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New Ships and Missions John 2:15pm (GMT) 24/11/2000

I just received a missions status update form RedHotChiliDog

I have made a couple of changes to some of my existing missions:

1) All 4 of the battlefest scripts are now FINAL versions. I was able to finally resolve that weird crew bug in the scripts thanks to the help of Neal, who tested my updated scripts on his network. The new versions of these missions are on the mission download page.
2) I altered my "Target of Opportunity" mission to be a little more difficult. I had reports of experienced players beating this mission thoroughly, so I changed a couple of the Romulan ships to be different ship classes, and let the Romulan ships have a better chance of being released sooner. Hopefully, most of you will find this more challenging. The updated version is on the mission download page.
3) I am now using an installer program to create self-extracting executables for all of my missions. I had a few people that were confused using the Winzip method of installing the missions. Installing my missions should now be quite easy.

A note regarding my previous misson "Counterstrike". I had forgotten to mention that the basic story line for this script was inspired by Poqk Ter. I used the basic story line that he suggested and made a couple twists of my own. I would like to thank him for the great idea for my first fleet action script.

I have a few new things on the burner right now. Here is a little insight on a few mission concepts that I am currently working on:

1) I am attempting to create a mission that resembles the original series episode "The Doomsday Weapon". It will basically start with the Enterprise finding the crippled Constellation under the command of Commodore Decker. The mission will be to defeat the planet killer that wrecked the Constellation before it destroys an inhabited star system.
2) I am also trying to create another mission that resembles the TNG episode "The Wounded". This is where captain Benjamin Maxwell of the USS Phoenix attacks the Cardassians during a time of peace, because he thinks they are preparing for an invasion. This mission will vary significantly from the original episode. My version will have the Phoenix (a Nebula class) attacking a Cardassian fleet that is staging on the Federation border preparing for an invasion, kinda like my Target of Opportunity mission. The Enterprise under Picard will make an appearance to try and stop you. The conflict with this mission, is you really cannot ultimately win, since if you surrender to the Enterprise, you will be court martialed. You would also, of course, be court martialed for attacking and destroying the Enterprise. Guess if you are going to get the same punishment for either action, you might as well do what is more fun.
3) I am working on a version of the battlefest that will have a progression of TNG ships. I was thinking of the following respawn order:
Galaxy, Nebula, Galor, Sovereign, Warbird, Borg Cube, and maybe even a Defiant in there someplace.
4) I am also sketching out some sort of Borg Invasion mission where you have to stop the Borg from assimilating the Earth.
5) A Battlestar Galactica mission where you are Apollo and Zack. You are to scan the Cylon tanker that is hiding in the Gas Giant. Then you are ambushed by the swarm of Cylon Raiders that are on their way to attack the peace conference. You will have to evade the Cylon Raiders for awhile before being able to escape off the map and win the mission.

You can get all of RedHotChiliDog's missions here.

An update from Salin Ry'Ven about his Christmas Bettlefest tournament.

I have finished the tournament ladders for the Christmas Battlefest. For those that have signed up, please check the roster here to make sure your ships are in order. If your info isn't there, you probably have not submitted it to me ;o)

Also, there are seven open slots left, and my good friend ApolloSpeed needs a wing that's better than the AI so someone please help him out :o)

Contact me at rms_aegis_117@bigfoot.com if you wish to register, i'll tell you all you need to know!

A few pictures of the Neghvar class from Will of the Delta Flyer Team.

A new ship from White Tiger it's called the Quasar class.

Scripting News John 10:45pm (GMT) 23/11/2000

All you scriptors out there should check this out.

Also if you want news posting here then e-mail me.

A picture of a modified DPS Defiant trapped by Captain Hayes Warbird, Also a preview of the Cheyenne class.

Update John 11:50pm (GMT) 22/11/2000

New weapon graphics from Kosh they are called the Borg Shield Eater.

A new ship from FlashFire it's the Leschinsky Class here's a picture.

Mission Update John 6:15pm (GMT) 21/11/2000

A new mission update from RedHotChilliDog here's his latest stuff.

I modified my battlefest mission scripts so that they end properly. Currently, the missions will not automatically end when a battlefest winner is determined. I have found a way to do this and I modified all of the battlefest missions to end when there is a winner. I also modified the battlefest missions to replace the cargo workbee with a federation probe. The probe will move much faster, and allows the eliminated players to keep up with the action. Get the updated battlefest scripts on my missions download page here.

I also modified the QBSYS.TXT file to add new systems to the quick battle script. You can also get this file on the missions download page.

Borg John 10:40pm (GMT) 20/11/2000

A new borg mod is on the way from CaptCarrera here's a few pics.

A set of Tri-Cobalt graphics have been released by Kosh you can get them here.

Shuttle John 7:45pm (GMT) 19/11/2000

A new mod from Tomar, It's the a Type 9 Shuttle Craft. You can get it here.

Ships and Tournament John 8:45pm (GMT) 18/11/2000

Just a quick reminder about the chat room, please make use of it.

News of a tournament from Salin Ry'Ven here is what it's all about.

Salin Ry'Ven is working at hosting a 3-Tiered KA tournament this coming Christmas season. It will consist of a ladder match for two-man teams
(that's right, partners!) in the following three sections : EC to DD Class, CL to CC Class, and BCH & DN Class. To sign up, send an email to him at
rms_aegis_117@bigfoot.com with the following information:

Race, Ship, Ship Name for EC to DD Games
Race, Ship, Ship Name for CL to CC Games
Race, Ship, Ship Name for BCH/DN Games

If you already have one picked out, please include the name and email address of your wingman as well. Registration MUST be completed by Christmas Eve at the LATEST. Check his website, The Axial Core (http://www.geocities.com/salin_ven/indextwo.html) for updates as they come.
A partial list of players is already posted, and the ladder is being worked on as we speak :)

A new release from the Delta Prime Shipyards, The USS Tetryon is now available for download here.

Two new mod screen shots from ApolloSpeed The gorn ship is Gorn Rekor and i'm not sure about the Federation ship, Looking good.

An updated screen shot of Andy's Obiter Class Medium Cruiser.