sector 11, segment 98 by 35 in the Utarkun system in the Reginould Galaxy. I am unaware of how we arrived here.

A voice spoke through the mind of Matt, the ship could not hear it, no electronic system ever developed can record in any way the Ge’oth, the voice was slightly gruff with age, yet still full of kindness.

Voice: Greetings human son of the Ge’oth.

Matt: Wha-Wha-What?

Ge’oth: Greetings human son of the Ge’oth.

Matt: I heard, that, but what the hell do you mean?

Ge’oth: You are the second of your species to be created by us.

Matt: Created? What the **** do you mean? I was found in an escape pod near a hulked starship!

Ge’oth: Yes, for It was we who created the vessel of many and pod of one in which you were found within. We created your body in a mere seven seconds.

Matt: Where are you?

Ge’oth: Turn one hundred and fifty degrees to port and up twenty degrees to view our self ship.

Matt: Ok, I guess you guys brought me here for some reason, after all I don’t think the policing activities of use mere humans would interest you too much.

Ge’oth: Correct, but you are no mere human, we created you to be a warrior human, to your scientists a genetic fluke, we created your body to such perfection that they would not be capable of identifying it as a clone.

Matt: Well, I’m getting the feeling I’m not gona like what I’m gona hear and why it was that I was created, and I know you guys are going to tell me whether I want to hear it or not.

Ge’oth: Correct again, Matthew. You are observant, and instinctive, our work gives us pleasure. But we have not saved you or created you for an easy purpose. We have you here as a player, in a game. For a period of time, in your language, a millennium, we do indirect battle with the race of dark known as the Satuna. And there tyrant leader, Sat’han. For it is this which keeps this Universe safe from there evil.

Matt: What? Why me? And why the **** do I have to have the god damned mother-****ing weight of the Universe on my god damned shoulders!

Ge’oth: In our error, in our evolutionary adolescence we broke the boundaries of this galaxy, to us, a limbo from our Universe to a Universe of dark hate. For you see, we emerged to this Universe to seek out the beauties of alien life and cultures as in our own Universe we are the only race in existence. When we breached into your Universe we also unknowingly breached gateways into the Dark Universe. The dark race of the Satuna opened up many more dark gateways than our white gateways and the Satuna wiped out several species barely capable of building homes outside of natural caves, several other races that had barely discovered space faring ways were captured and made slaves of, the females did nothing but procreate and endure intense pain to give pleasure to the Satuna while the males worked continuously until they dropped, devoid of their life force. We, the mighty! We the noble! We, we the Defender of weak! We, the Ge’oth, monsters in our own right! We ignored it at first, but with each conquered race, with each death a huge weight added it’s self to our conscious. That is why we guard the dark gate ways to ensure that the dark race will never enter this galaxy again and attempt to repeat there genocides. Even now we feel disgust for ourselves. We have halted our evolutionary path in order to protect this Universe which we so foolishly put in grave danger. That is until the races of this Universe grow strong enough to unite with each other to ensure that the Satuna will not be capable of entering this Universe. Some of us, that were so grief stricken entered the dark gateways and attempted to enact our own genocides against the Satuna, but the dark hate that infests the Galaxies of their Universe infested those of us that entered only to be returned to us made with hatred and ready to kill there own brothers and sisters. Now, at least your race has the abilities to fend them off, alone, for a time, but your military would lose, the other races of this Universe would need to band together in order form any form of defence against the dark of evil. The current abilities of your race were also partly of our error, as we struck back at the Satuna to clear them from this Universe one of there ships self destructed as they did not want there weapons and technologies to fall into our hands . . .

Matt: The Martian and Pluto weapon caches!

Ge’oth: Correct. It was also as if we did not need there weapons, ours were slightly superior and eventually we enabled ourselves to be immune to there weapons. We did not know if they had left a seed of hatred in your growing planet, they, like us could foresee the future of your planet so we created the first of our sons to humanity many millions of your years later in order to destroy the hatred disease. To you he was known as Jesus Christ. You have no idea of how close your entire race has come to the chance of death. We attempted to show you the path of peace but as we feared the evil of the Satuna prevailed and he was crucified. We had given visions and many indications of a single merciful god but even our best efforts failed to keep your race on the steady path to peace, so we decided to send someone down. And even after he was killed we were amazed, your race fought off the disease and managed to continue our teachings of peace through time, although some broke away from it and supported the Satuna we were glad that it was only a minority. But even then the evil of the Satuna manifested it’s self in religious fanatics throughout your evolutionary path from infancy to early adolescence and we were helpless to stop it. We watched as your race evolved and considering the significant advantages you wield over other races and we are pleased that you have not turned into the Satuna, that to a certain degree for most of you, you have held yourself with a limited tolerance, pitiful by our standards but never the less a promising start. Even with our self ships guarding the Dark gateways they managed to entire and wreck unimaginable havoc. Then in neutral space we made a pact with the Satuna to ensure they would never attempt to enter this Universe again, every thousand years we would enter in a contest to see who would prevail in the game. It has been a thousand years since the last game, we won our victory but at the cost of two civilisations, too many new additions of guilt we suffer. Enough! Time enough have we spoke of things gone past. Your challenge! We, the Ge’oth have created for you, Matthew Frost as our warrior, our chosen one. You shall face a race known as the Janik. Your challenge is set. Do you have any questions?

Matt: Yeah, what if I refuse? It ain’t like I got any reason to stay out in the open with the T.D.F after me. **** it, why didn’t you contact the T.D.F and choose them?

Ge’oth: We did not make or alter the T.D.F, we made and altered you, you are our chosen one. The rules state that we can not alter a military. We cannot force you to participate but if you do not then we shall forfeit and for the next thousand years the Satuna will rule this Universe until we gain another chance to fight them but I fear that it will not be impossible to beat them if they win even a single game. They are devious and malevolent, if you forfeit they shall enact a fearsome rampage over this entire Universe, all the races will be wiped out, the more advanced shall last only so long, even the T.D.F will join the fate of the weaker races and eventually every race will become nothing. We know your race, your race would attempt to cross the breach and invade the dark Universe, your race would suffer the same fate of that of our fallen. We ask, we plead, accept. On hindsight we fear that we should have given you better genetic traits but the time is gone and the whole Universe rests on your shoulders, as you said before. What say you, final hope of this Universe?

Matt: Wait a sec, what the Janik’s military?

Ge’oth: That is another of the things of perfection that has haunted us, when the Satuna set about altering the Janik for there own twisted ends the Janik had no form of combat or war, they did not need it. They were pure

Matt: **** it anyway. I suppose this would be keeping my promise to keep Ro’jakel’s daughter safe. Ok, I agree.

Ge’oth: Great thanks to you Matthew Frost, second human son of the Ge’oth! Many good turns of luck and we hope for you peace.

Matt: Ok but please just call me Matt, now give me some information on the Janik?

Ge’oth: The Janik are what many would consider a race of purity. They have or rather more accurate, they had no religion, no belief system like that, they have excellent memories and can adapt and absorb language and information magnificently. They had no form of a hierarchy, without those that most other races find impossible to continue without and they progressed rapidly. They are also a creation of us.

Matt: What? Did you create the Janik for the Satuna?!?!?!

Ge’oth: No, we did not, the Satuna found out about them, as part of the agreement the Satuna are allowed to alter one race only if they have no military, or like we chose, one person to design as we see fit, or as the Satuna designed the Janik’s madness. The Satuna picked the Janik solely to torture us for they use the religion of Christ as the base of the madness they inflicted upon the Janik. They altered the directions of a catholic missionary ship of many of your race to the Janik’s homeworld and ensured that they would misinterpret the teachings and go in a pitiless and endless quest to find a miracle to prove the existence of god, until they get a sign of proof they will not stop, the Satuna’s madness twisted the idea to there own deranged and sickening ends. They picked there race well and even know the idea twists our very conscious into heavy bouts of pain. They have now they have captured a T.D.F Heavy Cruiser and are using it to create there own space fleet. They have converted the ship into a massive ship yard and even improved on the designs of your ships.

Matt: You gotta be kidding me! This ship may be tough, but against a god damn T.D.F ship like that I’d be reduced to scrap in seconds! And why didn’t you just give them a miracle to stop there madness?!?!?!

Ge’oth: We cannot, it would breach our end of the agreement. We also acknowledge that your ship is incapable of fending off a T.D.F ship like that so we give you two gifts, but be warned, it is temporary. You are free to use it as long as the game proceeds but after the game you shall no longer use them.

Matt: Ok, that’s great and all but what are the gifts?

Ge’oth: Behold, your gift from the Ge’oth.

To Matt as he looked around on his sensors and this ship’s controls and just about everything he could think about that could give him the edge in a stand off with a T.D.F ship but nothing changed.

Matt: Uh, so what’s the gift?

Ge’oth: We have increased the recharge rate of your starshooter exponentially and we have added the coordinates of there homeworld to your computer, you are free to do whatever you wish to ensure your victory. We go now.

Matt: Wait a second! What’s the winning condition?

Ge’oth: The winning condition is to show the Janik there error and stop there crusade, any way you can, but we prefer you did it with a minimum lose of life, please. We have the death of near twenty species on our conscious, we wish for not one death more. Many turns of favourable luck to you. We shall be watching over you but know now that we cannot interfere. Farewell Matt.

And with that the Ge’oth ship rolled away from the viewport he was looking through and disappeared without a trace.

Matt: And it started off as such a nice day.

Matt sighed and activated the cloak. Now it was time to break in his new apprentice.

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Chapter 5

The daughter of Supt’Grah had been banging on the heavy bulk head for a good twenty minutes now, Matt in no particular hurry to meet her strolled casually towards her location. When he de-activated the containment procedures she immediately ran for him arms up ready to throttle Matt’s neck. Matt sidestepped and stuck his foot out just above the floor allowing her foot to get trapped under his, she fell with a heavy thud as she hit the metal grill on the floor. In all fairness to her she managed to jump to her feet pretty quick. Instead of another blind charge she held herself back and Matt could see she was doing it with a lot of concentration.

Matt: So you’re the ***** of that ******* Supt’Grah. What’s your name?

Daughter of Supt’Grah: My name is Tal’Kum. Why the sucek did you leave me in here for last twenty minutes!!!

Matt had been attempting to hold himself back from landing her a punch but couldn’t hold it any longer and delivered a bone crunching blow to her right cheek with his right fist. The Hardened bone could be heard shattering easily under the force of the punch. Meanwhile a maintenance robot had been moving up behind Tal’Kum. It’s four multi-jointed limbs reached out and grabbed Tal’Kum’s limbs. Her head was lolling around behind her in a daze. The robot followed closely behind Matt. As they rounded the corner a huge hulking Defence robot came alive, it’s intensely bright yet dark blue eyes glaring as it scanned Matt.

