Tears of Creation: Chapter 15(NEW)

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Tears of Creation: Chapter 15(NEW)

Postby White Tiger » Mon Jul 22, 2002 6:01 am

Chapter 15

The Delta Quadrant : On the Bridge of the Star Destroyer Liberty

He had stopped meditating weeks ago, after the hallucinations began. His waking moments were minutes of uncertainty and terror. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacks had subsided many within the Senate were relieved and overjoyed. They did not see what he had seen. He knew the real reason why they consolidated their forces and ceased the attacks on the new republic.
Such anger.
Hate….over whelming hate of all life.
The Sith would have reveled in the ocean of evil that this new menace spread.
When Luke closed his eyes he saw flashes of the future, mixed with a hot wave of emotion. Emotions that these beings of death emanated across time and space. He would see smashed stations and starships, planets and solar systems…Trillions….Trillions dead or dying. Consumed with the relish of an Elder being that has not tasted the like of it for eons.
They have massacred almost all life from where they resided. A merciless hunt billions of years long.
He felt their Iron grip on his shoulder, “Luke…are you ok?”
He looked with a weak smile at his sister and lied as best as he could, “I’m fine. How are our guests?” he asked trying to change the subject.
Leia wouldn’t buy it, “Luke, I’m worried about you. You look like you haven’t slept in days…”
He hadn’t…actually it was closer to a week. But he wasn’t going to let Leia know. She had enough worries. Both she and Han have been worried sick about the twins since they arrived in this bizarre galaxy.
Luke knew however his dreams were tied into what had happened to them and the others they have encountered on this topsy-turvy trip.
“Leia, I’ll be fine. There is a disturbance in the Force…and it’s distracting me. I feel that what our new friends told us about an ancient and dark enemy is tied to that disturbance…and to what happened to us.”
Before Leia could pressure him more Han arrived with Leta and G’kar. He had taken the pair onto the Navigation deck and displayed the stars in this galaxy to them.
“It seems these two may have some incite to where we are.” offered Han.
G’kar began to give details on how this was similar to where they are from, but at least a century of time has passed. But many of their existing systems still existed. There was a good chance they could seek out help from one of these Governments even though 100 years have passed. Whatever was effecting them had to be effecting others as well.
“I think it’s a good bet we’ll get answers a lot quicker from the people who live here, rather then stumbling in the dark.” Assumed Han.
“ What do you recommend?” Asked Luke.
“I believe we should go to the humans…go to earth.” G’kar answered
“Earth? What a weird name…” Snickered Han.

Onboard the Shadow Cruiser above Altair 6

The Klingons swooped in, squadron after squadron. At least 150 Klingon warships in all attacked the Third-Space ships. They had attempted to sneak In much closer, however they did not realize that the enemy had tainted space near Altair 6. Once their cloaks failed they attacked with abandon.
“Quickly! Get us out of hear!” Q screamed hysterically.
“No! We have to help!” Kira spat. “We can’t just leave them.” She said to the dark ancients.
They conversed for a moment as the others watched the massive battle impatiently. The Klingons outnumbered the third-space aliens, but they couldn’t match their fire-power. Ezri shuttered as an entire squadron of Birds of Prey were vaporized by one of the capital ships.
A group of Vorchas concentrated their weapons on one of the Giant Third-space capital ships. They pounded away but could not penetrate the immensely powerful shield that surrounded it. It was whittling the Vorchas away with every swath of its deadly beam.
Then the forward shield of the ship collapsed under a new attack. The violet shaft began to cut away the long forward section of the ship until it exploded from the larger spherical main body.
Kira smiled and looked back to the three Shadows who were now concentrating on the battle. “We have decided that evolution requires action, not retreat.” The third creature explained.
The Klingons now had a chance.

The 2 Kilometer wide Shadow cruiser leaped straight into battle along side several large battle cruisers and began cutting the nearest capital ship apart allowing the Klingons to take chunks out of it. The Klingon Torpedoes were extremely effective against the hulls of the enemy but it required the massive weapon of the Shadows to bring down the shield.
In concert they flew across their enemy and dealt out death.
The smaller craft chased the shadow cruiser, picking away at it like a pack of wolves. The Vorchas and Birds of prey pummeled away at the smaller craft until they would break-away, retreating for a moment.
Bashir fought for his balance as the ship shook violently under another attack. “We cannot fight like this for much longer. Our numbers are dwindling Colonel.”
“He’s right! We must withdraw soon. We cannot absorb much more damage.” The first Shadow substantiated.

