Child Molester Friendly Judge Retires

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Child Molester Friendly Judge Retires

Postby saucer_section » Wed Sep 06, 2006 7:18 am

Judge criticized for short sentence imposed on repeat sex offender is retiring

MONTPELIER, Vt., Sep. 1, 2006
By DAVID GRAM Associated Press Writer

(AP) A judge who sparked outrage when he sentenced a repeat sex offender to two months in jail said Friday he will retire.

Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman didn't mention the case that had made him a target of heated criticism from lawmakers, editorial writers and national cable news commentators.

In January, he imposed the short sentence on Mark Hulett, 34, who had been convicted for repeated sexual assaults on a young girl.

Cashman said the short sentence was the best way to get Hulett the sex offender treatment he needed. But he drew fire from Gov. Jim Douglas and others who called him soft on child predators and demanded his resignation.

State corrections officials later changed their policy for treating sex offenders, allowing Hulett to get treatment while in prison and prompting Cashman to increase the sentence to a three-year minimum.

By retiring, Cashman can avoid the six-year legislative review Vermont judges are subject to. His term expires in April, and he told Chief Justice Paul Reiber in a letter that he will step down then.

"My family and I have discussed this issue for some time," Cashman wrote. "Now in my mid-sixties, I must face the reality that I am no longer a young man. The prospect of another six years of the intense effort and attention needed to properly perform this function may exact a cost my family and I are no longer willing to pay."

Cashman was appointed to the bench in 1982.

James Gallagher, president of the Vermont Bar Association, said it was unfortunate that Cashman had to endure the criticism that he did.

"He has always struck me as a thoughtful, deliberative, careful person who was trying to do the right thing," Gallagher said. "It's sad to see someone with 23 years of honorable experience in the judiciary be subjected to so much criticism for a good-faith effort in trying to find the ethical requirements."

YAY!! Now if they can also get rid of the scum that supported him.
Like this james gallagher low life.

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