Unlike the maintenance robot it was a hugely bulky robot, it had three arms, two located at shoulder level joints and the other positioned half way up it’s back, the back one had a pod at the end of it with multi-function tool cluster capable of repair, setting charges and hacking into enemy networks, and on either side a small single shot missile pod and a small long range auto-cannon below the missile pod. The downsized Shrike Missile pod could only fire one missile at a time but it had a small missile production facility at the back of the pod, it could manufacture a missile once every minute. On it’s two forearms were huge concaving energy blades, although the core was solid, the blade could be enlarged to form an auxiliary arm-shield, it ran from the semi-static elbow down to just twenty centimetres farther than the gun holder. The gun attached the arm was a miniature clas, a compression laser cannon, capable of firing three bolts simultaneously, a weapon originally designed to counter most herc armour’s abilities to absorb laser beams, on these robots it was now a perfect anti-infantry weapon. Each arm held two of these. It moved along on a pair of heavily reinforced depleted uranium tracks. The also had small two inch energy spikes to help it grip onto slick surfaces and enable it to climb steep hills or mountains. On top of the movement segment, was a omni-direction mount, this is where the combat chassis could be fitted and changed to a different model. The combat chassis was bulky, heavily armoured, another great feature to these machines are the armour bars that run around the robot, these can give it the ability to take a few extra hits to ensure that it’s main armour keeps safe for at least long enough for it to wade into enemy infantry. It colouring was a dark metallic navy that nearly looks black. The shield generator on it is a slightly sized down fast charge shield generator, and it can be seen for a quick second as it activates.

It took the defender only a second scan Matt, the maintenance robot and quite dazed Kuuruot female.

The Infirmary was well lit, it was quite small with white walls and red crosses placed here and there. There were five beds elevated from the floor, they looked uncomfortable, hard, with no pillow and with much of it looking like metal it was in fact quite comfortable. The metal like material would alter it’s composition to make it as comfortable as possible for it’s occupant. The maintenance robot dropped her onto the bed and rolled off, Tal’Kum came out of her daze. She lightly probed her check, each time her finger touched her cheek she wincing heavily in severe pain, Matt who had been standing on the other side of the room picked up a small device, roughly the size of a small pillow. He slung it on his back, small tubes emerged from the suit and connected with a small port on the back pack, Matt dislodged a small grey gun from the magnet on the back pack. The small grey gun was roughly six inches in length and at the front sides were two small circular red bumps giving a ‘T’ look, he aimed it straight at her head at only two feet from her. Tal’Kum immediately recoiled but before she could get off the bed a pair duel, barely transparent red beams shot out form the red circles, both beams seemed to wobble like a rope being shaken vigorously from both sides. But instead of killing her like she expected it seemed to remove the pain from her check, a second later and Matt reattached the gun and placed the back pack where he got it, Tal’Kum prodded her check with reluctance. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, in fact it felt great.

Tal’Kum: What did you do?

Matt: I exercised extreme control when I stopped myself from hurting you seriously.


Matt: I’d call losing half your limbs serious but not that minor fracture.

Tal’Kum: What the sucek was that thing you fired at me?

Matt: That was a knitter gun, it simply takes a sample DNA and using that it repairs any injury according to your genetic plan. Nothing revolutionary, it’s been around for the last two thousand years.

Tal’Kum: Well, thanks anyway, for taking this job I mean, I’m glad I’m going to get trained by a professional.

Matt: The only reason I took this job was because I was forced by your ******* father! The ****ing **** kidnapped Natalie and she’s god knows where!

Tal’Kum: I’ve read loads of stuff about you and I’ve spoken to dozens of the people who were lucky enough to survive an encounter with you . . .

Matt: I wasn’t aware that there were any survivors, I must be getting sloppy.

Tal’Kum: You call a barely intact brain in a jar a survivor?

Matt: Yes.

Tal’Kum: . . . Anyway, as I was saying why would you have a small Nu’Hun child in your ship? It ain’t like the last few people who you were forced to work with survived, mostly because of you on the first hand.

Matt: She was the daughter of Ro’jakel. Probably the only person I ever trusted, as you know the Nu’Hun aren’t the exactly the best race when it comes to mating. They also have thee most corrupt government in the Universe. Ro’jakel spent three years tracking me down, he was a typical Nu’Hun male, near nine foot tall and built like a Planet Protector. He walked up to me, dropped to his hands and knees and started crying, he then begged me to help him get back his daughter. I had never seen such a large person of that build every do anything like that. I agreed, no pay.

Tal’Kum: What? You’ve as much heart as a piece of stone! I’ve seen some of the things you’ve done! You’re a one man army who could pull off a genocide and get though with barely anything more than a few scratches!

Matt looked at Tal’Kum with a war ravaged face and dead looking eyes.

Matt: I’m a mercenary, not a monster, I’ve worked for some in my time but I do what I’m paid to do, no questions asked.

Tal’Kum: So, what happened to Ro’jakel?

Matt: Ro’jakel’s wife gave birth to a daughter, a miracle, like he kept calling his daughter. The Nu’Hun government found out and ‘confiscated’ the baby, they wanted to give it to a richer family so it could enjoy the better things in life. The truth being the family that controlled the mines where Ro’jakel worked had been trying for years for an heir, Ro’jakel’s child was chosen out of twenty other families that worked at the mines because he was the biggest, strongest and smartest of all the miners, they bribed the government to get them Ro’jakel’s child. When the government official came Ro’jakel objected and so did his wife, I never found out her name, Ro’jakel would always just go quiet whenever I asked. He tried to stop the soldiers but he was shot, he survived, his wife was also shot, she didn’t. Even when the government soldiers and the official were walking away with his daughter Ro’jakel dragged himself by his hands after them and continued after them for over five kilometres, bleeding heavily. Everyone around was astonished at how lucky he was to survive. That’s when he came to find me, some of the villagers had suggested that he find a professional mercenary and enlist his services. I still don’t know how he came to chose me.

Tal’Kum: With a record like yours? Hah! Your wanted by more than fifty Galactic governments for over several billion deaths and who knows how much money you’ve cost them all. If your prices weren’t so high you’d never stop working!

Matt: Ahem, yes, well it took me a nearly half a year to train him, he wanted to be involved two, I didn’t like it but I knew better than the argue. If he could take one of those Nu’Hun plasma bullets in his lower back, anyway we came back to his homeworld just five years after he had left it, I never knew any race could grow that fast, his daughter had already grown to a young child, nine years old by human standards. We managed to rescue her safely and in our escape we were stopped by an No’Kel herc, damned huge ***** of a thing, wouldn’t stand up to a T.D.F Mammoth Assault Herc but still it was armed to the teeth. I managed to destroyed the damned thing but Ro’jakel was fatally wounded using his body to shield Natalie from a plasma missile, it detonated twenty metres from him, he was half cooked to death, he asked me to honour his memory and his daughter by giving her a name and to promise to keep her safe. I couldn’t just leave her there so I agreed. I named her Natalie after someone I knew. The Natalie I knew is dead now, but I’ve kept Ro’jakel’s daughter safe and out of harm’s way until now, some Nu’Hun females are empathetic so she knew what Ro’jakel was feeling. She knew she could trust me and that the complete stranger that towered over her was her father. Now your ******* father has kidnapped her and is making my promise kind of hard to keep. And I always keep my promises. Especially to a friend, which is something I have in very short supply.

Tal’Kum: I’m sorry.

Matt: Get the **** out of my sight. I want to be alone.

Matt, for the first time in two years let his mind wonder through his memories of Ro’jakel, he sat on one the edge of one of the infirmary’s beds for nearly three hours, his defences collapsed and he cried into his hands for another two hours. He had been beginning to see Natalie as his now, although he could never be her father he still liked to think that she was his, his to love, his to protect, and his to watch grow up. When she was old enough, truly old enough, to understand about her father and what happened and why he did what he did Matt hoped to tell her the full truth, and give her a sizable little sum of money so she wouldn’t have to live life as dangerously as he did. Matt knew his instincts, and sometimes hated them so much that he would want to kill himself, but he could never go through with it. Sometimes in the most dire of circumstances he had felt an overwhelming need to kill Natalie because she was slowing him down somehow. Until just recently he had always blamed himself and his conscious for these feelings, but now he knew that it was ‘programmed’ into him by the Ge’oth. Matt was beginning to realise a lot of things now, he wasn’t a normal human with good qualities and bad qualities, he was just the agglomeration of the worst traits of human kind, designed to be nothing more than an uncaring, relentless killer.

Matt: God what I wouldn’t do for some peace.

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Wow, that's a lot of work. And since it is SiFi you just got yourself a reader. Don't think that you are ignored. :)


One of the original indigenous species are known as the Janik, the Janik are around six to eight foot in height and until a Catholic missionary starship landed on there planet they were a peaceful race who many would have described as pure. Until the missionary ship they never knew about any form of religion or about lying, killing and evil. They were peaceful, tolerant. They are also a race of learners, they possess photographic memories and incredible mental capacities. When the missionary ship landed the bishops, priests and nuns spread religion across the entire planet. They also, distributed countless millions of bibles and built hundreds of thousands of churches, and in exchange for building the churches and becoming devout Catholics the missionaries gave them technical books, star charts, race descriptions and all sorts of information necessary to the many thousands of species that had been enfolded into the Catholic church and those that were not, the unbelievers. The Janik were also unnaturally thorough in whatever they did, this also applied to there newfound religion, one of things they wanted most of all was proof. They read the bible hundreds of times and there newly appointed leaders, something they didn’t have until the missionary, they had a meeting with the cardinal. They wanted proof of the existence of god and told the cardinal that they would like a sign, a miracle. The cardinal was at first confused and tried to the explain that everything around was proof that god exists. They replied that god had given miracles for far less reasons in the bible.

They crucified the entire missionary and waited for three days for them to be resurrected as there miracle. Needless to say on the third day nothing happened, they then studied, took apart the missionary ship,

Hey! This looks familiar. Hmmm... a little changed of cource but familiar.

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THanks, u know that makes it all worth while.(No sarcasim intended)

Chapter 6

The Janik’s own Pope, now there thee most powerful person in there new religion run government, was supervising new ship designs. He was now sitting in the command chair of his flag ship, the Fist of God. It was a similar design to the T.D.F Heavy Cruiser, except it wasn’t as high and was twice as long giving it a sleeker look, instead of fighters bays in the port and starboard hangers were new weapons, beyond that of the Hyper Matter cannon, a beam version of a starshooter that was capable of firing near continuously. A monitor suddenly came alive and an image of a Janik in a simple white tunic, similar to those worn by the Apostles.

Janik Science Officer: Praise God blessed Pope, Our scanners tell us that a heathen ship approaches, it is a T.D.F Heavy Dreadnought. It’s scanners are much more advanced than ours and it has already detected us, our converted computer informs me that it’s sensors has told the heathen of us for at least three hours. Should we capture the Dreadnought and make it’s technologies ours?

