Download HitFilm 2 Express for FREE Until 2/4/2014

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Download HitFilm 2 Express for FREE Until 2/4/2014

Postby DBF68 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:02 am

I get these periodic emails from a CNET contributor about free or good deals on hardware and software. Maybe checking my email today was serendipity, because the timing couldn't be better if this program is better than what I'm using for video joining. After getting a little tired of dealing with Fraps; which might be less of the problem and more to do with VideoPad Video Editor when it comes to glitchy video joining; I started doing Google keyword searches for something "better than Fraps".

After finding MSI Afterburner Version 2.3.1 (2013/1/23) has a built-in video capture program that "only" works with some MSI video cards, I decided to try it with KA. Well, it does work better than Fraps, but not so well with KA. After hours of trial and error settings experimentation, aclayers errors, compatiblitity errors with Komat's directdraw.dll file and MSI Afterburner, and finally finding the right settings that allow MSI Afterburner to record KA sessions seemlessly as one big multi-gigabyte file, it's something of a moot point. MSI Afterburner induces fire lag when it's initiated by the game player in the forward/bow arc, but not when it's automatically initiated from any of the other firing arcs. Regardless of the compatibility modes I tried on ka.exe other than and including Win98/ME, I got fire lag during video capture. :mad: :( Also, regardless if I chose 30 fps MJPEG compression, RTV1 compression, or no compression during video recording, I still got fire lag. :(

Nvidia has a game play recorder called ShadowPlay that's integrated in their free GeForce Experience downloadable software, but it requires high current system specs to use. Even so, I downloaded it to see if it might be a little forgiving and allow me to try it. Well, my 2008-2010 (Built-Upgraded) system was incompatible with the program.

CNET - Marketplace - The Cheapskate

Get HitFilm 2 Express (Win/Mac) for free

This powerful $149 video editor lets you add a wide range of cool effects (blood spatter, anyone?) to your movies. Plus: a $100 image editor, also free!

"So, what's the catch? To get the freebie, you'll have to share the offer with friends on Facebook or Twitter. (Save your griping, please; this is an awfully small price to pay for a $150 software package.) Once you've performed that step, you'll need to register with FXHome by providing a name, e-mail address, and password. You'll then receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link, which will take you to a download page."

Anyway, I don't know if this program is any good at the "Express" level, but I'm going to download it and see what it can and can't do.

Addendum 1: Requires Vista or above, which leaves me out in the cold with WXPP x64 unless I can find a workaround like I have with running the current iTunes program by modifying the install program.

Addendum 2: Modifying the HitFilm2Express_x64_2.0.2522.46168.msi file with Orca so the LaunchCondition was 501 and not 600 allowed me to install the program

Addendum 2.1: Of course, the program won't work because it needs the Vista or Win 7 equivalent of wmvcore.dll. :mad: :p

Addendum 3: It turns out Fraps now supports file recording larger that 4 GB:

Fraps Changelog

Fraps 3.5.0 - 26th April 2012

- Support for large AVI movie files (above 4 Gigabytes) on NTFS drives
- Added option to split AVIs at 4 Gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support
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