Klingons don't do "la, la, la".

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Klingons don't do "la, la, la".

Postby DBF68 » Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:15 pm

Hate it when they do this to a good score, i.e. 1:30 m:s of good stuff mired by a segue into la, la, la singing BS that takes up the other 3:30 m:s :mad: The no choir version will save you from the singing, but not from the wind being knocked out of this score's sails."

Klingons don't do "la, la, la".

For comparison, you can click on the score link below and listen to the first 1:30 m:s of the score. Before you listen to it, make sure you go the lower left hand side of the ExtremeMusic player, click on the round sound adjuster icon, and lower the volume to about 3 or 4. After 1:30 m:s, you'll see why I didn't like this piece of music and why I wanted to make it better.


So, I played with the score in Adobe Audition and came up with something worth taking the SoK out for a spin. ;) The two transitions are decent if not necessarily perfect. Still, they beat the seque of the original into American Idol - Klingon Edition.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/059ux95gggg17 ... 1.mp3?dl=0

Interesting thing about the original that I didn't notice before was the "Stem" category. When you left click on the down arrow next to the score name, a drop box appears and you can select the Stem tab. There, you can listen to just the instrumental score, the percussion, or the choir vocals that are somewhat unnoticeable in the full score. The vocals sound like something from a Klingon monastery.

Funny thing about the No Choir version was that it still had vestiges of the female vocal in it, even though that's obviously a separate track that EM could have not included. So, I had to use Audition's Stereo Imagery Center Channel Extractor to try and remove the female vocal without obliterating the music. After a few tries and some hiss detection filtering, I got most the female vocal removed to the point that you might not even notice it.

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