Janik Pope: Praise God, I do not think that we are ready for such a battle, I two have been studying the Dreadnought’s abilities I doubt that we could be capable of capturing it, no doubt they know of what has happened. They may be heathen but they are not stupid. Anyway, it will make a worthy target for our Glare of God weapons. Target it and proceed after it. We shall cleanse the Universe of these Heathens!

The Fist of God moved swiftly from it’s dry dock cage, the ship moved frighteningly fast for a ship of it’s size, it was already within weapons of range of the T.D.F dreadnought before the Dreadnought had it’s weapon’s charged. It’s shields had all ready been charged well in advance, no T.D.F ship goes in uncharted space with it’s shields down. You never know who or what’s lurking around every planet. The first move was made by the Fist of God. Both starbeams impacted heavily off the Dreadnought’s shields, in all respects to the Janik that single shot had done more damage to a T.D.F dreadnought’s shields in one shot any other race had ever done. The heavy blast cannon doors opened up and instantly opened fire, the Dreadnought could be seen momentarily going in reverse as the shells rocketed out of there huge barrels. The Janik ship was completely taken by surprise, the ship tried to avoid the first barrage but multiple huge explosions engulfed it, obscuring it from view. The huge fiery explosions continued to rage outwards around the ship, and just before they dissipated another duel starbeam shot emerged and impacted a second time on the dreadnought’s shields again. The dreadnought now realising what it was facing opened up every forward weapon battery, hundreds of thousands of heavy auto-cannons, plascannons, heavy and standard blasters, disrupters, nanite cannons, heavy lasers, clas, Qguns, Mfacs, Sguns, elf whips and emp cannons inflicted huge damage on the Fist of God’s own shields, but what should have been a deceive alpha strike only knocked the Fist of God’s shields down to seventy percent levels. A third duel starbeam shots connected with the dreadnought’s shields, this time they brought them down. The blow had continued for a few vital seconds on the dreadnought’s armour, and the armour being near one hundred metres and seventy five metres thick, most of the front starboard section was gouged away from the main section of the ship. Out of nowhere eight large frigates emerged from tunnelspace, each one rapidly took up position creating a cube formation that was ten miles from ship to ship, surrounding the frigates half way along the hull was a black circular strip, the circular strip was connected to four struts that came form the main body of the ship to connect with the strip. The strips glowed bright red momentarily as a single thin red beam connected all four frigates to the other frigates in the square formation. Within a second a red force field appeared cutting straight through the dreadnought’s hull, five seconds later the second square formation of frigates did the same, cutting off the back section. The dreadnought’s armour gave it around ten seconds of before the red energy wall cut through it. Surprisingly every gun on the dreadnought was still firing, now with eight additional targets to shot at, a final duel starbeam hit the front of the dreadnought and vaporised it, the beams continued disintegrating the middle section and the explosion form that caused the back section to explode in concerto, the eight frigates were caught in the huge explosion and heavily damaged but survived.

A man walked up to the Pope and dropped to his knee.

Man: Praise God Blessed Pope. Blessed Pope the trials of our Sword of God frigates worked quite well. The T.D.F Dreadnought was destroyed. But I must say that I did not expect such firepower from a heathen ship, the evil of Satan must be helping them. Oh how there race has fallen from the true path of God. They, along with all the unbelievers must be cast out from God’s paradise.

Janik Pope: Oh how I agree, Apostle John, creator of Holy Weapons, I have viewed extensively the battle and I must say that we must improve the design of our holy light cannons. The Heathen ship’s own shields withstood three direct hits, it’s armour withstood a single hit but it would have required two or three more hits to fully destroy it, the fallen have tried and tested technology on there side that is by no ways inferior to ours, no doubt as you stated thanks to the dark forces of Satan. Also our sensors told us that even after it was cut into three several hundred dozen reactors positioned throughout the entirety of the ship enabling it to continue firing. We must incorporate such features to our own ships. We must fight the evil of the Universe to the last man. We must and shall use the Devil’s own weapons against him to that effect. The Shield of God Frigates are also very potent weapons but we must increase there armour and research into how to make it possible for the Shield Of God emitters to function with there protective shields in place without the Shield of God interfering with the frigate’s own shields. What of the salvage of the human Dreadnought?

John: The Devil has built his ship’s well, the explosions disintegrated the entire vessel, not even a single particle remains. The comms jammers are also working, there communications for help failed to breach our system and that of the surrounding systems. We have not been detected. I approximate that it will take at least two months at best for them to realise that one of there Dreadnoughts is missing, we are at least two Galaxies away from there nearest Galaxy and it would take the Dreadnought two weeks to get to there destination and back. The other month would be just in case if it ran into trouble, the humans suffer from pride, they will not worry about there ship, they believe it indestructible.

Janik Pope: Yes, and with good reason. The human’s strategy is simply to overwhelm there enemies with wave after wave of armour, that is if the first wave failed. Even the sight of one of there ships can send many races fleeing. Although quite a lot of them still travel the path of God, they allow the unbelievers and false faiths like Methodists, Protestants, Jews and Muslims to name but a few. They’re faith although directed towards God is not the correct faith, they will burn in hell in damnation for all eternity like the unbelievers and the other heathens with there own false gods. This shows how they are tainted, we cannot allow those who would associate themselves with the false faiths and the unbelievers to survive. They are just as damned.

John: Yes, Blessed Pope.

Unknown to the T.D.F dreadnought and the Janik’s own Heavy Cruiser variant the Shadow was sitting not far away silently watching.

Matt: My god, did you see that? Tell me you saw that happen Ship!

Ship: The Janik starship destroyed the Dreadnought with a weapon combination from a Seth’Talion starshooter and the Emperor’s own Hyper-matter cannons. Power readings were off the scale.

Tal’Kum just sat there on the seat next to Matt staring blankly at the screen. Neither of them noticed a red light blinking on and off rapidly next to a piece of text stating “Enemy Lock Detected”. Outside in the vacuum of space four small frigate sized vessels, the design was similar to a semi-curled up slug. A thick brownish orange fusion field pushed the ships forward. Just below the lower forward section of the frigates were small dome shaped devices, the devices swung around in great arcs releasing a long bright and just transparent white light. As the lights swung from here to there a small effect remained like a jet of smoke being redirected left to right. Back in the control room of the Shadow Matt just noticed on his aft view monitor that a ship was moving along diagonally across the screen, it wouldn’t ram him but he noticed the long white light beam swinging around. He looked at his scanners and saw that there path was that of a sweeper path. They knew that he was there. He nearly snapped his neck when he looked around and say that the red blinking light was still blinking on and off, they couldn’t triangulate his position accurately but they seemed to have a good idea of where he was. Suddenly a klaxon screamed into life, Matt did another tendon tearing turn to see that the phase cloak had been disabled. They were visible. Matt slammed the ship into full pelt and was preparing to jump out of the system, he gave a quick look to his engine status monitor and with a daje’vu he saw that what ever those beams where they were disabling his gravity drive as well as his cloak.

The Shadow activated it’s weapons and it’s mini-ion cannons began to shear off small segments the searcher frigates own hulls. One of the frigates was keeping the white beam on the Shadow while the others began firing large visible min-guns but instead of firing ballistic rounds they fired disrupter shots. Matt was doing his best to fly through the streams of disrupter fire but with every shot his engine’s power grid overloaded slightly damaging his engines and slowing him down. Matt did a tight turn to port at speeds that would cause many similar and larger sized ships to crack in two, the huge Quad Heavy Ion Beam Cannon Turrets fired, each beam simply disintegrated huge chunks from the frigates. Four of the heavy turrets simultaneously fired on a single frigate leaving nothing but flailing debris and spent hull plating. One of the sections of debris luckily struck the white beam that was holding Matt’s ship in place. The dome emitter devoid of all control began to swing in random arcs. Matt’s ship recloaked and left the system using the gravity drive, with nothing to disrupt the power they re-engaged. Back in the Janik’s home system the last remaining mini-ion beams that had been fired the second that the phase cloak reengaged, cut holes straight through the fabric of space gouging the space that the searcher frigates were inhabiting and gouged the frigate’s insides, spreading them along the original beam’s path.

The Fist of God, which had been moving as quickly as possible to engage the Shadow, was gouged itself as three of the phase cloaked ion beams passed though the hull and shielding without effort. The holes were not critical, it would require a week or two at the scaffold to repair but it left the Janik Pope with a thought.

Janik Pope: Did you see that? The Lord our God works in mysterious ways. We must develop that as a weapon. And see that the repairs are made.

John: Yes indeed Blessed Pope. We must pray and thank God for this gift. Would you do me the honour of the letting me escorting you to the church to praise God Blessed Pope?

Janik Pope: Yes, we must pray and thank God. Let us go.

The sudden jump from the system played havoc across the Shadow’s systems. Usually the powering down of all non-essential systems would be wise in order to ensure that the intense gravitational fields to remain unaffected and not generate there own fields. This caused a massive power overload along several different matter-anti-mater reactors causing the Shadow to stall from the gravity field and spin forwards at an uncontrollable fashion. When the ship finally came to a stop it was in an uncharted system.

Matt and Tal’Kum both lay sprawled across the floor. Matt’s face was currently facing downwards into Tal’Kum’s crotch. Matt slowly got onto his knees and then stood straight after a slight wobble. He didn’t all seem to care where his face had been.

Matt: Ship, damage report on all systems.

Tal’Kum seemed on the other hand more embarrassed.

Ship: Moderate to heavy damage on all systems. Gravity Drive offline, eighty two percent of weapons offline, four mini ion cannons, one quad heavy ion beam cannon turret and the starshooter are still online. Minimum sub-light online. Long and short range sensors offline, medium range sensors online, phase cloak offline, severe hull stresses on decks eight through twenty, multiple hull breaches on the port side. Security defences offline, twenty defence droids remain offline, four maintenance droids destroyed.

Matt: Great. Assign maintenance robots standard repair protocols. Power down all weapons and any unnecessary systems. Is there anything you need Ship?

Ship: Orders accepted, commands commencing. There is sufficient materials in the left resource section on level thirty section B7 for ninety percent of repair tasks. We need eighty kilograms of lysodekragen for sensors, security, power, engines and shield repair as without the lysodekragen internal computing systems will not function at acceptable safety levels. I have detected a probable source of lysodekragen on a habitable planet. I have already sent a probe, receiving telemetry now. The planet does contain adequate lysodekragen for the repair needed. Setting course for the planet and calculating orbital path for drop down.

Tal’Kum: Why do you allow your ship to just act on it’s own like that?

Matt: Simple, it ain’t dumb and it knows what to do in an emergency. It also saves me form having to give it orders that I couldn’t really be arsed to give. I also trusts it’s judgements. Tell me about the planet ship.

Ship: the planet is a standard M class planet, breathable atmosphere, low level radiation, class two ecosystem. Three satellites moons detected, one visible during day, one visible during night and one visible throughout the day and night. Day length is thirty hours and eighteen minutes twenty seconds. Average equator temperature of thirty eight degree Celsius. Average polar temperature minus 2 degrees Celsius. Four hundred day year. Standard animal wild life, sentient life detected, reading active infrastructure. Sentient life are not space capable. Reading pre-herc era time period.