“We’re Dooooomed…” Whined Q
“How many ships have we destroyed?” Kira asked
“ 3 Capital Ships and 14 Small vessels, out of 35 in total.”
“Q…try your powers now.” Kira planned. She had a feeling…the Klingons were keeping the Aliens busy, maybe they were mentally occupied as well.

Q looked confused for a moment, then his expression became mischievous. He could feel their influence on space had been diminished greatly. “You wish to play dirty with a Q do you ?” he snorted.
He snapped his finger loudly sneering at the monitor. Gradually each of the Aliens ships imploded upon themselves. Sucked into a miniscule point until all of their mass occupied the area of a small white ball. Then an image of Q appeared beside each of the spheres, wearing a cap and a beige plaid shirt.
To his side was Nausicaan dressed in the same apparel but with a Bag of Gold Golf Clubs. He selected a hefty driver and swung it casually until he felt comfortable.
“FOUR!!!” the multitude of Q’s cried and blasted the small white balls into a singularity (which seemed to appear out of nowhere).
Ezri jumped as Q shouted “A Hole In one!”

“Once again Q save the day…” Q strutted like a peacock until Colonel Kira grabbed him by the collar.
“We don’t have time for this Q! We have to find out how many of these ships are here!”

Q looked annoyed for a moment, then he looked confused. “I…I can’t tell…”
“That’s why we have to …” Kira began annoyed, letting Q slip away.
“No…you don’t understand…” Q Interrupted, “ I cannot contact the continuum. I am cut-off! They have done something to prevent me from returning, or that others may come.”

“The Continuum has been isolated…I am alone.”

Babylon 5: In the Zocalo

Trance sat drinking with the Centauri Ambassador, Vir Cotto. She met him after the latest Council meeting. She liked him immediately. She felt he didn’t have some hidden agenda or ulterior motive, unlike the Drazi ambassador who offered her a large some of money for information about the Andromeda and her construction.
“So…um…how do you like it here so far…I mean is it what …well probably not…but I guess you might have…” Vir stammered.
Trance giggled “ Mr. Cotto you are very funny.”
Vir’s stuttering stopped immediately, “Really…I just get nervous around new people sometimes. I am sorry for going on like that.”
“That’s ok…I think its cute…” She smiled.
Vir was going to ask her if should like to take a walk with him in the gardens when they were interrupted by Rev Bem. He was extremely nervous around this creature.
“Trance, Dylan has been looking for you. There is to another meeting in 30 minutes, hello Ambassador Cotto. I did not see you, forgive my rudeness.” Rev asked with a nod.

“ahhh…certainly…no problem…” he spluttered as he stood up and slipped around the bar away from the Magog “excuse me…I think I was beeped…hello…hello…” he called to the imaginary call.
Rev shook his head quietly. “He didn’t mean it Rev,” Trance explained, “I can tell…it’s not in his nature….he’s just not used to us yet.”
Rev held up his hand, “ I understand his fear. The Divine challenges each of us. I am his challenge. Or should I say his fear of me is. My challenge is understanding that my existence is a challenge to others. It makes me stronger and teaches me much.”
Trance smiled at Rev. he has not had a very welcome reception to this dimension. Many of the other aliens here had heard what Rev did to those Drazi and were keeping a noticeable distance from him.
“Come Trance, let us get back to Dylan.”
“Where is he?”
“He and the other leaders are currently discussing what should be done about the current crisis. Harper is working on the Dimensional Transmitter with the Android from the Enterprise…” he explained as they began walking,
“I believe there are several Warships at the entrance now, watching for more vessels. The force that attacked us earlier was from the same dimension as Captain Picards ship. Since it required so little time for them to recover from the transition Galen surmises that our realities are becoming more and more in sync.”
Trance stopped and looked at Rev with concern.
“What is it?” Rev asked
“Rev…I haven’t told anyone else this yet….but I can’t keep it a secret for to much longer. Things are bad Rev .really bad. I think the worst is yet to come…”

“Oh my….” Rev groaned
Hatred ever kills, love never dies such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred.

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keep the chapters coming..

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When you've finished the story will you post the complete version?

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Nice story

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good stuff

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