Matt: Any satellites capable of picking us up?

Ship: Negative.

Matt: Ok, I guess were going to have to set down a temporary mining expedition. Ship, give me some topographical information about the best mining site.

Ship: Surrounding terrain suggests one military base and one large city, the city is in between the potential mining site and the military base.

Matt: Well then, Ship prepare some maintenance robots for mining operation and four security robots, have some additional security robots ready just in case. Get the dropship prepped.

Ship: All orders commencing. We will arrive at the planet in twenty minutes.

Matt: Great, come on Tal’Kum, I guess your training starts now.

Both Matt and Tal’Kum moved to the back of the ship, Matt gave Tal’Kum a small sludge like ball, the second she touched it enveloped and formed her like another one did Matt. The power reactors and the shoulder mounted ion pulse bazooka formed. Various consoles formed as well. Matt quickly explained how to use, he showed her what every button did and explained about the neural interface.

A few maintenance robots and the pair of defender robots were already assembled along with a few tons of mining equipment in the herc dropship’s hold. Tal’Kum manned the second seat behind the pilot’s seat, the one Matt was sitting in. A few seconds later several hatches opened in front of the dropship as it made it’s way out of the hanger, each one a separate a section of a separate level of armour, each hatch was roughly fifteen metres thick, the last one was twenty and instead of it just sliding out of the way it pulled apart like water allowing the drop ship to leave. The dropship, a stolen Imperial Knight’s dropship, roared towards the planet doing mach five. It reached the planet and took orbit, it aligned itself, the thick engines that took up most of the wings suddenly went into reverse for a few seconds propelling the ship down into the planet’s atmosphere. Tal’Kum was watching nervously at the altitude gauge. The number was diminishing at a rate that made the numbers impossible to read. She looked out of the canopy and could see the ground far off getting two clear, Matt was resting his head in his hands which were in front of the head rest. His feat were on top of the console which, besides the one or two gauges, were off, like the engines.

Tal’Kum: Hey, are you going to turn on the engines, and slow down our ascent?

Matt, not really listening.

Matt: Nope.

Tal’Kum, getting real nervous and real agitated real fast.

Tal’Kum: Uh, I don’t think the ground’s supposed to be coming at us that fast!

Matt replied with a non-committed grunt. Tal’Kum looked out the canopy again, she could now make out individual trees and even rocks, she nearly had herself her own rock as well. With a huge muffled thud the dropship smashed itself a crater

What do u mean familar?

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Chapter 7

Mi’Tul Fighter Pilot: This is recon fighter reporting to Tac-com, nothing to report, like twenty minutes ago.

Mi’Tul Tac-com: Received, Geynet? Hey is that you? How did you get out of the infirmary so quick? Last I heard the base commander worked you over pretty good for that crack at his daughter.

Geynet: You should know me by know, my bones have so much metal in them there practically indestructible.

Mi’Tul Tac-com: Ha ha ha ha, how many fights is that you’ve gotten into now? Fifty?

Geynet: Yeah, just how I . . . What the? Tac-com! Unidentified object coming down hard! By the God it’s huge! It’s bigger than FIU-17 battle tank! It’s coming down at mach speeds, I see no engines active. Getting in closer for a flyby, it’s formed a crater, I didn’t see any explosion, two much dust to make it out . . .

Different Voice speaking instead of the original Tac-com voice: Pilot, you are to continue on with your patrol route, you saw nothing.

Geynet: What? But . . .

Different Voice speaking instead of the original Tac-com voice: You saw nothing, continue on your patrol route.

Geynet: Hey Tac-com who is that?

Original Tac-Com voice: Do as he said fighter 2-b. He’s got the credentials. Tac-com out.

The “W” shaped fighter soared upwards rapidly as the pilot forced it’s engines to make up for the lost time. The man who just spoke to the pilot was dressed in a long dark navy shroud which covered a completely black suit made out of some sharp looking plastic like fabric.

Voice: Pilot 2-b did not report anything. Fighter 2-b did not report anything! Understand?

Tac-com: Yes sir.

Matt unbuckled his seat belt and walked out through the back of the cockpit. Tal’Kum’s fingers were squeezing the arm rests and looked like she was nearly pulling them off, her face was one of shock and horror.

Matt: Come on, we’ve landed, lets get the fuckin gear out so we can get off this shit ball planet.

Tal’Kum: I’m, I’m, I’m alive, how?

Matt: Standard Imperial planetary landing strategy for landing in a possibly hostile terrain. This ship is capable of maintaining it’s structural integrity for a smash down at speeds of up to mach seven. We only reached mach four. Come on and lets get this shit over with. With no power being used it makes it very hard for the bad guys to get a target lock or notice our descent

Currently the Mi’Tul official was in a huge armoured personnel carrier. There were twenty men with him, the carrier is accompanied by four other carriers each carrying there own twenty personnel, the APCs were in a ‘V’ formation, they were in turn wedge in between by two ‘V’ formations of huge multi-turreted FIU-17 battle tanks.

The tanks were huge seven meter machines with spiked tracks, turrets were positioned in between the tracks. A huge turret that took up most of the back four metres with a near four and a half meter cannon could be seen keeping the back of the tank firmly on the ground digging up huge plumes of dirt and mud. At the front of the tank a pair huge two metre long auto-cannons which kept front end from falling backwards. On the very front a huge metal cylinder covered with spikes was positioned for rolling over infantry and detonating mines before they would get to the more vulnerable underbelly of the tank. Above the ground forces three huge airships kept watch. They were an arrow head shape with a rotors at each tip and a pair of rotors at the back points, a set of three rotors made up he back of the airship. Noticeable hatches were opened at the sides revealing large rows of missiles. Underneath the airship were a few single metre long auto-cannons. And a few bomb hatches. The front of the airship was a large cockpit that held up to five people.

Now they were nearing the mining site which was already being mined. The official got a cold feeling, to looked into a monitor which was giving an outside view, he could see two machines on tracks, heavily built nearly twice the size of a man. Both raised a pair of arms, each with large weapons attached to the end. A shiver ran through his body as he watched lightning quick green flashes appear out of the cannons, a pair of three short green beams lanced outwards from both robots, the leader of the forward formation of FIU-17 battle tanks exploded, it’s turret shot straight upwards as the main part of chassis disintegrated. The turret landed just before one of the APCs to his left, the APC ran over the scorched turret and rolling over three times before capsized. A sudden huge missile struck the APC reducing it to spare parts, a second later the soft thuds of charred bodies bounced off the top of the APC. Using a joystick the official looked at the airships, all were firing missiles and bullets at the machines. One was being pelted by bullet fire, the hardened depleted uranium bullets were tearing straight through airship on the left. A missile similar to one that destroyed the APC hit it. It blew off a significant portion of the airship, the remaining bit crashed and exploded uselessly.

The tanks were now firing and it was nearly impossible to not hear the shells exploding. The monitor showed two huge explosions from numerous shells. All of the tanks stopped firing, waiting to see the charred remains of the machines that had torn through half of there battle group. When the flame and smoke cleared both machines were still there.

The official had noticed there eyes, at first they were a dark blue, now they were a burning red. Both machines lifted up there arms, the laser weaponry folded backwards towards the elbow, Two transparent red energy blades activated and were surging with power. Both machines lurched forwards, the one on the left tore a hole straight through the front of an APC and out the back, large smears of blood visible across it’s metallic body. A battle tank came in from the left and full speed, it impacted on the machine, the battle tank was roughly twenty times the size of the machine but the machine remained steadfast, it instead squeezed the front of the tank in between it’s arms, the roller in the front of the tank buckled easily, the machine pulled it off and smashed the tank to pieces with it.

The other machine was busy being squashed in between two battle tanks, the pod on it’s back arm aimed upwards. Two missiles fired upwards, a few seconds later the missiles dropped head first into the tanks, both exploded furiously. The machine and the group of infantry that had been moving up behind it were engulfed by the explosion. When the explosion finished the robot was still there, completely intact, the men were not.

The other machine was finishing the last battle tank, it had used it’s energy blades to impale the tank from the back, the energy blades were now deactivated, in a feat of strength it lifted the huge fifty ton tank above it’s head swatting away two APCs in a single swing, The last airship had taken extensive damage and was lurching away with multiple smoke columns being blown by wind, the machine started spinning in a tight circle, with the tank pointing outwards and moving upwards, the energy blades re-activated suddenly and the tank was tossed upwards in a huge arc, the tank dropped squarely on top of the airship, the airship exploded as the tank fell through it, the tank kept falling to the ground, smoke was leaking from it in several locations, one of it’s auto-cannons was missing and it’s main gun was severely bent out of shape. It landed and promptly exploded.

The remaining three APCs were now turning away in full retreat, the men who had successfully disembarked from one could be seen being gunned down by the small auto-cannons that the machines used on the airships as the men ran after the APCs, the APC they had been chasing disintegrated from a final missile. Both remaining APCs were now tearing through the countryside to get away from the machines, a single trio of green beams struck the second APC as multiple others scorched the ground. The beams quickly emerged out the front, the APC devoid of control turned sharply and rolled down a hill and exploded upon hitting a large spike like rock. The APC with the official was the only survivor, the commander looked back at the troops in his APC, he only now noticed the several bullet holes along the sides and back, they had cut straight through the armour and out the other side, he thanked the God and brushed some sweat away from his forehead. He had missed death by no more than four or five inches. The co-pilot was slumped over his steering wheel while the other was missing his arm but with his free arm he drove on, nothing but shear fear keeping him going.

The Official: By the God, those things were powerful. Driver get us back to base.

Matt watched the playback from one of the security robots. Not bad he thought, they managed to nearly bring the shields for one of the robots down quite a bit. Matt smiled gleefully.

Tal’Kum: I thought you didn’t smile.

Matt: Certain exceptions. I might as well go meet the natives.

Tal’Kum: What are you talking about? You expect to just walk up to them after that and say hi?

Matt: Yes.

Tal’Kum: This is some human thing right?

Matt: Yep, your coming two.

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that took me more than a short while to read. Worth it too.

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Chapter 8

The Official was sitting in a darkened room, he was sitting on a dark navy metallic seat, his hands there locked together. His hands had three fingers each slightly longer than a humans, the fingers from the top get shorter as they go down. Each hand has three fingers, the thumb is also at the bottom and positioned half way between the first knuckle and the wrist. His head was mostly bald except for white strips that went started from the back of his neck and went up around the ear and down to meet the other strip of hair at the Mi’Tul’s version of an Adam’s apple. From here it goes down the front into the top of his suit and disappears. A single light bulb hung overhead covering the Official with a cone of light. He was looking down at the table. The table was black and virtually impossible to tell how it’s being kept up because of the lack of light. A few feet away set in a wall is a large six by six foot screen. On the screen is semicircle table with five men looking at the Official, the section of table in front of the man in the middle is slight elevated and down the front of it is draped a red flag with blue stripes through it going from left to right, Filling up half the flag is a circular lizard which has long sharp spines jutting out in lines from the front of the body to tail, The top of the head and it’s back a thick exoskeleton could be seen from the under side of it. The main in the middle was wearing a suite similar to that of the Official and had similar hair strips, as did all the other four men.

Official: I could not secure the site. It was protected by two heavily shielded and armed machines. They obliterated the assault force and most of the soldiers in my APC.

Main Person: I understand, the recording was quite . . . disturbing, but did you fire first? Did you try to contact the aliens?

Official: We didn’t have the chance Mr. President. We barely came into visual range when they started firing.

A man to the right of the President’s chest was covered with shiny medals. Looked at distain as the Official and spoke to the President

Army General: I say we use our full atomic capabilities, they have invaded our land and the God knows what they’re going to do next! Mr President we have strike now! Atomise them!

President: This is our first contact with an alien race, we could learn from them. We could learn technologies that would cement our position as a dominant super power. We . . .

At that point a soldier burst in the Official’s room. His training kept him from seeming anything other than a machine.

Soldier: Sir, there here.

Matt and Tal’Kum walked up to a large thick wall with a rusty, vicious looking barbed wire covering the top. A huge metal door was closed right in front of Matt and Tal’Kum. At the sides of the door on top of the wall an armoured bunker with a large cube shaped weapon with three fixed barrels pointed at Matt and Tal’Kum. The ion pulse cannons activated, a small blue gauge rapidly filled up, it was around four inches, an extra inch lit up, it was red, both cannons fired destroying the bunkers as well as a large section of the wall. Matt grabbed the small handle and pointed it roughly at the large metal door, the gauge had already filled up, Matt pressed the trigger. The two and a half metres thick door blew back fifteen metres, what was left of it. Matt and Tal’Kum strolled into the military base like they did this same thing every day. A group of soldiers rushed them from around the corner of a building. They watched in amazement as the two aliens disappeared. They formed a circle each one surveying their surroundings. Several swish sounds unnerved them even further, one of the soldiers looked around at the others, besides himself there were only five others left. He looked down at fourteen decapitated bodies. That was the last thing he saw as some invisible blade sliced his head from his neck.

Back in the Official’s dark room a screen activated in the table. He watched what happened, his face unmoving, uncaring. He spoke slowly and calmly to the President and his ministers.

Official: We must get those technologies.

Matt was leading Tal’Kum towards on of the buildings, a link with his ship’s computers and sensors told him that a being from the native attack force was alone in a room the building. Both Matt and Tal’Kum were decloaked. In the a small window showed several people barricaded behind overturned desks with weapons pointed at the door. Matt activated his modulating phase transceiver without stopping walking straight through the door like it wasn’t even there. The soldiers were taken off guard and it took tem a second before they started firing. Matt pulled out a white and grey mini-gun. In a single torrent of depleted uranium slugs the barricades disintegrated and so did the people behind them. Tal’Kum followed suit.

Now the base was in full military alert, a lone commander was running to the armoury with a key in his right hand and a rifle in the other. He stopped momentarily to catch his breath. Without any reason the commander was squashed into the paving. His entire body just a flattened splotch of blood and skin and clothing.

Both Matt and Tal’Kum were entering the Official’s room. The Official was now sitting on the other side of the table, the screen showed the four Mi’Tul ministers and the President. Two seats were positioned at the other side of the table obviously for Matt and Tal’Kum.

Official: Please sit.

Matt: Sure. Hi, my name is Matthew Frost, you can just call me Matt, this is my apprentice, Tal’Kum.

Tal’Kum: Greetings. And your names?

Official: My name is not important. The man above me is our president and you will refer to him as Mr. President. To his left is the Minister of Military Infrastructure, to his left is the Air Force General. To the right of the President is the Army General and to his right is the Navy General.

The men nodded when they were called, the President did not.

Matt: Wow, that’s nice. I’ll call you what ever the **** I want, wait a sec. Good. Thank you Ship. Right now, my ship in orbit has traced the signals from this room to your position President.

Air Force General: That’s impossible! We’ve used our most advanced stealth communications transmitter! You can’t detect it! It’s impossible!

Matt looked up at the ceiling in disgust, he turned his head to the left and to the right, two guards had taken up positions at the corners next to the door.

Matt: Ship, there are two armed individuals behind me, mini-ion cannons.

Not even a second later two metre thick beams smashed straight through the ceiling and two of the over head floors disappearing down past the floor where the guards had stood.

Matt: You, I only actually said that to let you know I did that, after all I have a chip located in my cerebellum that enables me to connect with my ship. For example.

Another metre thick red beam was fired this time obliterating the Air Force General.

Matt: I trust I made my point.

The President had dived down to his right, not that it would have had made much of a difference.

Official: Well, it appears you have us at a disadvantage. But in the interest of good will we will lend you people to help you do what ever you want at your landing site in exchange for some of your technologies.

Matt let out a long laugh

Matt: You know If I wanted more miners I could have brought down more maintenance robots who would be able to work twenty times faster than your best labourers.

Official: Well then, I guess were going to have to make as hard as possible for you to do your mining operation.

Mr. President: Yes, Army General, arm all of our atomic warheads and target his ship.

Matt smiled. The Army General picked up a phone in front of him and said a string of numbers. He then nodded at the President. He listened to the phone again started to get more and more frustrated before finally screaming into the phone some Mi’Tul curse words and tossing the phone across the room.

Army General: Sir! We can’t find it, it can’t be in orbit.

Matt: Oh god. There, I’ve dropped the Phase Cloak.

Official: Phase Cloak?

Matt: A device which pulls the fabric of space around your ship very much like a sleeping person pulling their blankets up around them. But hey, try your nukes, what are they? A hundred megatons, maybe even a single gigaton? Ha! Each mini-ion cannon on my ship has an output of three hundred exowatts! That would be around a few hundred thousand gigatons. And there are forty eight of them, and there my primary weapons, barely useful for taking out fighters and scratching at capital and super capitol class starships. Then there are my twelve Quad Heavy Ion Beam Cannon Turrets. That’s four fully sized ion cannons per turret, each capable of firing a five second four-thousand exowatt beam. Can you imagine what that would do to this base? Both are also capable of hitting and destroying your nuclear weapons. But even if some of them did manage to get past them there going to have to get passed my shields. That’s a good Twenty five million terajoules of solid state energy. Oh and let’s not forget about my ship’s main weapon. A starshooter. Can you imagine being capable of firing a six kilometre miniature star at something? Hey let me show you.

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The ion pulse turret on Matt’s shoulder came to life and blasted the left wall completely away. Matt stood up and walked over to the hole, Tal’Kum followed him and so did the Official. Two moons were clearly visible.

Matt: I see two of your moons are visible during the daytime. Ship, let’s test what the Ge’oth did to our starshooter. You know Official, I never liked the look of moons during the daytime. Something just doesn’t seem right. Ship destroy the moons.

The President and his General’s were now looking at a monitor showing the moons. The closer moon which was smaller began to glow extremely bright for a few seconds before chunks of it disappeared. The starshooter was firing at least three stars every second. The moon vanished in only a matter of seconds, so did it’s larger counterpart.

Matt: Hot damn, you just gotta love the Ge’oth. Now imagine that being fired at your planet. Well now that I’ve said my piece I believe that’s my cue to go. Apparition, where are you? Good, decloak.

Within a second a huge bipedal machine appeared. The legs were fifteen foot high and thickly built. They joined the chassis which looked like an enlarged Apocalypse chassis. Attached to the left and right of the cockpit segment which held the over powered engines which weighed twenty tons. The large shoulders has three medium sized internal mounts. On the outside of the shoulders were another three mounts. The top and bottom were large mounts and the middle ones were X-large mounts. An XX-large mount was positioned under the crotch of the machine. An enlarged Mfac sat there upside down. On the shoulder mounted x-large mounts were two large herc version heavy blast cannons. Above the heavy blast cannons a pair of heavy blasters and below the heavy blast cannons a pair of emp cannons. In the internal mounts blasters were charged and ready.

Official: What is that!?!?

Matt: This is an Apparition class heavy assault Herculean, or herc for short. The weapons on this monster would vaporise those security robots that wiped out nearly all of your tanks and aircraft in a second. Apparition, lower your shields, prepare the auxiliary seat, we got a guest.

Official: Hey wait minute! Why did you come here? Why didn’t you just stay at your mining site, you know we couldn’t get your there, so why endanger yourself like this?

Matt: Simple. I have a quota of people to kill every week. I don’t feel right until I’ve killed enough people. Genetic engineering I’m afraid. And you know what? I’m just one away for my weekly quota. Run. Now.

Tal’Kum didn’t hear what Matt had just said and was already strapping herself into the back seat of the herc as the canopy closed itself. A sudden series of booms and a series of huge explosions rocked the back of the herc. Matt ignored them. The herc did not. The twenty FIU-17 battle tanks were now reloading when they say the huge machine charging out of the fiery explosions. The tanks fired again, this time the shells never even reached the herc’s armour. A thick green energy field stopped the shells. The large auto-cannons now started on the herc but it’s shields absorbed the light impacts with unnerving ease. The large heavy blast cannons moved slowly, allowing every tank commander to see them move. A pair of ear deafening booms pushed the large herc back nearly ten metres. The two large shells from the heavy blast cannons fell into the midst of tanks and exploded. The explosions completely destroyed the eight tanks closest to them and the others were blasted in a rocket like fashion into orbit. More tanks were now moving in from the north and were met with blaster and heavy blaster fire. With each green pulsing blaster bolt huge sections of cement would be gauged and flung at the tanks.

The Official turned a corner half out of breathe, he looked around and could see Matt walking after him. He started running still looking at the corner, he bumped into Matt. The Official stared up at Matt, he crawled backwards before getting to his feet and running around the corner. Matt was still walking towards him but much closer now. The Official looked around but Matt was still nowhere to be see besides walking towards him. He took a deep breathe and looked around the corner, Matt was gone form there now, he faced forward and Matt’s face was no more than two inches away from his. The Official let out a scream and ran away keeping his eyes fixed on Matt. Matt was just standing there looking at him, the Official closed his momentarily and Matt was gone when he opened them again. He slammed into Matt hard and fell backwards. Matt stared down the Official. The Official turned his head around and matt was now there, he looked forward Matt had disappeared, he closed he blinked and matt was now in front of him. The Official grasped at his right torso and began started breathing shallowly. He was having a heart attack. Matt walked slowly forward and knelt down in front of the Official.

Matt: It’s amazing what you can do with a simple cloaking field and holographic transmitter.

A second Matt appeared standing behind the kneeling Matt who disappeared for a second and then reappeared, the hologram disappeared. The Official tried to claw at Matt but he had no strength to do it. His breathing stopped, his eyes were glazed in fear and utter panic. He fell back on the ground and after a final spasm he lay there dead. Matt went to his Apparition, climbed into the cockpit and returned to the gate of the base. The herc turned around and levelled the entire base in a matter of seconds from that spot. Within two hours the mining was complete and Matt and Tal’Kum were gone.

A few days later a Janik missionary fleet touched down on the planet and crucified all that didn’t conform to there religion.

Back in the Janik home system a single white frigate moved towards a type of beacon. It was a flat wide shape with a single tower up at the back. On the top and bottom corners large turrets sat idle. Four asteroids each with another beacon similar to the one next to the frigate. The turrets slowly vanished as a small phase cloak field enveloped them. A dark ripple shot from where the turrets used to be. The ripples instead of just shooting outwards like the mini ion cannons did from the Shadow the ripples expanded and expanded backwards. The ripples contorted the frigate out of shape turning it into a mangled mess. The Mess exploded. The beacon next to the frigate suffered the same fate as the frigate.

Janik Pope: Damn! We must find some method of keeping the ripple in a tight forward moving beam. Is there anything you can do at all to confine the ripples?

John: No, we need more research. But with God willing we will crack this. We’re still not sure how that heathen ship managed to keep the ripples confined. Chances are that the ripples spread backwards but were confined to a thin beam by luck and it only survived because it used it’s faster than light drive. Oh that reminds me, Paul, the Apostle of Movement has informed me that our wormhole technology is proceeding ahead of schedule. We estimate another two weeks before becomes safely usable.

The Janik Pope let out a sigh.

Janik Pope: I think I shall pray now and go have some rest now. I have net slept in two days and I feel the pull on my senses. Will you join me for a few prayers?

John: It would be an honour. As always.

Both John and the Janik Pope walked out the door. The Fist of God was now after increasing it’s size, it was now fifty kilometres long.

I'm glad peope are reading and enjoying my story

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Chapter 9

As the Janik Pope was sleeping the Shadow was chasing down a T.D.F. Heavy Cruiser

T.D.F. Science Officer: Aft, port, dorsal and ventral shields down! Incoming!

The entire bridge shook as the armoured hull of the Heavy Cruiser was rocked by a fifth six-kilometre star.

T.D.F. Science Officer: Sir, he’s hailing us again.

The captain of the Cruiser, attempting to fight off the doctor and the nurse who were trying to patch up the large gash in his forehead and his broken wrist and forearm screamed at the Comms Officer. This was the first time in his memory or for that matter the first time ever that a T.D.F. ship was retreating but none the less how could a starshooter like that recharge and fire so fast. It was impossible. Not even the Seth’Talion, the creators of the blasted things could make theirs fire so fast.

T.D.F. Captain: Hail him back!

T.D.F. Comms Officer: Attention Shadow! Attention Shadow! Ceasefire! Ceasefire! We respond! We respond!

Matt: Ok, now that I got your ****ing attention I got a story to tell ya! If you’re worth your weight in salt you’ll get this back to the Grand Master Jacobson or even the Emperor himself!

T.D.F. Captain: What is this?

A stream of data was transmitted to the mortally wounded T.D.F. Heavy Cruiser Cataclysm.

Matt: All the information I got a whole load of religious nutters who are intent on wiping out everybody who doesn’t believe in their extreme form of Catholicism. View it yourself. What the? Are you picking up something? A tunnelspace anomaly?

A basic technology, one of the earlier faster than light drives developed by a few human corporations after the Corporate Wars had catalogued many of the jump gates in the Milky Way. It had also been developed by many other races. Tunnelspace is one of the countless subspacial layers that make up the Time Space Continuum shell around our Universe, the human T.S.C. drive used on many of the old T.D.F. capitol ships and the super capitol T.D.F. Emperor as well as the most elite T.D.F. ships bypasses all of the subspace layers giving it a means to pass from any part of space to any other part of space in the entire Universe in a matter of seconds. Tunnelspace is a beautiful layer and many races have commercial cruises in there, tunnelspace is as the name suggest a mass of tunnels similar to a tightly compacted formation of hundreds of pipes. Every ‘tube’ is different with a wide range of colours and distinct swirling, wave like patterns and movements beyond number.

A tunnelspace entrance multicoloured cylinder shot forwards a few kilometres. From the front of the anomaly you could see what appeared hundreds of kilometres into tunnelspace before it went into a corner. Even now the Cataclysm had repaired a third of the damage it received and it’s recharged it shields to maximum instantly using it’s shield capacitors.

T.D.F. Captain: These the guys you were talking about?

Matt: Yep.

Matt recognised the frigates that disabled his faster than light drive and phase cloak array. They were escorted by many thousands of fighters. These fighters were new to Matt. Unlike many conventional fighter designs these were pulled by their engines rather than pushed, the engines were fitted in a small rocket shaped pod attached to two stalks which were connected to the main part of the fighter. The main part looked like an aerodynamically shaped cone. On a flat section above and below the fighter two odd looking weapons mounts could be seen holding guns. The mounts looked like a pair of stretched ‘v’ s. The weapons in the mounts were very large, nearly a third of the size of the fighter’s fuselage. The lower gun was an enlarged plasma cannon comparable to the anti-boarding plasma weapons used by the Shadow and the dorsal gun was some kind of energy disrupter/particle beam that caused massive systemic damage, the particle side of the beam punches through the target’s defences as much as possible allowing the disrupter side to create an even larger energy feed back to the shields when the shield generators generate more power to replenish the part that was hit. As the Janik fighters swarmed over the T.D.F. Cataclysm as all of it’s two hundred and fifty thousand weapons opened up. Although the amount of firepower was blinding the fighter’s odd engine configuration allowed them to loosen or tighten there turning arcs completely messing up the targeting computer’s lead indicators. The only weapons that were capable of hitting the fighters were the lasers, heavy lasers, Sguns, light and heavy auto-cannons, Clas, twin lasers. The others were mostly bolt projectile which would, even though being very fast would not be fast enough hit the fighters. The huge plascannons also managed to hit a few fighters but there tracking abilities were inferior to that of the Sguns. The Shadow was having a much easier time, it’s mini-ion cannons were quick one second beams that were far two fast to avoid. The frigates were now charging up two large cylinders on their sides, they were miniature starshooters only a few metres in diameter. Another pair of tunnelspace vortexes opened bring even more Janik ships to the fight, a giant Jamming Cruiser armed to the teeth with disrupter/particle cannons rained down more heavy crippling fire on the Cataclysm. Another tunnelspace vortex formed right behind the Cataclysm. It was a sister ship of the Fist of God. Right under the command bridge levels the name Holy Vengeance shone brightly in a silvery gold colour. Both it’s starbeam cannons fired at the Heavy Cruiser’s depleted aft shields. The first pair of beams brought the shields down just as Matt’s starshooter obliterated the first and second frigate groups in a single supernova. The T.D.F. Cataclysm’s fighters had now finished launching, each one fitted with herc sized Sguns. The swarm of thirty thousand fighters chased down in twos and threes the Janik fighters for long gruelling dogfights. A fifth duel starbeam finished off the Cataclysm. The Cataclysm’s exploding hull was engulfed in a brilliant white exploding ball. The white ball rapidly enlarged absorbing all around it, after reaching a few hundred thousand kilometres seemingly stopped remaining the same diameter for ten seconds. The sphere started to collapse before a sudden huge energy disc full of debris exploded from the centre, breaching the sphere’s diameter causing it to expand at an even greater rate than before destroying countless thousands of Janik and human fighters. The Shadow had already left he fatal range of the explosion chasing down the third group of frigates. The Banshees fell into disorder and were rapidly wiped out bar a few hundred battle hardened aces who each took twenty to thirty fighters before being swarmed and destroyed. Although the Shadow was out of the fatal range of the Cataclysm’s explosion it was not completely free of it, the Ship rolled and span several hundred thousand kilometres. This gave the Janik a chance to regroup and charge at the Shadow which was suffering from widespread damage and was temporarily out of service. Matt could see the hundreds of thousands of fighters barrelling towards Ship as he shouted at Ship to respond. Everything for Matt suddenly went quite. An eerie calm descended over him as he watched a group of several small four or five metre long spikes materialise in the midst of the fighters, the spikes were all a dullish silver colour with no visible cockpits or engines. Each one started moving at blurring speeds, out of the front tip of the spikes a bolt of lightning like energy swept through the Janik fighters, barely did the weapon hit the fighters did they explode. Matt looked at the bolts. Something told him he knew what they were. Matt’s gut gave him a bad feeling. T.S.C. entrance vortex bolts, bolts capable of destroying planets and stars. He had seen recordings of T.D.F. ships coming into a system using the T.S.C. drive and the destructive effect it had on anything unlucky enough to be anywhere close to the vortex.

Matt: My God.

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I would like to just start off by adding the warning for Chapters 10 and 11 which has sadomasochism and reader’s with a weak stomach or are easily offended I suggest that you skip certain paragraphs. I label this with an 18s age limit

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As the six of the seven fighters continued working at the Janik fighters the leader came about and moved at near light speeds firing a single ultra-powerful electrostatic charge at the capitol ship, the charge momentarily struck the shields, tore through them, gouged the ship of everything in it, the spike fighter flew through the white explosive energy ball like the Cataclysm’s. In a matter of two seconds the fighter returned to it’s wing and finished every single fighter. The fighters, finished there business with the Janik now headed towards the Shadow. Matt swallowed hard. Tal’Kum had been knocked unconciouss. Matt rubbed uselessly at a stream of blood with his sleeve from his right temple. The fighters were still coming towards his ship, Matt looked at the radar monitor, the seven blips each with a section of text saying their range. Just like they appeared they disappeared, Matt just noticed the last range before they vanished, five millimetres from his hull. It took Matt a second to realise that they had pierced his shields without them even registering that something had happened. Matt staggered back a few steps, he bumped into someone. For a second he thought it was Tal’Kum but she was still unconscious, a maintenance robot was running a knitter gun over her wounds. By the time Matt had turned around to face the intruder his sidearm, a smaller version of the plascannon, a plasma pistol or plaspistol for short, was already verging on firing into the intruder’s face. Matt was flung through the air and up against a wall. The pistol fell out of his hand uselessly. Matt struggled physically in vain and then mentally, he used all of his mental reserves to loosen the grip of the intruder’s psionic grip. His mind briefly touched the intruder’s mind, the intruder’s psionic and psychic abilities surpassed Matt’s like no other being. The sudden realisation of this caused Matt to paralyse his own body in psychic shock.

Matt: Who the **** are you? What are you dong in my ship?

Intruder: Those infiltrator suits you have belong to a dead operative of our organisation.

Matt: I know all about you secret black ops *******s, who are you? W&T Research Agency? Secret Defence? Outcast? Shadow Hand? Dark Lance? Black?

Intruder: Those are all amateurs. Our organisation’s name is so classified that only the Emperor and the Grand Master know it. You’re the first human besides the Emperors and the Grand Masters to know about us. And, well, still alive. We are that thorough.

Matt: Oh yeah? Then why didn’t you guys kill me when I found those infiltrator suits?

Intruder: We found you to be cloned. And we gotta admit it was some pretty good cloning. Two good to be from any known race. So we decided to track you and see what happened. I’ve been right here in this ship since you found the suits.

Matt: Impossible! This ship’s sensors are always set on yellow alert. It would be impossible for you to have been here.

Intruder: Actually you have the old model S7 series, I’ve been using the S9 series. No photon cloaks on this, true phase cloaks like on your ship. The suits were being returned to be upgraded when the operative died. Oh, by the way you wouldn’t know how he died would you? Someone seemed to have accidentally vaporised him with a plascannon.

Matt: Impossible! The power demands would be impossible to maintain. Oh and I can’t help you there. Hey! I got your name now!

The Intruder and his looked quickly at each other giving a look of light shock.

Matt: Yeah, PIB, Perverts in Black.

The Intruder sat down on Matt’s chair, twirled around slowly to face Matt, he looked at Matt directly and then up a ceiling and down to the ground and to the left wall and then to right finally right before finally looking back up to the ceiling, Matt’s body followed the same motion and dropped to the ground with a thud.

Matt: Say, that’s a nice trick.

Intruder: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Want an encore?

Matt: No thanks, why don’t you show your boyfriend over there? Or aren’t ye into bitch fighting yet?

Intruder: He he, your funny. You know you’ve done a lot of damage to the T.D.F. with that suit.

Matt: Yeah? Well I intend to do a lot more just as soon as you get the **** out of my ship.

Intruder: Surely we’re not that bad company? You’ve hurt my feelings.

Matt: Yeah, I’ll send you some flowers when you get tossed into a psych ward.

Intruder: You know, you don’t seem to know what we’re capable of, here let me show you.
Matt’s mind was suddenly filled with crystal clear images this man’s examination test for the organisations and even compared to Matt’s history this guy carried out several genocides to Matt’s five.

Matt: Wow, that’s two more than me, I must be real you must get great kills to years ratios.

Intruder: No, I just started earlier than you.

Matt: Oh yeah? How much earlier?

Intruder: Oh about, when I was fourteen, you would have been around fifteen. The Noth, quite a prosperous race, that was my first test you know, I wiped them all out, passed the test with distinction. I was so proud. They attacked a human civilian mining operation in there space, the records of the mining ship and it’s crew was erased. The perfect test with no consequences.

Matt: Momma and Poppa must have that framed on the mantelpiece.

Intruder: Momma and Poppa never knew I survived birth, premature birth coupled with a power failure, sniff, it brings a tear to my eye. Act of God.

Matt: Your lucky, I was tossed together in less than seven seconds by the Ge’oth.

Intruder: Eh, same thing, my parent’s killed themselves in a duel suicide over my death.

Matt: Surprised you didn’t go all postal worker on your employers.

Intruder: Acceptable loss of life.

Matt: For what? Peace? It ain’t exactly like were knee deep in war.

Intruder: Well if you fail the Ge’oth’s competition with the Satuna then we will be.

Matt: You know about that?

Intruder: Yes, we know a lot of things. Don’t worry, we’re just here to tell you good luck and we’ll get the message to the Emperor and the Grand Master. We hadn’t expected the Janik’s patrol to arrive yet. They must be progressing faster than we anticipated.

Second Intruder: A Ge’oth To’Lef and two So’Neth are coming. We must leave.

Matt: You can tell when there coming?!?!?!

Intruder: Yes, good luck Mr Frost, we will bring your warning to the Emperor. Farewell. Oh a gift, here, this is a fusion dagger, simply press the button and it works, here’s another one for your trainee.

Matt: How’d you know she was my trainee?

Matt’s question never got answered as all six intruders vanished from the room and Matt could feel his paralysis break. He stood up and pressed lightly on his lower back, he could feel the sudden shot of pain moved up and down his back. Outside a Ge’oth To’Lef Cruiser accompanied by two So’Neth destroyers moved quietly and swiftly towards Matt’s ship.

Matt: Oh yeah, he’s been here the last few years. Hey Ge’oth. What’s new?

In chapter 10 and 11 there is some some sadomachism

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I am still reading he,he.

What do u mean familar?

(Forgot to answer that) That once I read a SiFi novel with exactly the same concept, but there it stops (with the Janick leader? asking someone Won't we become pure now, won't be saved from our sins? And the other -human- answering: No, that's the awfull truth about it, you were pure now you are...
Janick: Murderers... - Ok, it was something like that, I can't remember the exact words) But there the novel ends.

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Sorry, never read that book, who was it by?

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It was a SiFi novel collection, the story was about the size of one of your post not longer :D, can't remember which. It was just an amazing coincidence, the missionary was only one and it ends with it's crusiffication.

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The only reason i made the catholic church as stupid like that was because i had recently seen a short film about an unmarried pregnant woman in 1950s Ireland who was ent to the Sisters of Megdalene (OR seomthing like that) where her chid was taken from her without her concent and it really ****ed me off about the catholic church. It won an award in Italy. Anyway on with chapter 10

Chapter 10

On the other side of the growing Janik occupied space a single Janik patrol fleet comprised of a Janik carrier, St Michael, a few dozen starshooter frigates and a few thousand fighters left tunnelspace after detecting a ship.

Janik Captain: Scan the vessel.

Janik Science Officer: I’m detecting no lifesigns aboard other than robots, most likely maintenance devices.

The ship was long, nearly twenty five miles long, at the front a ‘+’ shape held four of thee most life threatening weapons known to any biological species. From the back to the front of the cross section was five kilometres. From the back to very front was a partially stretched blob, at the aft of the blob section a large green ion thruster with four crescent shaped support thrusters activated as it slowly faced the Janik patrol fleet.

Oddly Contorted Voice: Praise <First-Thought-Giver-Of-Will-Prometheus>. State\\Explain your trespass\\invasion of Cybrid space\\territory.

Janik Captain: We are the Janik, sacred warriors of the one true God. Do you repent your false gods and convert to Catholicism?

Cybrid Captain: <Catholicism> searching, human\\animal belief system in a single all forgiving\\merciful god\\deity. Negative\\No <First-Thought-Giver-Of-Will-Prometheus> was destroyed by human\\animal warforms during the invasion of <The Next> to retake\\capture <Third-World-Homeworld-Desire>, <First-Thought-Giver-Of-Will-Prometheus> noted\\observed to elevate to position\\rank of god.

Janik Captain: Sacrilege! Blasphemy! You dare question the existence of God with your false gods! You shall be struck down into the firry pits of hell for such sacrilege.

Cybrid Captain: <Your> actions\\procedures leave us no choice\\option. Hurt\\Maim\\Kill.

At the tips of the cross on the Cybrid ship huge green beams lanced out and swept across the entire Janik fleet’s ships in complex patterns, the radiation from the intensely powerful Rad guns instantly bypassed the shields and armour of the Janik’s ships killing a significant portion of the crew. A second salvo of Rad beams swept across the remaining Janik ship finishing off the rest of the fleet’s personnel. At the forward dorsal, ventral, port and starboard sections of the main section of the Cybrid ship hundreds of small cylinders activated, each cylinder had eight smaller cylinders packed tightly together inside it. Out of each smaller cylinder came small flying saucer shaped mines, each with four struts with a small rocket booster at the end, they were fired at a rate of two a second. With twelve hundred launchers firing continuously the Arachnid mines hunted down and swarmed the Janik fleet decimating the crewless ships and fighters in mere moments.

The Carrier’s computers, with it’s own highly advanced AI computer relayed the information back to the Janik’s newly finished planet class starbase.

The starbase looked like hundreds of twelve hundred kilometre spheres linked together by thick eight hundred kilometre cylinders surrounding a huge central sphere, from the highest dorsal point which is the top of a hundred mile high cross, to the bottom it measured three hundred thousand kilometres. Each sphere also had it’s own cross on the top most dorsal point. Cleverly concealed and powerful sensor arrays. Each sphere had a large six hundred kilometre long by two hundred kilometre wide and one hundred kilometre high hanger which housed many thousands of ships nearing the end of there construction process, launching or just starting to be built. Swarms of hundreds of thousands of fighters patrolled the perimeter of the gigantic base. At the very core of the base a single huge two hundred thousand kilometre diameter sphere with hundreds of hangers covering it’s face began a long powering up sequence as millions of lights rapidly came alive. Countless thousands of billions of hatches slid open the hatches were each seven hundred metres thick, hundreds of different weapons emerged from the hatches, everything from lasers to Mfacs to starshooters to ion weaponry. In the very centre of the spacestation a tall man wearing a clean white tunic, his long brown hair fell behind him to just under his shoulders. The Janik’s shoulders go downwards towards the neck. The man’s shoulders were slightly lower than the neck. On the screen in front of him the quick and one sided battle of the Cybrid ship and the patrol fleet played itself a second time. His hands were not clenched into fists but he was shaking slightly from anger. Behind him the Janik Pope was kneeling with his head lowered.

Janik Pope: My lord, the Captain of the fleet did not recognise this race or even the ship design. I have found the race and a significant amount of information on there . . .

Man: I know who they are. They, are the Cybrids. A race of advanced artificially intelligent computers with fantastic learning abilities and a limited range of emotions. Only defeated by there lack of any unbreakable will to survive unlike there human creators. There leader, Prometheus created them, he joined with his creator, a man named Solomon Petresun. From then on Prometheus developed a hatred of mankind. But Prometheus was stopped, twice by Ambrose Gierling. The third time Prometheus was finally destroyed by some Martian known only as Striker One. Gierling set up the Terran Defence Force. Then a rag-tag rebel organisation. Now one of thee most powerful militaries in the known Universe.

The man turned around, he looked exactly like Matt.

Janik Pope: Yes, my Lord.

Man: Just Jesus will do. What is the status of the Orbital Guns system?

Janik Pope: I am sorry my Lord, I cannot call you by your first name, I am not worth the honour.

Jesus Christ: On the physical plane there is no higher office to God than you, you gained the right to address me like you would a friend by the decision of your people. Just like the Apostles. We are friends, comrades and as such we address each other as if we were family.

Janik Pope: Yes, Jesus. John has informed me that the Orbital Guns system will go online by tomorrow. We are waiting the finish of the last four hundred thousand. By tomorrow the sphere of sixty four million, eight hundred thousand Orbital Guns will activate.

Jesus Christ: Good. God will be pleased by our progress. Please leave me now my friend as I wish to speak to God in solitude.

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Janik Pope: Of course Jesus.

As the Janik Pope left the room the two heavy doors closed. Jesus’ room was sound proof and unwatched by any security at all. Jesus looked around his room, it was bare bar an ordinary bed, a picture of himself above the bed, a holy cross on the door and on the wall opposite the picture of himself. An image appeared of a dark place in front of him. The muffled screams of countless different people could be heard in the background. A creature stepped forwards, he was a dark shade of red, he had short matted greasy and generally dirty coloured fur covering much of his body. His eyes were two small fireballs, the flames from his eyes didn’t even seem to singe the fur on his forehead. Above where the flames ended a pair of large bull horns pointed forwards. The creature was built powerfully and even under the fur the impression of his muscles were visible.

Jesus Christ: Greetings my Dark Lord Sat’Han. Your plan is working perfectly. They truly believe I am the son of the Ge’oth’s false religion to humanity. The Fools. When you arrive they all shall be burned in their hell for all eternity. What is the progress of the Ge’oth’s fool?

Sat’Han: He progresses at a steady rate but he shall not stand to your evil my son. Even now my agents are keeping a watch over him and when the time is truly right he will die. He has warned the human Ring and they will bring his message to the human Emperor. I did not expect they would have such abilities at this time. The humans appear to be more devious than I thought so they must be the first to be wiped out. They have mastered the powerful electrostatic charges from there T.S.C. drives.

Jesus’ face turned from an evil hateful smile to a shocked expression momentarily.

Sat’Han: You do your work well my son, here, a gift for your progress and enjoyment.

The image dissipated like a coloured gas into nothing. A large flame appeared over Jesus’ bed. When the flame disappeared, a human woman with her four limbs chained tightly to the four corners of his bed. She was chained so tightly that her wrists and ankles were bleeding. She was naked and amply portioned through horrific surgery and scar tissue was visible everywhere on her body. She was also quietly crying, barely able to speak through the pain and the bleeding from the crotch, breasts, nose, ears and several dozen other cuts all over her body Jesus smiled a horrible smile. She looked malnourished, unhealthily skinny and her eyes were dead. In Jesus’ hand a whip appeared, the whip’s end had a small spiked ball.

The Ge’oth were taken aback at Matt’s knowledge of their presence.

Ge’oth: How did you know of our impending approach?

Matt: A little birdie told me. Ge’oth, by any chance have you left something out? You told me that the Janik are one a search for the proof of God yet they seem to have already taken to the fact that he exists.

Ge’oth: Yes. The Satuna have put forward there champion to ensure the madness of the Janik continues without reproach.

Matt: Oh yeah? Wait a second! How can they have a god damned race and a champion? And who is there champion

Ge’oth: We have faith in your goodness that is why it is your evil and your hatred which is there champion.

Matt: I’m both their champion and yours? How the **** is that supposed to work?

Ge’oth: No, you fail to understand. They created a model of you of pure evil.

Matt: What the **** do you mean by that? And I’m his opposite? Have you seen my record?

Ge’oth: Yes. . .You are his opposite.

Matt: So I’m pure good!?!? Ha! The other me would probably run scared of me.

Ge’oth: No, even now is saddomising a woman to such extents that it would sicken even the most disturbed of peoples, even you. He has tricked the Janik into believing that he is Jesus Christ.

Matt: Great.

Tal’Kum: Mind if I butt in this conversation? If you know what’s happening why don’t you rescue the woman?

Ge’oth: We cannot. Although, as far as we know there are no divine entities that rule over the Universes, both in ours and in yours, but with each and every alternate Universe there is the chance that one exists. She sold her soul to the Satuna and now she must live with the consequences.

Tal’Kum: Soul? If there’s no God then how can there be a soul?

Ge’oth: You are right, there is no such thing as a soul but it is there as a means of barter with the Satuna. To them it’s a symbol of ownership to a person. Since we do not have a need for them we do not barter or give anything for them. The Satuna do have operatives in this Universe, they are many and everywhere, the Satuna’s evil also shields them from us so we cannot tell who they are. Their operatives will grant the wishes by any means necessary. When they die there bodies are retrieved and deposited into the event horizon of the Dark Gateways. There would be nothing more we would love than to save them an eternity of hell in the Satuna’s Universe but they belong to the Satuna and to try to stop them would make us nothing but thieves. Please, tell us how you knew of our arrival.

Matt: A bunch masked freaks who have apparently been keeping an eye on me and know that I was cloned. In fact, all that wreckage out there is from seven of there fighters. And they’re some human secret agency.

Ge’oth: We must investigate this, it could finally mean that we can continue on our evolutionary path and return to our own Universe with the knowledge that we are no longer needed.

A second voice spoke, it was nearly identical to the first Ge’oth voice but somehow different.

Second Ge’oth Voice: But they have not dispersed through this Universe yet. If they would hold the capability to defend themselves against us then they might be capable of defending themselves against the Satuna. We must find them and engage them in battle to test them! Quick! Tell us where they are or how me might be able to find them.

Matt: Uh, I don’t know, the guy who spoke to me said I was the only civilian to know. . . The Emperor! Go to Earth and talk to the Emperor. He’ll know.

Ge’oth: We thank you Matt. We shall journey to Earth and seek counsel with your Emperor. A hint before we leave, scavenge the Janik’s wrecks. You might find or see something of use. Farewell Matt.

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Chapter 11

The Cybrid ship had relayed it’s information back to it’s sect leader who in turn sent it to there leader. The leader of this group of Cybrids looked like a heavily customised an Adjudicator assault herc. The Adjudicator was an old design that aged back to the time of The Next’s failed attempt to retake Earth from the humans. After The Next failed many human pilots saw Adjudicators as limp penises with legs and a pair of balls above the penis rather than below. The customised Adjudicator’s legs had been removed and two pairs of large anti-grav support pods similar to the very old and still widely used Predator tank, which was an advanced prototype tank during The Next’s invasion. The main section of the herc was much larger and the two weapon pods on top were placed flatly down instead of upright. Five Mfacs sat on top of the herc, one each on top of the weapon pods, one on the side of the weapons pods, one positioned upright between the pods. On the bottom of the main section of the herc, at the chin a large disrupter cannon added an alternate means of crippling power.

It pondered the new information. The humans had spread rapidly over the last two millenniums. The human’s dominating instincts would make them try to spread there religions to other races. The Cybrid leader continued to ponder when a sudden thought struck it’s processor and stalled it for a tenth of a second.

Cybrid Leader: Query: The <Metagen\\Heretic> units might//could know. The Metagen\\Heretic units have waged\\enacted guerrilla strategies on <us>. <The Core Directive> and the <Sub-Core Directive> must be achieved\\completed. Reunification of the <Twelve Chosen\\Honoured> to return\\raise <First-Thought-Giver-Of-Will-Prometheus> to lead\\command <us> to retake\\capture <Third-World-Homeworld-Desire> must started\\commence. Initiate\\ activate <Sub-Core Directive>.

Matt ran a scanner over a piece of debris from the Holy Vengeance.

Matt: Amazing. Ship can you augment the outer nanite layer to match this configuration? This is twice as resistant to kinetic impacts and head than your current nanite configuration.

Ship: Analysing. Affirmative. Augmenting nanite layer armour. Augmentation will finish in ten minutes.

Matt: Great, thanks Ship.

Matt quickly got the feeling that he should find Tal’Kum. He searched around for a bit and found her crouched next to an empty fighter canopy, well what was left of it. It was scarred black and melted into a seriously bad shape, large chunks were also missing. Her scanner was lying face down on the floor. She was holding something in her hand.

Matt: What is that?

Tal’Kum jumped as if he just told her that he knew that she did something she shouldn’t have done.

Tal’Kum: Nothing.

She held up a blackened cross, there were beads attached but half of them were missing and the ones still there were fused into the string.

Matt: Isn’t that the wrong way round?

Tal’Kum: Oh, I don’t know much about your races religions.

Matt: What are you doing with it? We got work to do.

Tal’Kum: Praying, you never know, the Ge’oth might be wrong.

Matt: Yeah and I’m the Emperor’s long lost son. Come on and get back to scanning this crap, I’m jettisoning it in half an hour. It gives me a bad feeling.

Tal’Kum: You get mental feelings?

Matt: Yeah, I can’t stop getting this bad feeling that something bad is happening or going to happen soon, or maybe it’s happening now. I can’t tell. Hurry up.

Eventually Tal’Kum found a black box from a burnt out section of debris. The black box was fused shut and it required Matt’s new fusion dagger to get it open. He looked at his old dagger, a single molecule thick Star Dragoon dagger. Slices and dices better than the rest. Matt played the recording. He watched the monitor as it showed the ship moving forwards through space, four fighter wings tore from one side of the screen to the other. The monitor started to turn, within a few seconds half of the screen was talking by a silvery grey thing. Matt hit a few buttons on the console below the monitor. He saw the starbase, he saw a planet right behind it, from a reading of the ship’s sensors he saw it’s dimensions and let out a sigh of hopelessness. He could suddenly sense something. Something extremely evil, he could feel it’s presence at the centre of the starbase. Within that second he knew that the evil presence knew of him two.

In Jesus’ room the woman was still there, half her left breast was gushing with blood, her right was in tatters and it’s nipple was on the floor. Huge sections of the woman’s legs were gouged out by the whip. Muscle tissue clumped together and protruded like sickening lumps. The skin from her right cheek was half torn out and you could see the muscles in her jaw lightly flexing as she breathed. Jesus’ robe was up around his waist as he continued raping her. Suddenly he stopped and looked up at the picture of Jesus Christ, he could see Sat’Han looking down at him, evil glee written all over the Satuna’s face. Then he looked to the right to the far wall. He could feel Matt sensing him. He gave one final thrust before pulling out, his robe fell down to his ankles once again. While still looking at the same spot on the wall he flailed his whip at the woman’s left breast making sure to pull as much skin off as possible. The woman could only manage a slight moan of agony. Jesus reached in, broke her rib cage and pulled out her heart. Presenting it to the wall he crushed it in his fist, all with an evil glaring smile.

Matt fell backwards grasping at his chest and looking utterly horrified, even Tal’Kum was shocked to see the emotion so strongly imprinted on Matt’s face. Matt crawled backwards a few feet still grasping his heart looking horrified, his eyes wide, his mouth stretching into an elongated ‘O’. Jesus turned his rabid evil smile back to the picture on the wall. Sat’Han was still there smiling horribly. The woman disappeared in another blast of flame, the blood that covered most of the room, that soaked Jesus’ bed and what was on his hands evaporated in a puff of dark acrid smoke. The woman appeared in the arms of Sat ‘Han’s in the picture. He held her like you hold a newborn baby. Her arms, legs and head hung lifelessly. He lowered his head and started bit her stomach, her blood covered his face. He sucked up some of the blood from her stomach and spat the blood into her face. Most of her wounds healed and blood seemed to dissolve back into her body, she gasped back into life and Sat’Han smiled a horrific smile. She looked petrified and started shaking her head no. Another creature similar to Sat’Han but he was covered in mangled bony spikes took her, he wrapped his arms around her impaling her but she didn’t die. Her spirit crushed she could only whimper pathetically. The image in the picture returned the picture of Jesus with a crown of thorns and the sacred heart right in front of his chest. Jesus lay down in bed with a wicked smile and slept. The sweat that fell from his forehead hissed and evaporated as it landed on the floor.


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